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EPT Monte Carlo : Tobias Reinkemeier takes down the High Roller event! (€965,000)

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Posted on 03 May 2010 by "T".

A big congratulations to Tobias Reinkemeier who took home the High Roller event of EPT Monte Carlo the other day. It was a very tough final table I must say, and it took about 5 hours of play before the tournament was down heads-up. Tobias Reinkemeier and Olivier Busquet were the 2 last men standing - both with equal stacks and plenty of chips to play with. It was a even duel at first, however, everything changed after this fantastic bluff by Tobias Reinkemeier.

Reinkemeier mini-raised from the button and called a three-bet of 220,000.

FLOP QSpade2Club8Heart
Busquet bet 240,000 and Reinkemeier call.

Busquet bet 450,000 and Reinkemeier call once again.

River 2 Heart

Busquet now fires 560,000 into the pot. Reinkemeier thinks for a moments before he goes all in with JSpade 9Spade. Busquet decides to fold.

After this, it didn't take many hands before Tobias Reinkemeier picked up pocket queens and got Busquet to move all in with A 2. The queens stood up and Reinkemeier took home the tournament.


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8 comments on "EPT Monte Carlo : Tobias Reinkemeier takes down the High Roller event! (€965,000)"

 shokaku03/05/2010 15:43:23 GMT
That wasn't a bluff. That was a J high value shove. Blink

Busquets betting pattern looks weak. He shouldn't have a strong hand here.
 DAGOR03/05/2010 16:31:16 GMT
Hello everybody!
At any rate this is a player who seems overly aggressive. So it will scare many people.
See you soon for new posts lol!
 xxxbchxxx03/05/2010 23:27:42 GMT
wow nice result. what a bluff as well, its great when it comes off but i hate that call call play if its happening to me i tend to hit them hard on the river... no bet just all in you need to put the pressure on defo if a all in would make you lay your cards down.
He couldnt have been that worried about the 2 on the river.
 mazas04/05/2010 12:47:12 GMT
nice bluff bring him big win good play was here Smile
 SCDossett04/05/2010 13:21:05 GMT
That bluff is really interesting. I see no tell from the bet sizes about Busquets strength. If i had a monster i would likely consider making that bet heads up. Im putting Busquet on something like TT but he would of probably called. Maybe KJ which would be worth a reraise in a heads up situation when both players are good. It sucks that we dont know how much deeper the stacks were. How big that all in is completly changes what i think busquet lays down. If that was an overpot raise maybe he lays down a Q. But i would think he check calls a Q if he is really that worried about the A. Hmmmmmmmm so confusing
 mazas04/05/2010 14:57:37 GMT
good play and good win so he really good play
 ZmxPowah04/05/2010 20:38:44 GMT
Yes that bluff was rlly amazing....
Anyway i was thinking i will see someone else on Ft and winner but ofc nowadays people which i don't know wins... kinda nice.
 SuperNoob14/05/2010 15:30:36 GMT
reinkemeier was made to work hard for first place,but it was gonna be like this with both players having big stacks. And it came down to his skill to make the difference

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