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Titan Poker presents Back Bet

Tags: backbet, no deposit bonus, poker, titan poker.
Posted on 04 October 2011 by "M".


Titan Poker has recently launched their new Back Bet promotion which makes it possible for you to place side bets on several different outcomes of your poker hand. This way you can raise your stakes and maximise your winnings. Titan Poker is offering special No Limit Hold’em tables in their poker client to host the Back Bet feature.

How does it work?
You do need to be involved in the game in order to be able to side bet. Simply, take a seat at the table. As soon as you receive your cards a Back Bet icon next to the table will appear. Once you click the icon, a sidebar will open with all the betting options for the available Back Bet games.
Your stake will be taken directly from your account balance - not from your table balance. The bet currencies go according to the table you’re playing on.

What can I bet on?
Betting the board cards:
Before the flop is drawn, you will be able to bet on your prediction of the community cards. Among the betting options you will find:
- All black/red flop.
- One card of a certain suit hitting the flop.
- One card of 9 and above.
- One card of Q and above.
- One card of 4 and below, suited cards etc.

Betting on your next pocket cards:
Place your bet and cash in on your prediction of your next pocket cards. The odds will appear before your cards are dealt. You have numerous bet options: pairs, blackjack, 2 high cards, 2 low cards, 2 face cards, suited and connecters.

Betting on the outcome of your folded cards:
Even if you fold your hand you can still make a killing on betting on the outcome that hand. The options are many; bet that your hole cards and community cards will form a straight, on the turn, bet that one of your hole cards will form a pair with one of the board cards and much more.

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11 comments for "Titan Poker presents Back Bet"

 SuperNoob04/10/2011 14:38:02 GMT
dont think titan poker will offer odds in favor of the players, so in long term you most likely will lose.in betting when the outcome is determined by a RNG, only winner will be the site.
 starbay04/10/2011 15:01:11 GMT
just another method to squeeze more money out of the players
 MIGO1404/10/2011 15:31:23 GMT
Guess nothing for me.
I think I will not have the time to do this as well as concentrate on my play.
In addition: If I want to bet, I will bet on sport events.
This is like playing casino...
 lukasb04/10/2011 16:36:34 GMT
really nice way to "increase your losses" if u ask me.
 DaMessiah66604/10/2011 16:55:25 GMT
Another outrage ... like rush poker. They want to make money while people is playing. A complete nonsense and I really doubt it will success.
 DaCapo7104/10/2011 17:02:57 GMT
I don´t understand what does it mean "Back Bet", but i got a nice 10$ no deposit cash in my Titan account a few weeks ago and loose it all with sportsbetting. So i call it "Bad Bet" Big Smile
 T3ddyKGB04/10/2011 17:15:20 GMT
Posted by MIGO14:
Guess nothing for me.
I think I will not have the time to do this as well as concentrate on my play.
In addition: If I want to bet, I will bet on sport events.
This is like playing casino...


i barely can predict what cards my opponents have - least i have good chances/assumptions.
but guessing which cards i will receive the next hand? gambling aka throw your money out of the window.
 Macubaas04/10/2011 20:15:07 GMT
It sounds interesting but i think here we can all agree that for players that play 6 or more tables is hard to make this kind of bets during the play...

Still, for those that play at 2 or max 4 tables it could be a good way to make more money actually.

Only time will tell if this is a good improvement or not Blink
 Fakiry05/10/2011 18:22:47 GMT
It seems a very nice oportunity. If the game is running well, we can bet on ourselves and multiply our winnings. If things are going on our side, we can bet on our favourite and, even loosing the game, we can win the bet. If we always bet on other to win, its the same as doing two oposite bets in the same football game. You dont win that much, but at least who have more guarantees of winning!
 DaCapo7105/10/2011 19:13:51 GMT
Oh, i saw yet that Titan Casino offers a nice 20$ no dep bonus. Is this for all players or only for new Titan account opener?
 SuperNoob07/10/2011 06:51:09 GMT
tested this betting game yest, all tables had waiting list of 5-6 players.
odds are in favor of site as expected. betting widget opens as a sidebar next to table and is easy to use.
put up a small bet and won that too lol
Posted by DaCapo71
Is this for all players or only for new Titan account opener?

only for new players Blink

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