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EPT Vilamoura: Daniel Negreanu wins Fairways and Felts Challenge

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Posted on 06 September 2010 by "T".

14 players paid the buy-in of €1,100 and entered the Fairways and Felts Challenge the other day. These 14 players were divided into teams on the Pinhal Golf Course and received poker chips accordingly to how well they did. After a hard day on the golf course all of them sat down at the poker table with the chips they had accumulated.

After 5 hours of poker Daniel Negreanu stood as the champion after defeating Pieter de Korver (also a PokerStars Pro) in heads up. For the win Daniel received the first place prize of 8,000 Euro. Not a lot of money for someone like Daniel Negreanu, but I'm still sure that he was really happy with the win since the Fairways and Felts Challenge was one of the main reason he came to play EPT Vilamoura. 


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7 comments on "EPT Vilamoura: Daniel Negreanu wins Fairways and Felts Challenge"

 giginicola06/09/2010 14:04:46 GMT
Daniel Negreanu is the best Smile
 triffu07/09/2010 04:20:03 GMT
True!!!!Negreanu Poker Guru!!! Blink
 Supererou07/09/2010 19:01:14 GMT
Yes he is the best.And he's got a romanian name. Big Smile.He must be from romanian descent.
 edr_00707/09/2010 22:56:27 GMT
lol, nice prize anyway, daniel negreanu is one of the best. Golf and poker nice combination for someone
 Aggro66608/09/2010 01:23:50 GMT
At least, on the golf field nobody can cheat... No secret that Mr. Negreanu has a cheater by COLLUSION in his early years on cash game live tables... No wonder, that he has a contract with PokerStars ... why? guess...
 oliver08229808/09/2010 10:52:26 GMT
its not about the prize for this players, its all about honor and pride...
 SuperNoob29/10/2010 06:57:08 GMT
Posted by oliver082298
its not about the prize for this players, its all about honor and pride...

true but without money these two have got no value and are temporary Blink

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