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Identity of the mysterious swede "Isildur1" is revealed

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Posted on 06 April 2010 by "T".

There have been lots of rumors and speculations regarding who the man behind the alias "Isiludr1" is. 20-year-old poker pro Victor Blom was for a long time the favorite candidate, even though he denied to be Isildur1 in numerous interviews. Not long ago, the poker world finally got to know the real identity of the mysterious swede who's been winning and losing many millions of dollars online and also been in the headlines almost every day since he showed up in the end of 2009.

Niklas "Nicky" Power is a 40-year-old poker pro from Sweden, who moved to Ireland in the late 80s and is currently living in Waterford. He started playing poker under the alias "GoldieLocks" on the IPoker network and its said that he made $1.5 million in just 2 weeks time from a €2000 deposit (most probably thanks to his super aggressive style of playing poker?). The reason why Isildur1 has decided to revel himself now seems to be that he doesn't want Victor Blom to get all the credit.

Do you think its good to know who Isildur1 is or would you have preferred if he remained unknown?


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30 comments on "Identity of the mysterious swede "Isildur1" is revealed"

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» Identity of the mysterious swede "Isildur1" is revealed

 Kristan06/04/2010 09:50:50 GMT
Dublin, Ireland: April 1, 2010 – One of modern poker's biggest mysteries was solved today, as the identity of high-stakes phenomenon "Islidur1' was unveiled to the world. - is what I red from another poker site!

I think its bullsh*t as it appeared on april 1st Big Smile!
Data aint correct and facts are wrong --> no show at PTR & SHARKSCOPE!
This, GoldieLocks, is all one BIG JOKE 100% Big Smile

I put my bets also 100% on Blom! Thumbs Up

Cone on guys - you cant believe every single thing BRM and poker world shows us - sometimes the all bluff to see if it goes thru - but I think the bluff is revealed in this case Blink
 dozn0106/04/2010 10:32:38 GMT
tony G knows who he really is................ and stated that it wasnt Victor Blom ,
so how was he he getting all the credit?????
 B1gfoot06/04/2010 12:39:32 GMT
Heres a pic of errrr ill stick with Niklas "Nicky" Power...who recenty got signed by boylepoker.
Total live tourn Winnings: $278,804
 NANACONDA06/04/2010 12:46:52 GMT
Its definitely still blom. This was just an april's fool joke. No 40 year old would be capable of having an aggresive a style as isildur1
 teteban06/04/2010 13:00:13 GMT
As Gable would put it, frankly my dears, I don't give a damn. The thing is I don't even know who this MrPower is, so it doesn't make much of a difference to me Smile

But the point that he used to call himself GoldieLocks is golden...let the flaming begin. Also, it would be funnier if he was Max Power rather than...Nicky, well
 Fakiry06/04/2010 13:39:16 GMT
Revealing his identity just to get the credits of being a good player? Come on, why does he needed that? He was winning big without being known, and the other player never said he was Isildur1, he could always maintain the secret of the identity for the time he wanted. Everyone was waiting to see some big name and, after all, its just a normal middle age player with lots of experience. Good for him, way to go, creating some diversion in the poker mediatic circle!
 Irisheyes06/04/2010 14:24:32 GMT
I live 7miles from waterford city ad know nicky from playing at the local poker club....big surprise to me although he hasnt been around crummy waterford poker clubs in a while which would explain a lot
 Kristan06/04/2010 14:37:29 GMT
Well I still think its 100% Blom, tho he havent confirmed it himself (obv because of the tax problems he would get). The story that Isildur1 is Blom must of come from some of the High stakes players or fulltilt stuff. Pretty reliable source imo.

I really cant read from the pxture B1gfoot posted - that this guy is willing to play almost 24 hour sessions and gamble like a lunatic - no way Big Smile
 HandsomeDave06/04/2010 17:02:11 GMT
 baxter0106/04/2010 17:31:11 GMT
im isildur1 everybody. sorry for hiding it so long
 DAGOR06/04/2010 18:50:55 GMT
Hello everybody!
It's very disappointing if this guy is really Isidur1. It sticks too much with the idea that we could do without. And if it's already a veteran why only now he is talking about him?
See you soon for new posts lol!
 Hajinnho06/04/2010 20:14:51 GMT
Even though i would like to know who he is, i dont want him to show. I think its terrible that this world has no secrets like that anymore...
 pokeristas7706/04/2010 20:33:35 GMT
this is fake....cant believe it...
 psycokiller07/04/2010 03:19:52 GMT
If Tony G confirms it, then it's 95% probable that it's true.
 mescobar8507/04/2010 04:17:46 GMT
wow... a lot of money...
 lucaslks07/04/2010 05:36:13 GMT
I think it's a lie.
We won't know who is he for a long while.
 SuperNoob07/04/2010 11:58:35 GMT
Posted by lucaslks
I think it's a lie.
We won't know who is he for a long while.

and what would be the point of pretending as someone else
 MANUEDO07/04/2010 13:12:37 GMT
Fake ? Lie ? I woudl have prefer this news was true because if a 40 years old man had skills to play and to win as Isildur, I still wolud have some chances to change my life. Blink
 HandsomeDave07/04/2010 14:03:28 GMT
r u guys freakin serious? This was originally posted on the 1ST OF APRIL. The 2nd part of the article states that he became the best young player in Scandinavia when he was 8 years old.

 jporp07/04/2010 14:42:45 GMT
If he is 40 or 18 years world that is not what is important. What really matters is that he is an extraordinary poker player.
 mattel07/04/2010 15:31:34 GMT
Ah - NPOWER. he sells electricity as well as being a super agg irish swede that turned 2k euros into a mill and half $ in a couple a weeks........

It all makes sense now.

And here was me thinking it was Victor Blom.

What a twatt i am...............
 leroi2107/04/2010 21:25:06 GMT
change nothing to me but is 40 years old and hes a poker pro he gonna be less popular.
people like when mystery is involve Tongue
 yippiyo08/04/2010 09:22:17 GMT
mejor elmisterio!que bueno y que joven
 Kristan08/04/2010 09:31:30 GMT
Maybe its better BRM removes this news Confused
By reading the comments, I think some of the players actually think this is true story lol Big Smile
 Fackinas08/04/2010 11:55:52 GMT
Posted by mazas:
yes let the world poker players to know who is this super player who can easy win one night alot off money and also next night loose all them and a little bit more Smile

good luck all we will soon know more off this poker player


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