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High Stakes: Mystery German Won $1.2 Million Last Week!

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Posted on 26 February 2013 by "T".

Last week's biggest winner online was "kagome kagome" with a profit of $1.2 million. According to highstakesdb, he's real name and age are not known, but they do know that he's from Germany and that he once played under the alias IHateJuice - an alias he was forced to change due to complaints from other players. He's big fan of Japan and even had his country changed from Germany to Japan in the poker client. His nickname "Kagome Kagome" is a Japanese children's game.

Top 5 winners and losers of the previous week:

1 "kagome kagome", $1,205,568
2 Alexander "PostflopAction" Kostritsyn, $908,382
3 Phil "OMGClayAiken"  Galfond,  $637,237
4 Ben "Sauce1234" Sulsky, $490,735
5 Niki "RealAndyBeal" Jedlicka, $472,603

1 Patrik "FinddaGrind" Antonius, -$825,001
2 "patpatpanda", -$777,564
3 "jama-dharma" -$677,310
4 Hac "trex313" Dang,  -$417,990
5 Scott "mastrblastr" Seiver, -$356,542

source: highstakesdb

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8 comments on "High Stakes: Mystery German Won $1.2 Million Last Week!"

 MIGO1426/02/2013 16:08:14 GMT
Okay I guess its time now for an outing...
I am from Germany...
I spend a lot of time playing poker online...
...unfortunately my user name is not kagome kagome
 helenevelin26/02/2013 17:27:17 GMT
He is obviously a japan fan as long as Kagome Kagome (かごめかごめ, or 籠目籠&#30446 Blink is a Japanese children's game and the song associated with it. I bet he is a japanese businessman living in Germany.
 kinogomes26/02/2013 17:48:16 GMT
kagome kagome was before know by the nickname "ihatejuice"!He is possibly the best limit he player in the world, and when he became famous he was 19 and was a student! Fulltilt forced him to change the nick name becausa some people thought that i hate juice was trying to offendthe jews because its very similar when you spelling it!
 Macubaas26/02/2013 21:25:30 GMT
Te guy is pretty weird but he is no way unknown, in fact he gave an interview about a year ago for a poker blog. Unfortunately i cannot share that link here for obvious reasons.

He is indeed a limit expert, probably the best on holdem, except antonius and ivey no one wanted to play him HU.
 demodawggy26/02/2013 21:53:15 GMT

Okay I guess its time now for an outing...
I am from Germany...
I spend a lot of time playing poker online...
...unfortunately my user name is not kagome kagome

Read more:

Am I confused here...? Are you telling us that YOU are the mystery million dollar winner.............?

I'm not a fan of ANYTHING that is limited,....but I'll take on ANYONE in ANY sort of WHATEVER....

Bring it on mystery dude... Big Smile
 ayaraled27/02/2013 14:41:35 GMT
wow this guy is really and no one wants tp play with HU in a limit game....i have seen ihatejuice before better i will watch this guy play and learn from him....
 Fakiry27/02/2013 14:45:13 GMT
Why would someone complain about that nick? Is it something related with the fact of being German? Perhaps it is, and the sound of his nick seems he hates other thing… but i’m laughing so much with this obligation to change nickname story… in Portuguese, his new nickname means: “I defecate myself I defecate myself”!!! This guy would never be taken for serious playing with Portuguese competitors. But nice weekly sum, by the way.
 Soundlis01/03/2013 18:49:35 GMT
Wow,nobody know he is now a milioner Big Smile

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