Throwing Money Away on the Underdog
No one can ascertain if Dwan is a regular at sports betting. He may be a high-stakes expert in the world of poker but even those who know him have no idea whether or not he's really a big fight fan.

He's also doesn't update his social media accounts on a regular basis, but surprisingly this Sunday he told his fans that he placed his hopes on the underdog and lost.

A former champ of the UFC bantamweight division, Ohio-born Cody "No Love"/>

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Tom Dwan Lost $1M after Betting on UFC Underdog

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Posted on 11 June 2020 by "T".

High-stakes poker player Tom "Durrrr" Dwan tweeted on Sunday that he lost a total of a million bucks on a bet he made on the recent UFC 250 bout. The bout involved Cody Garbrandt vs Raphael Assuncao, in which Tom apparently placed a massive bet on the latter who was deemed the underdog on this fight.

Throwing Money Away on the Underdog
No one can ascertain if Dwan is a regular at sports betting. He may be a high-stakes expert in the world of poker but even those who know him have no idea whether or not he's really a big fight fan.

He's also doesn't update his social media accounts on a regular basis, but surprisingly this Sunday he told his fans that he placed his hopes on the underdog and lost.

A former champ of the UFC bantamweight division, Ohio-born Cody "No Love" Garbrandt managed to knock veteran Raphael Assuncao out cold with a right hook. Garbrandt was an undefeated fighter once but had a three-fight loss streak prior to his matchup with Assuncao. Now, as he finally broke the barriers of his three-loss streak, fans saw the improved version of the classic, passive-aggressive killer who once defeated Dominick Cruz.

As Garbrandt was negatively marked with his streak of three losses prior to his fight with Assuncao, naturally Tom Dwan believed that the American UFC fighter no longer has it in him so he bet on the underdog Brazilian Assuncao to win this fight.

For sure he's also reeling from the loss of a million bucks as he saw the powerful right uppercut smash into Assuncao's face and sent him straight to the canvas at the end of round two.

See the blow that ended the UFC 250 bout, which also blew Tom Dwan's $1 million away to bits:


Dwan's Durrrr Challenge
Someone pointed out, what about the decade-long postponed "Durrrr Challenge" with Jungleman?

Last year, Dan ‘Jungleman' Cates called out Dwan on resuming the challenge.

If Dwan can afford such a massive wager, then why is he not living up to his end of the bargain with Cates?

One reason could be that Dwan meant he bet using Hong Kong dollars. Even so, it would translate to a US$129,000 loss. Way below the $1.5 million penalty he would have to give Cates if he completes and loses his own challenge as previously agreed upon.

It is no secret that Dwan spends most of his time in Asia, grinding the high-stakes cash game tables mainly in Macau. He even became a brand ambassador of Triton Poker last year.

Therefore, if he has time to spend grinding Short Deck Texas Hold'em poker, then he can also get this challenge with Cates done and over with.



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29 comments on "Tom Dwan Lost $1M after Betting on UFC Underdog"

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» Tom Dwan Lost $1M after Betting on UFC Underdog

