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Another man arrested for the EPT Berlin robbery

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Posted on 31 May 2010 by "T".

German police has just announced that another suspect for the robbery at EPT Berlin has been arrested. 6 people have now been arrested for being involved in the robbery at EPT Berlin, but still the police has only found about €4000 of €250,000. In other words, a lot of money is still missing and it also seems like it will remain that way.

INFO:The robbery at EPT Berlin took place in march this year and the news hit the headlines on all poker related newspapers around the globe. Everything was caught on tape and it didn't take a long time before the police could arrest some of the people who had been involved. At first, it was said that the robbers got away with more than €800,000. Later on however, the amount was said to be around €250,000


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8 comments on "Another man arrested for the EPT Berlin robbery"

 morsgun31/05/2010 11:11:26 GMT
use my pillow to hide the euros
 Fackinas31/05/2010 15:31:42 GMT
Posted by morsgun:
use my pillow to hide the euros

Big Smile another ( 6now ) ;--=-)
 DAGOR31/05/2010 19:19:15 GMT
Hello everybody!
Perhaps They Do not hide the money. Purpose THEY play it on casino!
See you soon for new posts lol!
 xxxbchxxx02/06/2010 04:17:40 GMT
blimey is this still going on.... OMG
You'd think they'd have it all wrapped up by now.
Specially when they picked up the first 1 that squeeled on the rest.
 Y2k8702/06/2010 04:31:17 GMT
i doubt they will get all of them and they wont find the rest of the money its been to long of a time for them to hide it or get it to a safe place
 NaziPal02/06/2010 08:05:00 GMT
It seems that there are no honest crooks these days (DUH!) Well to rob a bank that caters to poker clients is just plain inconsiderate. Not all of us are gangsters, some of us are just ordinary, "honest" players who want to nmake a living out of playing poker!
 mazas02/06/2010 09:12:34 GMT
they will arest all the robbers but not find money becouse a lot off them they spend easy Sad

so good luck all Tongue
 SuperNoob03/07/2010 13:43:15 GMT
only 4k out of 250k , wow
these robbers must be made of some thick skin that police are unable to make them tell where they kept the money. hopefully new arrests will help them to find some new clues

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