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EPT Snowfest: Many big names were sent packing during Day 1b

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Posted on 23 March 2010 by "T".

Lots of notables busted in Day 1b of the EPT Snowfest Main Event. Just to mention a few of them, Team PokerStars Sports Star Boris Becker, Team PokerStars Pros ElkY, Dario Minieri, Jan Heitmann and Pieter de Korver. 130 players survived Day 1b and they will now join the other 129 players who made it through Day 1a of the tournament. In other words, 259 players will play Day 2 of the tournament.

Most of the players in the top of the field are from Day 1a of the tournament. Most notable players in the top of the field are Team PokerStars Pros Johannes Strassmann (Germany), Alex Kravchenko (Russia) and Vadim Markushevski (Belarus).


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9 comments on "EPT Snowfest: Many big names were sent packing during Day 1b"

 MANUEDO23/03/2010 16:44:02 GMT
Usually I like reading live blogs about EPT tournaments and there's always something funny: this noon for example, Thomas Kremser announced traditional '' Shuffle up and Deal '' on ski tracks using TV connection ....
 Kristan23/03/2010 18:24:24 GMT
lol, I dont get at all what Minieri did there. Ive always seen him playing HU sit and gos in Pstars highest limits - and the way he plays sit and gos with buy in of thousands of $ is crazy Big Smile. No wonder he got out Day1b Smile
 leroi2123/03/2010 22:04:31 GMT
hope to do a major tournament in my life maybe in 2 years i think that it would be a great experience
 BBU23/03/2010 22:04:56 GMT
well, sometimes is good a non-pro to win it, but I would like to see ElkY still on it.
 DAGOR23/03/2010 22:35:39 GMT
Hello everybody!
Alex Kravchenko will be a very serious opponent. Especially if he is among the chip leader. In addition many stars are eliminated. It is a very serious player.
See you soon for new posts lol!
 SuperNoob26/03/2010 17:35:20 GMT
its getting hard for poker pros these days with so many amateurs coming up and competing at the same level as them and as they are pros most of their opponents have good idea of their playing style.
 xxxbchxxx27/03/2010 00:18:16 GMT
OK so a few big names are out ... what about the names that are still in, Johannes Strassmann is a fine player and im sure he'll keep it together for the last stint.
I was a bit shocked to see Dario out he has had some good games of late and i fully expected him to do welll here.
 valerica12328/03/2010 16:23:38 GMT
in my opinion the winner will not be a member of stars. we will see
 ILI_00228/03/2010 16:45:45 GMT
Too bad for Elky... I like his playing style... once a Starcraft master... and his lucky streak!! Club Club

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