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Play flops and get Free Tickets

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Posted on 10 May 2016 by "H".

Unibet is trying out a new concept, where you will get rewarded with tournament tickets, if you see a number of flops while playing poker. It seems very easy.

If you play Poker, this one should be very easy for you. Unibet is rewarding players who sees a total number of flops, with tournament tickets, and it's not many flops you have to see.


Click here to start playing --->

The first week is over, so we are moving on two week two.

Between 9th May and 15th May - Reach 10 cash game flops on 4 separate days. Your reward is a €4 Nl4 ticket.

Between 16th of May and 22th of May - Reach 10 cash game flops on 5 separate days. Your reward is a €10 NL10 ticket.

Between 23rd of May and 29th of May - Reach 20 cash game flops on 5 separate days. Your reward is a €25 euro NL25 ticket.

If you play PLO, you will get ticket for PLO.

It's fairly easy. For ex. You need to see 10 flops today, 10 tomorrow, 10 the 12th and 10 the 11th, and they you get the first prize.


*If you earn the PLO reward on 3 of the 4 weeks, we will also credit you with an extra €10 Saturday Stack Qualifier ticket!

This promotion is open to players at all cash game stakes (Texas Hold’em, Omaha and Banzai). Flops reached at Banzai cash game tables will count towards NLHE rewards.

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6 comments on "Play flops and get Free Tickets"

 bowie198412/05/2016 00:28:53 GMT
So you mean if I generate more rake to the company then the company will actually give me something back in return but with a nice wagering attached to it?
Gee, I don't know who will profit from this in the end. Probably me, or someone else who is passing on this fantastic opportunity as well.
 teddybears7312/05/2016 00:57:24 GMT
I know what you're saying bowie but if you're playing those games anyway then it's free tickets is it not ?
also wtf is banzai ???
 damosk12/05/2016 18:03:47 GMT
This is a regular promotion at unibet poker. Currently playing PLO gets you even bigger prizes. I'm just about to finish my second week of challenges and about to get a $4 PLO cash game ticket.

Banzai is holdem where your max buy in is ten times the big blind, so you are short stacked instantly. It's therefore a bit of a shove fest.
 STACIONAR16/05/2016 13:03:48 GMT
Hello. Tell please, somebody has problems with software? I like Unibet Poker, in particular actions and offers of the website. But, on unclear to me to the reasons for some reason there are technical malfunctions to tables in game...
 damosk17/05/2016 07:25:27 GMT
Stacionar....... Try uninstalling and then reinstalling the software. If that doesn't work, then could I suggest that you contact unibet support who will no doubt very appropriately resolve the issue for you. I am not having any problems with the unibet software at all, so can only assume it is an issue with you or your region.
 ivanjkp17/05/2016 10:36:29 GMT
Its very nice promo but will be more beter if they unblock 150+ country and let us to play there .
I understand thats the promo use is to make people there to play but they hard do that with so many restrictions to players Sad

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