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EPT Snowfest: Toth and Strassmann are getting closer to the final table

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Posted on 25 March 2010 by "T".

The third day of the EPT Snowfest Main Event is now in the books. Alfio Battisti went out on the bubble when he went all in before the flop with ADiamondAHeart and got called by Evegeniy Zaytsev's 3Diamond3Spade. The board ran out JSpadeASpade2Spade 10Spade 5Spade. He's probably still thinking "Why me, ohh poker gods, why me?!". After that everyone was guaranteed at least €5k+ the action really started and at the end of a long, intensive day of poker 24 players still had chips left.

The top two players in the beginning of the day, Johannes Strassmann and Richard Toth (both Team PokerStars Pros) are among the 24 players who will return today to play day 4 of the tournament. However, only Johannes Strassmann will bring a decent stack with him to day 4. Chip leader is Allan Baekke, a PokerStars Player who has accumulated a monster stack of 2,687,000. He has almost double the stack of the man in second place, Brent Wheeler (1,361,000). It will be interesting to see if he will continue playing as good, focused and unafraid in Day 4 of the tournament. I mean, he's an unknown poker player who's getting close to some serious cash! It must be hard for him to ignore that!? We will have to wait and see I guess. 

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7 comments on "EPT Snowfest: Toth and Strassmann are getting closer to the final table"

 GIOMi626/03/2010 02:14:14 GMT
I wish all the players of the Snowfest all the luck of the world, because they need it. Bye the way what is the buy-in for such a tournament?
 Kristan26/03/2010 06:59:03 GMT
Nice going Pstars Blink! Who would of thought Big Smile (ironic)
GIOMi6 - buy in should be close to 4000€ or a little less. So now the action starts, hope to hear frensh news when day is over also.
 dozn0126/03/2010 13:49:08 GMT
brillant info on this topic Smile
 pokeras1926/03/2010 15:10:25 GMT
nice one Strassmann well played
 leroi2126/03/2010 21:02:26 GMT
strassman is in !! is on the final table with a little bit more than 2 million second place i think nice job
 SuperNoob28/03/2010 14:57:00 GMT
thats a sick beat with aa for battisti he will surely remember this for a long time
who says badbeats like this happen only online
poker stars pros are playing really well in this tournament surely one of them is gonna take it down
 valerica12328/03/2010 15:13:55 GMT
he is right whi him? was worst if other player had 3,4 for exemple, 3 spades and 4 hearts. lol, that was unlucky

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