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HighStakes: durrrr won almost $1,4 million last week

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Posted on 16 March 2010 by "T".

Another action filled week at the online high stakes tables has passed. Tom "durrrr" Dwan had a great run last week, he could especially thank Isildur1 for that, as he won $1,387,960 and became the biggest winner of last week. Even though Isiludur1 lost quite a lot of money to durrrr last week, he still ended up $595,874 plus. Isildur1 has won about $1.5 million this year and is in 5th place in the list over 2010's biggest winners. The biggest winner this year is still Tom "durrrr" Dwan. However, thanks to last week, he has now won about $3,5 million dollars!

Here is the top 5 winners & losers of last week:

1. durrrr, $1 387 960

2. Urindanger, $908 540

3. OMGClayAiken, $844 881

4. Isildur1, $595 874 

5. LarsLuzak, $489 258

1. Gus Hansen, -$1 221 419
2. Cole South, -$1 194 711
3. thecranium, -$642 18184
4. Patrik Antonius, -$608 811
5. PostflopAction, -$479 218



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10 comments on "HighStakes: durrrr won almost $1,4 million last week"

 shokaku16/03/2010 09:51:52 GMT
Lame. Blink

Isildur was up $1,4 million at one point yesterday for that day alone. He lost all of that money back plus a few hundert k from his own money on top of that to Hastings.
 shaded16/03/2010 10:20:24 GMT
Eh he should have waited at least few more weeks before donking all that he won again, ffs some people never learn Tongue but i gues he has that money so we will see him go up and down few more times.
 Fakiry16/03/2010 11:51:50 GMT
durrrr is having a great first semestre of 2010, lets see if he can handle this avarage values in the rest of the year. It will not be easy, once Isildur1 wants to make a point and show he has entered this game to win!
 JunkyMonkey16/03/2010 15:28:31 GMT
poor gus Sad
 SuperNoob16/03/2010 17:29:47 GMT
durrrr is winning a lot but one downswing and he'll be back to breakeven for this year.
but glad that theres some great action to see in fulltilt these days with isildur coming back
 BBU16/03/2010 17:44:54 GMT
1. Gus Hansen, -$1 221 419
2. Cole South, -$1 194 711
3. thecranium, -$642 18184
4. Patrik Antonius, -$608 811
5. PostflopAction, -$479 218

I would like to have that much money to lose.
 DAGOR16/03/2010 18:24:16 GMT
Hello everybody!
I thought Gus Hansen took a break. I think he should have continued. The cash game is not good when there is no better success in making the tournament lol
Coming very soon, new post lol!
 shokaku16/03/2010 19:31:38 GMT
Posted by BBU:
I would like to have that much money to lose.

Me to. but i would prefer not to lose it. Smile
 mazas17/03/2010 08:14:10 GMT
some good week for durr he really push hard and now he was really on good pace so keeping going man or just loose all again in one day Smile
ilsidur try to come back but still not so much win for him
good luck all loosers especially hansen must stop play now Smile
 xxxbchxxx18/03/2010 00:32:54 GMT
1.4 million a week...lovely
I just hope he can keep it up, that said he is defo the on form player so far of 2010.
Even with his challenge thing going very well with Patrik he can still not let up. he needs to focas for shure as the others will be chasing him down and Isidur1 will be coming back after him for a little cash
If he can keep this level of winning up he could become the player of the year easyly and if he does then good luck to him he will deserve it .
What about Gus down in the luck department yeah...! he'll come back I feel he will turn it around.

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