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Titan Poker presents Back Bet

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Posted on 04 October 2011 by "M".


Titan Poker has recently launched their new Back Bet promotion which makes it possible for you to place side bets on several different outcomes of your poker hand. This way you can raise your stakes and maximise your winnings. Titan Poker is offering special No Limit Hold’em tables in their poker client to host the Back Bet feature.

How does it work?
You do need to be involved in the game in order to be able to side bet. Simply, take a seat at the table. As soon as you receive your cards a Back Bet icon next to the table will appear. Once you click the icon, a sidebar will open with all the betting options for the available Back Bet games.
Your stake will be taken directly from your account balance - not from your table balance. The bet currencies go according to the table you’re playing on.

What can I bet on?
Betting the board cards:
Before the flop is drawn, you will be able to bet on your prediction of the community cards. Among the betting options you will find:
- All black/red flop.
- One card of a certain suit hitting the flop.
- One card of 9 and above.
- One card of Q and above.
- One card of 4 and below, suited cards etc.

Betting on your next pocket cards:
Place your bet and cash in on your prediction of your next pocket cards. The odds will appear before your cards are dealt. You have numerous bet options: pairs, blackjack, 2 high cards, 2 low cards, 2 face cards, suited and connecters.

Betting on the outcome of your folded cards:
Even if you fold your hand you can still make a killing on betting on the outcome that hand. The options are many; bet that your hole cards and community cards will form a straight, on the turn, bet that one of your hole cards will form a pair with one of the board cards and much more.

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