 Mober12/06/2020 13:38:34 GMT
Whether it is us or hong kong dollars, it is still a big bet.
Of course in us is much more but still.
How many times he was counting that this fighter will lose ? Smile
Everyone has to win at some point. And he did it in the wrong time for dwan Smile
 dule-vu12/06/2020 13:52:25 GMT
lot of you probably didnt read everything and especially end of this news where they say about money and what he could lose on poker challenge!ofcourse its big difference is it hong kong dollar or us dollars,difference is 871 K of us dollars and all of you can see that it was bet with honk kong dollars!just two minutes you need to read everything!
 Mober12/06/2020 13:59:04 GMT
At the end of the news section for this, i can only see :
"One reason could be that Dwan meant he bet using Hong Kong dollars. Even so, it would translate to a US$129,000 loss. Way below the $1.5 million penalty he would have to give Cates if he completes and loses his own challenge as previously agreed upon."
I guess im giving this another translation...
 dule-vu12/06/2020 14:07:37 GMT
so how the hell can be same is it in hong kong dollars or us dollars???how can be same is it 1 million us dollars or 129 K of us dollars?
 Mober12/06/2020 14:12:06 GMT
Here is how simple it is according to todays fx rate.
1 million Hong Kong dollars, equals with 129.031,40 Us dollars....
So hard to grasp?
 dule-vu12/06/2020 14:22:58 GMT
how hard is for you to understand others posts and your posts?other members have in posts that they dont know is this 1 million hong kong dollars or us dollars,even its clear in news,on end,that its is not 1 million US dollars,thats "only" 129 K us dollars!
you also write in your post:whether it is us or hong kong dollars,its still a big bet!but what there for think even,when you have news that is in hong kong dollars and that its not same is it us or their dollars!its difference of 871 K of us dollars and big difference from big bet to huge bet!
 CALICUL12/06/2020 22:03:06 GMT
Tom Dwan can lose millions of dollars or win well. I don't know if he is still in Asia, or if he stayed in his home country, because of this, comparison with something else is not at all interesting. This professional player adapts quickly when it comes to making money.
 antonis32113/06/2020 20:16:46 GMT
$120k and $1M is not the same ofcourse , but still $120k is a lot of money . He bets on sth he's not probably sure , just to gamble . To me he has enough money in his bankroll . So that means he can take some of that , and prepare to repay Crates , for the challenge still incomplete . Try to complete it , and pay the debt to jungleman if he loses , which is the most probable scenario
 CALICUL13/06/2020 22:27:49 GMT
Tom Dwan is a great gambler worldwide and his loss is great for us but much smaller for him. I don't know how upset he is right now, but his girlfriend is certainly angrier than he is. It is an amount that should not be neglected, but in future this player can cover this damage.
 roeish314/06/2020 06:56:28 GMT
Actually we don't really know for sure he made that bet. He could just say it to avoid paying his debts. This sounds stupid because it's the worst excuse ever, but maybe he knows something we don't.
He could also be trying to make fast money so he could repay debts and got himself in a bigger hole.
Or you are all right and 120K is picket money for him. To me all possibilities are writes and makes the same sense.
 dule-vu14/06/2020 19:36:28 GMT
he bring on some private game 1 millions dollars,even this challenge was on 1,5 million if he lose on it,so whats for him 129 K dollars?nothing!dont understand how nobody see it!
roeish3 what a this 129 K dollars have with this challenge and how he want to avoid paying it?even he lost this money on ufc bet,he still didnt finished this challenge and if he lose it he will need to pay 1,5 million dollars,so this bet have nothing with it,he won it or lost it!
 antonis32114/06/2020 23:30:21 GMT
In live poker credi-t-bility means something more than online poker , imo . So , if you have a history of not paying your debts , even if that happened online , in live poker circuits they take this into serious consideration , if they want to invite or accept a player at their games . But ofcourse , Dwan has a great name from his past , also many great friends of his , helping each other . And itis a circuit , Crates might have this unsolved difference with Dwan , but he is good friend with Ivey , who is also good friend with Dwan . These circles , lol .....

Anyway , if he wants to pay Crates , I believe he can do it , He must have some millies for sure in his wealth Smile But if he doesn't want , as a caprice generally or specifically towards jungleman , well then he want play with him and won't pay him , not even in a 1.000 year , lol
 CALICUL15/06/2020 09:02:27 GMT
Tom Dwan is a professional player for many years even if he is young. He was one of the high level gamblers who did not have big scandals in his career and is a gentleman from this point of view. He lost huge pots and now he is starting to bet at bookmakers but he can afford it.
 roeish315/06/2020 10:15:31 GMT
I'm sure that The all can work it out together is they want to. The post about losing so much money seems a little strange at the moment. Either Dwan doesn't care how it looks like or he had other intentions with this post. Either way I don't think there will be long term meaning for all of this
 antonis32115/06/2020 13:01:15 GMT
Well , if it's $1.000.000 , if he ever show as the receipt of his bet , that would be really sth , to admire or to laugh at , as he did this bet on the underdog . Also , yes, this post is strange , and taking into consideration that he doesn't post a lot, for sure he has some intentions for doing this right now . Strange , because he surely knows , if he goes out and start spreading rumours or facts that he burns money on sportsbetting or casinos' fireplaces , with extremelly lose and risky decisions , many will come out wondering why not conclude challenge and pay the debt to jungleman ..... if he has all this money ....
 dule-vu16/06/2020 00:49:33 GMT
even this 1,5 million isnt big amount for him,no matter if he lose on this challenge or he just dont play it till end,but would be fair from him to finish it and to earn money or to pay him!its not ok to start something and then to just stop playing!we all know that he play with very high stakes,especially in hong kong,so pay this players and stop every other bad news about you!
 CALICUL16/06/2020 16:12:01 GMT
I would like to win a $ 100k prize in sports betting, but for that i will have to put many matches and predict correctly. A single match takes you out of the calculations (as is the case with Tom Dwan) and for this reason it is very difficult to win.
 antonis32117/06/2020 13:45:21 GMT
Yes , for sure , I envy some sportsbetting players , who bet $100K or a million of $$$ on one betting choice , on sites that allow these amounts of money to be bet on sports , for all players or after a request to their support team , then win a ton of money , only form one game/event , only because they had very good info , maybe inside info Blink , on this game and the most probable result for it . I believe , these are the players who win a lot on the long run ,with inside info , or even worse , prefixed results , like in Greece . All small fish players on the sportsbetting shops are the suckers , and these presidents or men close to them , of these footbsll clubs , win a tone of money , lol

