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HighStakes: durrrr's winning streak continues

Tags: full tilt poker, high stakes, tom dwan, winning streak.
Posted on 13 April 2010 by "T".

For second week in a row the american poker pro Tom Dwan ended up being the biggest winner again. Last week, Tom Dwan won $1.6 million dollars and has now won as much as $5.6 million this year. No one is even close of winning the amounts Tom Dwan wins at the moment. Some people think that Dwan might have a hard time finding opponents to play again soon.

Well, Dwan is a quite loose and aggressive player who it really can pay off to play against (not from own experience) when he's having a bad run. In other words, I don't think it will be an issue for him to find people to play against as many knows is just a matter of time before the winning streak comes to an end.

TOP 5 WINNERS/losers of last week

durrrr, $1 635 118

luckychewy, $281 228

URnotINdanger2, $238 351

Jani Vilmunen, $235 458

UarePileous, $204 638

theASHMAN103, -$799 525
Phil Ivey, -$442 749

buck99, -$343 654
ZeeJustin, -$257 642
PostflopAction, -$249 969



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12 comments on "HighStakes: durrrr''s winning streak continues"

 SuperNoob13/04/2010 12:28:01 GMT
i wonder how long id durrrr gonna keep on winning, but good that hes winning.
lmao @ luckychewy 's graph for last couple of months
 dozn0113/04/2010 13:40:30 GMT
hey wheres my name it should be on the list Smile

just below durrrs name it should be...................
 Kristan13/04/2010 14:32:46 GMT
My no1 favourite high stakes roller - Dwan is EPIC Tongue!!!!
 Fakiry13/04/2010 14:38:18 GMT
Its just a matter of time before the winning steak comes to an end... What does that mean? I wouldnt die if i werent born! durrrr plays a lot and when he's winning he plays even better, because you cant put him in a single hand, its very hard to read him; he doesnt mind slowplay on AK and in the next bet hard on 72, just to see how oponents react.
 DaMessiah66613/04/2010 14:45:22 GMT
Good for dwan. lol, poor Phil ... -$442,749 ... lol ... If he had been vegetarian for a year he could afford this loss.
 shokaku13/04/2010 15:04:13 GMT
Won $5.6 million this year? Time to play HU against Isildur again.
 SuperNoob13/04/2010 15:25:38 GMT
Posted by shokaku:
Won $5.6 million this year? Time to play HU against Isildur again.

too bad hes broke already
 shokaku13/04/2010 15:35:16 GMT
Posted by SuperNoob:
Posted by shokaku:
Won $5.6 million this year? Time to play HU against Isildur again.

too bad hes broke already

Tony G could stake him. Blink
 Pitiless13/04/2010 20:51:31 GMT
that guy really is a beast, I will never get that in 10 years playing poker probably...
if I get 100k$ I would be happy haha
 leroi2113/04/2010 21:57:29 GMT
shit this guy is amazing and a beast Tongue but like everything it come to an end now when it gonna happen ???
 Myeng14/04/2010 01:09:28 GMT
`this is amazing, will come to and end for sure, but his losing streak too
 DAGOR14/04/2010 21:31:14 GMT
Hello everybody!
It is becoming increasingly impressive kudos to him. Even if I love him too lol Apas.
See you soon for new posts lol!

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