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Al Pacino to play poker against Dr. Death

Tags: al pacino, dr. death, jack kevorkian, poker, you dont know jack.
Posted on 29 April 2010 by "T".

Dr. Death or Jack Kevorkian as his real name is, has helped at least 130 people to end their lives. He spent the years 1999 - 2007 behind bars because of this, but is today a free man. Recently a movie about him (Al Pacino plays Dr. Death in it) had premier, You Don't know Jack. A lot of celebs showed up at the premier of the movie and of course Jack Kevorkian and Al Pacino were there as well.

It seemed like Dr. Death and Al Pacino got a long very well as they talked a lot to each other at the premier. I almost have a feeling that they became good friends. I'm saying this because Al Pacino accepted Dr. Deaths invitation to his home in Detroit for a game of poker. I imagine (if they play) that the atmosphere would be like in an old gangster movie when they are playing poker. Smile 


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11 comments for "Al Pacino to play poker against Dr. Death"

 T3ddyKGB29/04/2010 13:47:58 GMT
had to google to find out whos dr.death. i support assisted suicide - why suffer under huge pain if you cant be cured anyways?...dont get that.
 goliathfirst29/04/2010 15:25:05 GMT
ive heard about him for years, very politically interesting arguments he make
 SCDossett29/04/2010 16:05:58 GMT
I don't understand states which have the death penalty but wont allow for euthanasia.

Its probably the bible which makes it that way, since its a "sin".

 leroi2129/04/2010 21:14:09 GMT
i dont know if it will be an interesting game.....
but i support assisted suicide too if your life is just pain imagine hope we decide something like in country were it legal
 DAGOR01/05/2010 07:57:48 GMT
Hello everybody!
Yes it is true that few understand this point of view. By the time the decision is more humane to shorten the suffering, especially when the person asks you.
See you soon for new posts lol!
 Funope02/05/2010 18:13:06 GMT
plays a lot of A,8
 paulparadiis02/05/2010 20:48:44 GMT
Posted by Funope:
plays a lot of A,8

lol, a good one! Club
 Kristan02/05/2010 20:58:27 GMT
Wonder if they play for lives or money Confused
 jessthehuman02/05/2010 22:41:57 GMT
not so interested in the poker game, wouldn't mind seeing the show though..
 xxxbchxxx05/05/2010 03:47:57 GMT
Hardly news id say.....
Was it a slow news day at BRM ?
 SuperNoob10/05/2010 13:16:52 GMT
you kill so many people, spend years in jail then when u come out they'll make a movie in your name and you get invited in the premier and al pacino comes to play at your home

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