Anyway , to win a lot of money I have to bet on many choices , which makes it harder to hit the win , also rarely I make good reading and study of the statistics , the recent game results , the player's condition , etc , that's not good . Sometimes the result stinks , like some years ago on the Premier league , season last weekend games fight for the top , fight for the bottom , 3-2 results were to happen one way or another , 3 or 4 results could be predicted , I wish I had bet with accumulators and 3-4 system , lol . Also this I haveseen in some cupgames , in the first match when the visitor team tries for the best result very aggressively , or in the second match , depending on the first resultand the teams' style of game .

Dwan played on this option on the underdog , I believe based on a feeling he had , or old prehistory , more are needed if you want to bet and win , especially $100K or $1M , even if you are a degenerate gambler , LOL Smile
 CALICUL17/06/2020 16:51:59 GMT
We don't know how rich Tom Dwan is, because in Macau he didn't say exactly how much money earned. That huge pot meant an interesting thing. He risked too much and that means he could easily bear to lose large sums. We will see in future about that.
 dule-vu18/06/2020 11:42:31 GMT
this kind of people dont care much for this kind of amounts,its nothing to them!its same like ronaldo come to london and spend on one bottle of wine 18000 pounds,which we ofcourse cant spend if we collect money whole life!same with this bets,if he would care about this 129 K of dollars,he wouldnt even bet this amount!
 CALICUL18/06/2020 16:58:46 GMT
I would like to see Tom Dwan play poker again like in the old days. Poker is now advanced and many players have broken down many barriers. It is no longer easy to do this but it can try for everyone's joy. Good players need to work very often...
 antonis32119/06/2020 19:22:35 GMT
Poker players advance and evolve , adapting their gamestyle to the way others play nowadays , or
starting using more advanced strategies . Either they adapt , ot they fail and vanish from the elite top poker club worlwide , vanish from big live or online events , winning only from whales in big live casinos , with some friends of them . Everyone has to earn his living and hid payday/bread somehow , lol Smile
 dule-vu20/06/2020 12:04:16 GMT
betting in asia and in las vega isnt same as in europe or online,you can make very big bets on only one game and thats normal there!in our countries when you want to make bet of maybe 5000 or 10000 e in local betting shop,they would need to call somebody above and to see can she take this or computer just wouldnt give that!
 CALICUL20/06/2020 15:16:15 GMT
It is easy for them to risk large sums because their level is huge compared to the place where we position ourselves. We can't be equal to Tom Dwan even if you or me are millionaires. First thing would be to have qualities of a true gambler.
 antonis32120/06/2020 19:26:22 GMT
Well this loss is good if he wants tohave an image of a degenarate risky gamler , who likes big bets and loose game , that will be appreciated a lot from the Macao or other Asian businessmen , lovers of the poker game , especially the whales who aren't good so much at the game , mostly going to have fun , with poker , ladies , night entertaiment , that's life Smile Nobody wants to play against sb who doesn't like losing , betting sometimes recklessly , making mistakes , if he is tight , carefull and not liking losing anything , not even a cent Smile He shows he has no problem betting on underdogs , taking risks , losing money Smile Even when he owns other people money , lol Smile

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