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Antonius destroys IHateJuice

Tags: Antonius, highroller, IHateJuice, kagome.
Posted on 11 January 2011 by "J".

It is far from the first time the two high rollers enter the ring against each other, but the results have not always been in Antonius favour. Yesterday though, there was no doubt, as Patrik smashed 'IHateJuice' who now plays under the name "Kagome Kagome", for approx. $ 411,000

The competition took place at the $ 3k-$ 6k Limit Hold'em tables. It took about 2.5 hours to play the 553 hands, which cost 'Kagome' $ 411k.

The last time the two highrollers competed on the expensive tables, it was also Antonius, who came out on top. In that match, he won $ 221,000. An amount he nearly doubled this time.


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15 comments on "Antonius destroys IHateJuice"

 shoveandtilt11/01/2011 15:02:58 GMT
So FTP gave him his 3k/6k tables or was it played on a different site? I remember the convo IHJ had with PI about making bigger tables etc, i guess he got it through?
 B1gfoot11/01/2011 15:06:06 GMT
thats gotta hurt, almost half mill in 2.5hrs
But on the plus side he can now go finish the HU with Durrr, its only been a year and a half..
 Hajinnho11/01/2011 15:06:12 GMT
hmm, dont know Blink
but so much money, oh my god... This is more than you can ever dream of... I mean, their sb is what some others are getting for one month of work...
 B1gfoot11/01/2011 15:07:08 GMT
@shoveandtilt yer PI sorted it for him.
 host8511/01/2011 15:54:50 GMT
to bad for Antonius that he is not so good in tournaments as he is in cash games Isildur the same
 shokaku11/01/2011 16:17:11 GMT
Mor than $400k in 2,5 hours? Not bad for limit hold'em. But interesting how the big names come away with changing their screen names all the time.
 shoveandtilt11/01/2011 16:55:57 GMT
@B1g - Cheers for the info fella. Ivey has some serious power within FT huh? Guess it's all those shares lol
 B1gfoot11/01/2011 17:07:53 GMT
Posted by shokaku:
Mor than $400k in 2,5 hours? Not bad for limit hold'em. But interesting how the big names come away with changing their screen names all the time.

I just seen on anouther site that IHateJuice has been asked by FT to change his name because people were misinterpreting it and complaining to the site that the name was pronounced “I Hate Jews” so he is now Kagome Kagome
 shoveandtilt11/01/2011 17:22:38 GMT
LOL...I actually just spat a mouthful of tea over my laptop as i read those last two lines, that, is, BRILLIANT! Poor laptop,but what a brilliant story, ta b1g Worship Worship
 Bizla11/01/2011 23:08:56 GMT
I Hate Jews hahahaha. I never even thought that but its funny.
 Aggro66612/01/2011 00:36:28 GMT
again, again... who knows, if this games are for real, or just for marketing? would be easy and cheap...
 capinheiro12/01/2011 00:48:44 GMT
The name change didn't went so well though... in Portuguese it sounds like "I'm sh** myself, i'm sh*** myself!" Big Smile
 mazas12/01/2011 12:25:28 GMT
ivery this year start was really bad and he now runing reallu low maybe all change in few days we will see it
also P Helmuth want become a full tilt pro i think he will become the pro off this poker site .........
good l uck and reed the news every day Big Smile
 ferdemon13/01/2011 21:51:20 GMT
so good i like how patrik play and i hope this year he make a goood job and win the main event (if i cant win this year) jajajaja
 ZmxPowah14/01/2011 09:29:46 GMT
Yes Main Event... donkfest... so easy to win. /
Anyway Antonius really crushing him i was thinking he won't go so easy cause i read something about him when i read last thread about them playing.

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