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Allan Bękke wins 2010 EPT Snowfest!

Tags: allan baekke, ept snowfest, johannes strassmann, pokerstars.
Posted on 29 March 2010 by "T".

Allan Bække dominated the last few days of the EPT snowiest main event. He reached the final table as big chip leader and continued playing his very best poker. Everything was going his way and there was no doubt that he would make it far. Anyhow, when the table was down to 3 players, Allan Bække, Russell Carson and Johannes Strassmann (German PokerStars Pro), his poker skills were really put to the test.

It seemed like it would take forever before any player got knocked out. Well, it took 3 hours of play before Johannes Strassmann was sent packing and left Bække and Russell Carson to play heads-up poker. Even though Bække had dominated throughout the tournament and at the final table, Russell had no plans what so ever to give him an easy win. It was a quite even game at first, but then Bække switched to his second gear and finally managed to win the heads-up after nearly 2 hours. For the win he received nothing less than €445,000.

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13 comments on "Allan Bękke wins 2010 EPT Snowfest!"

 valerica12329/03/2010 15:07:48 GMT
wow, good for him, i think he will have a bright future in poker, good luck
 pokeras1929/03/2010 15:11:46 GMT
nice win , nice game either i was sure he is going to win , a very nice pot too Smile
 dozn0129/03/2010 15:14:41 GMT
wow another 2 hours heads up must of being playing tight or had alot of chips each
 Kristan29/03/2010 15:34:02 GMT
Surprise Surprise - the guy who had 2x more chips in first and second day than runner up won the tourney Big Smile. I think he had a really good run +the little fact that hes a really good player lol
 watoba29/03/2010 15:48:14 GMT
nice run and finally a good pot 445,000 euro is great
 DAGOR29/03/2010 16:50:04 GMT
Hello everybody!
Congratulations to him. Indeed it is never easy to keep the head of a tournament until the end. It's quite rare I think.
See you soon for new posts lol!
 BBU29/03/2010 17:52:25 GMT
Allan Bække CONGRATZ MAN you probably deserve it Blink
 valerica12329/03/2010 19:40:38 GMT
can anyone tell me why some comments are not pay with points? thanks
 911insidejob29/03/2010 19:50:41 GMT
they will only give you so many points a day...I find if ya answer a post to fast you will not get the points which makes sense they actually want you to read before posting a reply but then again I don't really know lol Aww crap!
 Calmplay29/03/2010 20:05:17 GMT
Posted by valerica123:
can anyone tell me why some comments are not pay with points? thanks

Simply because your post cannot be too short or either you earned your maximum points for posting which is the amount of 50 mob points. Just make good ones Smile

For topic news: congrats to this winner which I've never heard before so another unknown player making his name in the industry...
 leroi2129/03/2010 23:07:28 GMT
wow take so long to knock out Johannes Strassmann 3 hours!! and after 2 hour of head-up you need some good concentration good job by baekke
 SuperNoob30/03/2010 09:23:24 GMT
well done winning the tournament after a tough competition on the final table but it was well worth it, €445,000.
hope we see more of him in future in big tournaments
 MANUEDO31/03/2010 12:17:51 GMT
Great, congratulations to him. I was a bit surprised for I thought Strassman had no opponents to afce .

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