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HighStakes - Sunday results: Minus for 2 of the world's finest poker players

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Posted on 20 July 2010 by "T".

Many of the poker world's best have retuned to the online high stakes tables in the past week. Even though the action isn't like what we were used to see a few months back, it still looks like we will have a quite interesting ending of the summer ahead of us.

Two players that haven't played much online lately are the poker giants Tom "durrrr" Dwan and Gus Hansen. Unfortunately none of them had a great comeback on Sunday and they both decided to call it a day as "losers". We are not talking about huge amounts though, at least not for Tom Dwan who has been running extremely well this year.

Top 10 winners and losers from Sunday's high stakes games:

EazyPeazy $59.175,35

Justin Smith $57.585,25

PostflopAction $46.617,40

chipchip $45.293,75
LarsLuzak $44.680,65
Robert Dinero $44.376,10
Vaga_Lion $39.647,50
harrington25 $33.938,00

OMGWTFBBQZ $26.690,00

FakeSky $25.011,45

sbrugby $-138.657,35
Gus Hansen $-95.943,55

riyyc225 $-70.168,70

Richard Ashby $-45.632,95

durrrr $-44.277,50

theASHMAN103 $-37.773,50

David Oppenheim $-37.156,00

Erick Lindgren $-27.482,50

humpybfly $-22.763,00

Nick Schulman $-15.802,50



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6 comments on "HighStakes - Sunday results: Minus for 2 of the world''s finest poker players"

 oliver08229820/07/2010 13:25:35 GMT
so they say " its christmas everyday". lol
 dozn0120/07/2010 13:43:00 GMT
you win sum you lose sum..............

in my case this month i lose sum....... Smile
but at least im not down $138,657,35 now thats gotta hurt........
 Kristan20/07/2010 14:01:49 GMT
lol -44k for Dwan. I remember him saying after losing in high stakes few hundred thousands in one hand: "Just another day in the office to make it back!". And in one interwiew he said that hes drunk more than 15k one night in bar, so I think losing 44k in a week for him is nothing. Tho ofc it feels bad when putting a lot of hours to poker and then ending up the week sessions with minus profit.

Funny numbers both winning and losing to think about what they were half year ago lol. But still very high enough to call it high stakes Thumbs Up
 B1gfoot20/07/2010 15:33:31 GMT
Durrrr has not been playing online as he enterd (every?) WSOP event.
Just anouther avrage day at HS
Gus must love FT, I think he must be about 10mill in the red by now.
 dozn0120/07/2010 16:03:18 GMT
Posted by B1gfoot:
Durrrr has not been playing online as he enterd (every?) WSOP event.
Just anouther avrage day at HS
Gus must love FT, I think he must be about 10mill in the red by now.

wow at least 10 million in the red,
but i think the big hitters at full tilt ivey ,durrr, gus, ect have a deal with them
that if they lose so much full tilt give em back through rake 100% back plus they sponcer them,
so they will never go broke cause they dont want to lose such a big name player,
to another site........ erm ipoker might want them boost up the customers there Big Smile
 mazas21/07/2010 07:54:04 GMT
u cant win all the days sometimes u must loose and they one week was on the lead off wining next weak was on the lead off loosing Smile

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