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Phil Ivey only managed 3 weeks without meat

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Posted on 19 March 2010 by "T".

Not long ago Tom Dwan offered Phil Ivey $1 million if he could stop eating meat for a whole year. Phil Ivey wanted $2 million dollars at first, but since he had thought about becoming a vegetarian anyway, he decided to accept the challenge.

The challenge was on and Phil Ivey "tried his very best" to stick to vegetarian food. Well, probably he didn't since it only took 3 weeks before he decided to give up and accept the fact that he cant be without meat.

"One day Phil had some friends over and suddenly he had a piece of chicken in his hand. I don t know if he ate any meat that day, but he realized that he wouldn't manage to be without meat for a whole year. So he called me and wanted to stop the prop bet. It was fine with me as we agreed that he would pay me $150,000," Tom Dwan said to a Danish poker magazine.

Tom Dwan also told the poker magazine that he made another $6,000 from this prop bet.

"Phil Laak was so sure that Ivey would manage that he wanted to bet as well. It costed him $6,000. I knew from the beginning that it was a very good bet. I was pretty sure that Ivey wouldn't manage for a whole year without meat," Tom Dwan said


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35 comments on "Phil Ivey only managed 3 weeks without meat"

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» Phil Ivey only managed 3 weeks without meat

 jporp19/03/2010 16:08:46 GMT
Only 51 weeks to go and win $1M.
 pokerface1519/03/2010 16:38:33 GMT
Posted by B1gfoot:
It wasent that bad...

 oll1e99919/03/2010 19:24:02 GMT
I wouldnt be able to go a week without eating meat
 Hajinnho19/03/2010 19:56:52 GMT
Posted by MarouH:
phil ivey, best poker player ever! but not at all a gambler in other ways lol but he managed paying only 150K$ thats a good deal for him i think lol

he will make a great barbecue party for that Big Smile
 MANUEDO19/03/2010 21:35:57 GMT
Why did he not offer me to face ths deal ? For a million I would have been able not to eat at all for one year Big Smile Big Smile Tongue
 Davoodoo19/03/2010 23:26:15 GMT
His just like tiger woods ... cant be wthout forbidden meat.
 shaunc720/03/2010 03:26:53 GMT
Dwan was free rolling really.. someone who has eaten meat all their lives, and Ivey, a dude that probably gets whatever he wants when he wants it.. it would be hard. Not saying Ivey has no discipline.. just not when it comes to eating meat i guess Confused

and btw, I'm 24, make maybe 20k a yr, and I couldn't do it.
 psycokiller20/03/2010 03:31:35 GMT
That was a prop bet that was nearly impossible for anyone who wasn't completely prepared to do it. I'm sure that Phil could've gone a little longer though.
 mazas20/03/2010 09:06:46 GMT
so really 1 mln $ is big sum for a lot off peoples but not for Ivery so he decide just real life is more better then this so he is not week he is just the rich Smile

good luck all i sure become the vegetarian for this sum just invite me for that Smile
 GabeKaplan20/03/2010 10:34:43 GMT
3 weeks is pretty good anyways, bet tiger dont a week without his meat
 GIOMi620/03/2010 10:47:47 GMT
Well for one million dollars I would be vegetarian for 5 years. If Tom can read this let he challenge me for the bet, I want the challenge and all BRM members can bet on me that I shall win the challenge of being a vegetarian for five years in a row. Challenge Me!!!
 DAGOR20/03/2010 13:35:50 GMT
Hello everybody!
This proves to him that 1 million is not that much. This motivates not even do something which he has little desire to base.
See you soon for new posts lol!
 iputonak20/03/2010 14:02:35 GMT
Didnt suprise me at all : D i guess Dwan just soulread Ivey from the beginning : D
 dystrybutor20/03/2010 17:17:32 GMT
I believe he doesnt really care about the money and the meat is really important for him.
 Fackinas20/03/2010 19:46:08 GMT
Posted by Kristan:
Big Smile LOL, they dont speak without a reason that Dwan is good at reading players! It was obvious Ivey will stop the deal in some part.

In high stakes it made me laugh when Gabe told that the show has been getting tons of fanmails from people who were offering to be without eating at all whole year of Dwan would pay them 1 Million Big Smile

Great keep it going
 911insidejob20/03/2010 20:29:37 GMT
hard to believe that amount of money seems to mean nothing to the man.... 3 weeks...
 Alelkz1620/03/2010 20:59:22 GMT
i think sometimes is really hard to start a new diet, but for a million dollars, Aww crap! i would be eating that meat somewhere none would be watching.
 SuperNoob21/03/2010 06:35:26 GMT
lol @ ivey 3 weeks , thought he would made at least 3 months but he 'chickened' out so early
i would have done that at 10% of the bet. too bad theres no-one to bet on me lol
 leroi2121/03/2010 17:28:39 GMT
wow ivey just 3 week come on i dont think i will be able to do it for one year but at least 1 month and i dont have too many discipline anyways phil ivey decide that 1 million was less important than eat meat
 anzisan22/03/2010 07:07:01 GMT
Beter luck next time!
 xxxbchxxx22/03/2010 16:32:56 GMT
Oh the joy of having extra cash bangging
So this is how the well off have there kicks, thats funny... I'm sure if any one how didnt have mill's in the bank was given the chance to win it by not eating meat for a year they would do it easy, just goes to show how fickle cash can make you and how when you have it, it doesnt hold the same value.
 LaBaiz23/03/2010 05:28:33 GMT
wow, just 3 weeks. I thought he could get at least till the summer, but seems like 1 million dollars is not enough motivation for Phil Ivey.
 blazingpf23/03/2010 08:06:33 GMT
for a person with deep pockets, but cant eat any meat, it is very difficult for him lol..
perhaps he is just trying to detox his body.. ate too much junks and stuffs..
Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile
 watoba28/03/2010 17:57:27 GMT
thats was a very long time 3 weeks no meat omg Smile
 squirrelmon28/03/2010 19:14:22 GMT
thats 3 more weeks than I could ever last without meat.

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