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PokerStars signs 2 new players

Tags: David Williams, poker, pokerstars, Vanessa Selbst, women, wsop.
Posted on 01 July 2010 by "T".

PokerStars has once again increased and strengthened its team with new players. This time they have signed David Williams and Vanessa Selbst. Williams and Selbst will now get to travel around the globe and play in lots of expensive tournaments for free together the rest of Team PokerStars - Daniel Negreanu, William Thorson etc

David Williams:
David Anthony Williams (born June 9, 1980 in Arlington, Texas) was self taught to play NLH tournaments and he had his breakthrough in the Main Event at 2004 WSOP when he finished second. Williams never looked back after this and continued scoring high in many major poker tournaments.

Poker is not the only card game that he has been successful at. Williams has won over $30,000 from playing Magic. Anyhow, when he was playing at the Magic's Pro Tour in the late 90's, he was caught cheating and was therefore suspended for a year. During this time he won lots of money playing high stakes poker online and then had a very successful comeback in several Magic events a year later.

Vanessa Selbst:
Vanessa Selbst (born July 9, 1984) is an American professional poker player who has cashed 7 times at the WSOP and also won a bracelet. She was the first female to win a bracelet at the 2008 WSOP when she took down the $1,5k PLO event, earning $227,933. Apart from her results at the WSOP, Vanessa has been very successful in other major tournaments like World Poker Tour and North American Poker Tour.



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15 comments on "PokerStars signs 2 new players"

 mazas01/07/2010 13:31:28 GMT
so goodplayers allways was singing by big sites becouse they can win some big tours and just do promo for poker site

good luck all
 B1gfoot01/07/2010 14:38:02 GMT
What, OMG pokerstars have taken on 2 poker players WTF, could they not find a celeb to play.
 dozn0101/07/2010 14:51:54 GMT
wunder when il get signed up....... hope its soon Big Smile
 dule-vu01/07/2010 15:01:43 GMT
maybe this 2 players start to take poker stars big money,so p.s. decide that is cheaper to pay players to play for them,then to play on site Big Smile
 Mast3rKush01/07/2010 15:39:20 GMT
I thought David williams was signed to Bodog? I'm guessing a more lucrative offer from PS had his straight out the door lol Big Smile
 psycokiller02/07/2010 05:43:41 GMT
Don't see these 2 as top tier players, but any sponsership is worth it.
 DAGOR02/07/2010 15:25:38 GMT
Hello everybody!
Another new player! This is a very impressive player who is sponsored by PokerStars or fulltilt. I would like to know how.
See you soon for a new post lol!
 Kerdisas02/07/2010 17:10:26 GMT
ha-ha-ha-ha! tags for the article:
David Williams, poker, pokerstars, Vanessa Selbst, women, wsop

"women" is a very suitable tag for the topic! For sure, Vanessa's gender is worthy of mentioning. David's one is not Smile
 Hajinnho03/07/2010 10:36:17 GMT
Posted by mazas:
so goodplayers allways was singing by big sites becouse they can win some big tours and just do promo for poker site

good luck all

yeah, and that Vanessa Selbst is signed means that we are having more really hot chicks at the table in the futur again Disagree Blink
 Olkool04/07/2010 12:17:20 GMT
Okay for David Williams, it's good for marketing but why they took whis woman. It's not because her beauty ...
 Hajinnho04/07/2010 19:32:11 GMT
Posted by Olkool:
Okay for David Williams, it's good for marketing but why they took whis woman. It's not because her beauty ...

maybe its because of skill... I´m not quite sure, but it seems that skill does play a role in poker.... Might be wrong...
 Fackinas08/07/2010 06:30:46 GMT
Great ;0 but I do not care :} I like full tilt team , and academy , chalanges ,... I love it .. :}
 bowie198409/08/2016 22:38:24 GMT
Welp, I am only commenting on this 6 years later 'cuz it was linked under the article about David's recent tv carrier... Blink
Cuz David no longer PS Pro so he needs gigs in a damn cooking show while Vanessa just vacationing in Greece to rest after her hard work...
Not to be a sexist here but to be quite honest I'd rather see the other way around - wondering what could Vanessa do with a wooden spoon in her hands and how would David fair well with some greek hotties while enjoying the sunset on the coast of Santorini.
 damosk10/08/2016 21:10:38 GMT
Wow! M amazed at some of the comments here. Put yourself in the place of pokerstars and consider who would you choose so that you maximise your appeal across the genders and the ages and the various groups that are discovered in society today and then you might understand why different types of people get such contracts.
 DaCapo7111/08/2016 18:58:02 GMT
Selbst is a verry good Player since a Long time and thats nice that she have this good contract with Stars. She is a verry serious poker pro and we never heard about scandals. Williams had a big winnin last week, but i never heard about him before.

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