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Poker Pro charged with assault

Tags: assault, poker pro, stockholm, sweden.
Posted on 16 April 2010 by "T".

According to one of Sweden's biggest newspaper, a famous Swedish poker player, who has become rich from playing poker, has been charged with assault. The poker player, whose name isn't public yet, has kicked and punched another man in a queue to a hot dog stand in central Stockholm on November 29 last year.

The poker player has admitted to the police that he was drunk that night, but he denies that he assaulted anyone. The victim is asking for a bit more than 500 euro in compensation for what he paid for visiting different doctors for his physical pain. If witnesses can confirm that the assaulted man's story is true, then its probably just for the poker millionaire to pay. If he's really lucky, he might get away with just paying the damages, which shouldn't hurt his bankroll so much. However, if he has sponsors, it might be a bit more expensive if they decide to end the deal.


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24 comments on "Poker Pro charged with assault"

 Pitiless16/04/2010 10:57:47 GMT
It would be a big loss for sponsors, not because he actually plays poker, but because of the negative image made...
 B1gfoot16/04/2010 11:08:19 GMT
Is this Luke "Full Flush" Schwartz again?
Did the man suggest he paid for his HotDog?
 Kristan16/04/2010 11:09:38 GMT
Someone who plays poker but not famous, maybe a millionaire, maybe not, kicked some guy, but claims he didnt is charged maybe by the victim, maybe not. He might have sponsors but we dont know that so maybe hes career is in danger despite the fact noone knows who he is.. LOL - GREAT ARTICLE Big Smile!

Its like made up story without any facts at all, all blurrrrrrrrrry
 GabeKaplan16/04/2010 12:11:17 GMT
omg Tiger Woods plays poker now lol about the same ya, but serious, if he was a pro why not pay that chump change for it to go away
 leroi2116/04/2010 18:49:15 GMT
wow that is not a brilliant pro
come on you represent a brand it your jobs and if you make bad thing the brand drop you
 DAGOR16/04/2010 19:50:21 GMT
Hello everybody!
Another anonymous player lol. Currently there are no news with poker players involved in scandals.
See you soon for new posts lol!
 IslandJack16/04/2010 20:19:12 GMT
If this had happened in the states, the guy would be sueing for $3 million for emotional compensation or something or other...
 sergiotgn16/04/2010 20:33:25 GMT
is amazing how some individuals can complicate your life facilidad.hay so people can not live without the note.
should abandon all the sponsors who have.
 edr_00717/04/2010 01:32:00 GMT
myabe that hot dog was very expensive!!
lol, it is very insane punch somebody with a hotdog with any reason, cmonn.
good luck sweddish
 psycokiller17/04/2010 03:59:53 GMT
Pay the 500 euros and walk away.
 SuperNoob17/04/2010 06:35:59 GMT
how stupid , punching someone n a hotdog queue.
dnt think someone will lodge a complaint without any incident.
500 euros might be nothing for him but he'll get lots of bad publicity which will surely hurt him
 paulparadiis17/04/2010 09:22:23 GMT
Definitely Isildur1. Big Smile
 dantist32117/04/2010 09:53:52 GMT
500 евроэто мелочи по сравнению с испорченной репутацией, поэтому лучше разойтись мирно, без публичного скандала
 geckolux17/04/2010 13:31:45 GMT
I hope its luke fullfish schwartz and that finally sponers get ride of that rude guy
 B1gfoot17/04/2010 13:43:12 GMT
@dantist321 yer id say that too, but not sure about &#1090, just seams a little OTT.
Anyone know who the mistery man is yet?
Think dantist321 has it naild with the &#1091 comment, its got to be.
 goliathfirst17/04/2010 14:18:09 GMT
whats the big deal...people assault people, big news a poker player assaults people
 Calmplay18/04/2010 16:25:25 GMT
Obviously the guy took a bad beat earlier and needed to punch someone in the face or somewhere else... yeah he admitted he was drunk BUT it's not an excuse my friend... go to jail Disagree
 pedski196318/04/2010 21:55:08 GMT
it a crying shame,the evil booze does it again,should stick to the hotdogs!!!!!!!.
 rogan1100011/08/2011 11:00:00 GMT
Obviously the guy took a bad beat earlier and needed to punch someone in the face or somewhere else... yeah he admitted he was drunk BUT it's not an excuse my friend... go to jail

LMAO bad beat
I have the same problem when I'm tilting
 retribution11/08/2011 19:20:17 GMT
I like how it was "in queue for a hotdog stand". Of all places to get into a fight, a freaking hotdog stand? I'd really like to know how the fight started.

"Hey man, you bought the last bratwurst. I wanted it. Prepare to die" lol.
 TheMachineQC12/08/2011 07:22:31 GMT
Haha, never heard of that story. So what happened? And who was the player? Big Smile
 kwasac15/02/2012 13:46:56 GMT
Nothing serious, kinda funny story... Smile Who is that player? x2
 dridu15/02/2012 20:10:07 GMT
 initiator15/02/2012 20:46:39 GMT
I t reminds me of the boxing fight Guss Hanson had

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