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EPT Snowfest: Daniel Negreanu through to Day 2

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Posted on 22 March 2010 by "T".

119 players survived Day 1a of EPT Snowfest in Saalbach-Hinterglemm, Austria. Most notable players in the top of the field among these 119 players are Daniel Negreanu, Alex Kravchenko and Arnaud. Many swedish poker players have been doing great so far. Not less than 8 swedes have made it to Day 2 of the tournament - many of them with decent stacks. In the lead is David Wintersberger with a 290k stack and on second place is Bernhard Perner with 257,500 chips.

Day 1b is about to start now. Lets hope that all tables will be filled up today so that there will be a nice and big prize pool up for grabs.


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20 comments on "EPT Snowfest: Daniel Negreanu through to Day 2"

 Kristan22/03/2010 09:54:43 GMT
And so it begins, a long trip away from home...
Posted on 19 Mar 2010

This is going to be long trip. Austria for a week to play EPT Snowfest. I hope to get some skiing in, haven't done that since high school. Then it's off to London..
Hopefully he goes FTW and right after that skiing Cool

A cut from his blog Blink
 dozn0122/03/2010 13:18:29 GMT
should be easy for negreanu to win this not many players to beat plus with his reading abilltys Smile
 xxxbchxxx22/03/2010 16:23:17 GMT
Negreanu made it to day 2... easy.
He wont win it but he does provide great entertainment thats for sure.
As talented as he is he doesn twin that many tournys, but all the cash's are enough to keep him at the top of his game.
 Fakiry22/03/2010 16:53:26 GMT
This is a great oportunity to Negreanu increase his number of winning tourneys world wide. There are always some local amateurs who turn things harder, but should be always good to win away from home!
 MANUEDO22/03/2010 21:24:47 GMT
I like Austria very much, also if I prefer Tirol. For sure if I was a pro I won't miss this tournament: snow and poker is almost like tropical beach and poker Blink
 leroi2122/03/2010 21:45:49 GMT
negreanu is the poker pros that every body love he's great no suprise that he run over day one and i'm sure day 2 and 3 to the final table Tongue
 Kristan23/03/2010 06:51:36 GMT
He told that he made some sick reads on first day and felt like a criminal because of that lol. But yea I hope he goes FTW aswell, will find out later on today Blink
 kolse23/03/2010 08:23:59 GMT
I like Negreanu.
He's the coolest gambler on HighStakesPoker ^^
I want him always to win although I know that the show isnt live Big Smile
 paulparadiis23/03/2010 09:01:28 GMT
Alex Kravchenko is 9th after day 1. And he has 2 times more chips than Daniel, so i think this is even a bigger news. Club
 Kristan23/03/2010 09:13:19 GMT
Because hes also team pokerstars pro?

Alex has 3M $ in tourney winnings, same time Negreanu has 12,5M $ in winnings - so obv players will look up to Daniel instead of Kravchenko Worship
 paulparadiis23/03/2010 10:08:35 GMT
3M$ ain't that less imo Big Smile
 Kristan23/03/2010 10:33:43 GMT
Not at all LOL - 3M is huge, but if you compare pro winnings then theres difference.
I think my live winnings are about 2-2,5k Dollar played in Estonia btw Blink. If it was even 1% of what Kravchenko has win, id be very happy with the results Big Smile.
 paulparadiis23/03/2010 11:16:09 GMT
Yeah, i understand that. Actually the only thing i wanted to say was, that if i had to put my money on one of them, who goes furter, it'd definitely be Kravchenko. Club
 Raggamann23/03/2010 19:01:01 GMT
you really should ad the payouts, the chipcounts are not so important as they change all the time.
 BBU23/03/2010 22:01:50 GMT
I holp Daniel Negreanu goes deep.
Good luck sir.
 IslandJack24/03/2010 12:12:45 GMT
Negreanu is myfavourite pro.
Just reading up on his "Small Ball" play yesterday.
Trying to find the 200 page text from his new book, Power Holdem, otherwise I'll have to order it and wait... Can't buy these books in Belgium locally.
He writes great, apparently.
 kisee25/03/2010 15:32:50 GMT
Posted by dozn01:
should be easy for negreanu to win this not many players to beat plus with his reading abilltys Smile

We will see Smile
 paulparadiis25/03/2010 17:11:28 GMT
Posted by kisee:
Posted by dozn01:
should be easy for negreanu to win this not many players to beat plus with his reading abilltys Smile

We will see Smile

no we won't, he's out. Club
 SuperNoob26/03/2010 15:45:52 GMT
the attendance seems to have fallen in this ept maybe because of the robbery in last ept , but hopefully they'll increase slowly in some time when people will forget about that
 911insidejob26/03/2010 15:58:31 GMT
right on go Negreanu!!Fellow Canadian

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