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HighStakes: Phil Ivey is back at the tables

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Posted on 06 April 2010 by "T".

Phil Ivey had been away from the high stakes scene for a while before he made his comeback last week. Straight away he showed everyone that he still knows how to play online poker with high stakes as he stood victorious in the most sessions he played last week. Anyhow, Phil ended up winning $390,556 last week. Not a bad comeback, ha?

Other players that did well last week were Tom "durrr" Dwan ($2,058,450), Patrik Antonius ($903,838) and "theAsMAN103" ($525,760). Tom Dwan is running extremely good at the moment and it doesn't look like anyone stand a chance against him right now. 2010 just seems to be the year when he will be the biggest winner.

TOP 5 WINNERS/LOSERS of last week

1. durrrr, $2 058 450

2. Patrik Antonius, $903 838

3. theASHMAN103, $525 760

4. Phil Ivey, $390 556
5. EazyPeazy, $297 187

1. Ziigmund, $-1 181 910
2. Gus Hansen, $-695 932
3. Richard Ashby, $-535 381

4. Brian Townsend, $-456 477
5. ZeeJustin, $-391 584



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13 comments on "HighStakes: Phil Ivey is back at the tables"

 Kristan06/04/2010 10:41:19 GMT
Way to go Durrrrr! This guy is just EPIC! Blink
 dozn0106/04/2010 10:44:15 GMT
durrrr play muti tables more than any other high stakes player so yeah he gonna have big wins and big losers too,
 Kristan06/04/2010 14:40:47 GMT
Tho I like to watch Ivey too, when he reads players wit his open mouth and dumb look - he looks so funny. eg the Season 6 of PAD where the made prop bets..he looks like hes smoked a loads of weed in there.
 Chartoule06/04/2010 16:33:21 GMT
Great, Phil is welcome back to the high stakes. Almost 300000$ isn´t bad, huh?
 B1gfoot06/04/2010 18:22:23 GMT
Starting to think he is Tiger Woods, they seam to live parellel lives.
Good to see him back and with vengance, and agree with Kirstan he does look a little stoned at times.
 DAGOR06/04/2010 18:45:53 GMT
Hello everybody!
Oh Gus please take another break. And come back like Phil Ivey. Like a champ not like a chimp.
See you soon for new posts lol!
 pokeristas7706/04/2010 21:39:46 GMT
i like phil ivey, he is young and very good player. and also he likes rap music Big Smile i dont know, i just like black mans Big Smile
 SuperNoob07/04/2010 11:34:08 GMT
durrrr is still going strong and ziigmund has again responded with a big loss after a big win so typical of him and nice to have phil ivey back on high stakes
 jporp07/04/2010 14:48:25 GMT
Durrrr is unstoppable right now. Great player
 teteban07/04/2010 16:44:28 GMT
He's back playing from what? Was he out of the felt because of his marriage thing or something like that? I'm really not keeping tabs on the players like I used to Tongue
 Kristan07/04/2010 17:17:52 GMT
Watched this morning Ivey, Durrr, Openheimer & Gus were playing mixed games together. Ivey took from Gus about 100k there.

LOL there was one funny moment also - Durr played about 30 mins and then stated that hes not so good at mixed games that he will only play PLO and HoldEm Big Smile. But he sat out and never came back after the game changed again.
 leroi2107/04/2010 21:28:18 GMT
that new is really the best since a long time
dunno if it was for personal reason (tiger woods) lol just joking great new
 ILI_00207/04/2010 22:06:39 GMT
Ivey is the Tiger Woods of poker for sure, taking the game to an all new superstar era.. although Patrick Antonius' ability to actually "HIBERNATE" on the table with his frozen statue-like poker face is unbeatable for me

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