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Double Vision Weekend ($3,000,000 guaranteed)

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Posted on 12 October 2011 by "T".

On Sunday it's time for a campaign named Double Vision Weekend at PokerStars. Instead of throwing just one Sunday Warm-Up and Sunday Million, PokerStars will run two Sunday Warm-Ups and Sunday Millions, and the guarantees will be the same as usual.

The first Sunday Warm up kicks off at 11:00 ET, and the second one will start half an hour later. Both events will have a $500,000 guarantee. The The first Sunday Million starts at the normal time of 14:30 ET, and 30 minutes later the second Sunday Million will kick off. Both events will have a $1,000,000 guarantee.

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10 comments on "Double Vision Weekend ($3,000,000 guaranteed)"

 Fakiry12/10/2011 10:49:59 GMT
Will we have time for so many action? I mean, its usually to play more than one tourney at the same time to catch more atention in the game, there are lots of players who just cant play on one single table, but this is playing two huge MTT at the same time, it seems a bit hard work. If one can handle more than 3 hours in both tourneys, he will start feeling deezy, for sure. GL for all, i bet there will be lots of mobsters around on sunday!
 SuperNoob12/10/2011 18:02:49 GMT
@ fakiry - most of the players playing these big tournaments are used to multitable tournaments and i;m sure would have no trouble playing them. besides not many will last long in all four Blink
 Funope12/10/2011 18:29:57 GMT
It's not that hard to play multiple tournaments at the same time.
 Macubaas12/10/2011 20:32:29 GMT
It seems pokerstars really has big promotions running nowadays, i bet they want to get a big bit of the poker traffic before it's main competitior goes back online...

I'm sure many will stick to pokerstars but probably they just want to be sure lol

I'll see what sattelites they have for these tournaments, maybe i'll participate too Smile
 Flippedchips12/10/2011 23:00:08 GMT
yep they are going to full hog it seems before tilt comes back if it does Big Smile
 IslandJack14/10/2011 12:00:59 GMT
Is it just me, or do the sattelites for these events appear a long shot on PS?
I don´t play much there, would love to sat into one of them, but when I look at the number of players and the odds (low buy-ins), it seems a lot tougher than Sats on Party for example.

On Party I´ve done it a number of times, but Pokerstars?

Any thoughts on this?
Or suggestions as to which Sats are "doable"?
 Fackinas15/10/2011 19:39:24 GMT
I think no one anyway will play these tournaments .. Big Smile ( from this forum) ok maybe 1player will
 Macubaas15/10/2011 20:50:13 GMT
I didn't registered to any of those, they are in my bugdet(the satellites) but mtt is not my a game so i passed this one...

We have some very good mtt players here so don't be surprised to see a mobster in the first positions Blink

I'm sure we'll get some updates about this Smile
 bobbyneight16/10/2011 17:06:12 GMT
nice idea from pokerstars, unfortunately I can't play it, I don't have so much money.
 IslandJack18/10/2011 23:16:05 GMT
Well, it was a moot point for me, because they passed a new Poker law in Belgium just before the weekend, and now I´m screwed. Aww crap!

Going to write a post about it tomorrow, even though I might just be the only Belgian left on BRM. Confused

Looks like i can´t touch this Bankroll either, kind of a "double whammy" after the Full tilt thing.
anyways, too late now.

Nobody played any "double visions" this weekend i guess?

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