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Antonius wins 504.000$ HU

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Posted on 23 November 2010 by "J".

The finnish poker star started the year by losing $ 3,000,000 at the online tables, but the curve has since turned into $ 1,500,000 in plus. Among other things thanks to a German Limit expert.

With the recent stories from Asia's gaming mecca Macau, it is just before the $ 2,000 / $ 4,000 Fixed Limit Hold'Em may sound a bit boring.

But still quite entertaining when there is a long heads-up match between Patrik Antonius and the German 'IHateJuice' - the player who Phil Ivey doesn't even feel like he has an edge on.

Antonious and the anonymous German played a total of 1,257 hands of about four hours at the tables 'Duffney' and 'Patrik Getaway', which both belong to Full Tilt Poker's biggest Fixed Limit Hold'Em tables.

The first part of the match played out over 746 hands where Patrik Antonius could pull in $ 466,000 from the German's bankroll.

It would not be long before a rematch was set up. Here Antonious had some problems getting his game going, but nevertheless ended with a plus of $ 37,000 in 511 hands. So a total of $ 504,000, for the day.

And judging from the following chat, it's not the last meeting we have seen between the two highrollers.

Patrik Antonius: gg
IHateJuice: cmon
Patrik Antonius: be back in couple hours
IHateJuice: play a lilttle longer.
Patrik Antonius: if u wanna play more
Patrik Antonius: gotta go now too hungry
IHateJuice: -.-


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12 comments on "Antonius wins 504.000$ HU"

 K1dPoker23/11/2010 12:14:42 GMT
Patrick: Ya brb i gotta buy a $504K steak dinner with your cash LOL
 danidoyle23/11/2010 13:56:26 GMT
500k at limit hold em, my god thats good goin!!
 dule-vu23/11/2010 14:09:55 GMT
ha,ha nice chat from them!I suppose that patrick wants to play with him again,when he took over 500 000 from him,so ofcourse he want to play again!if he lost 500 000,he wouldnt want to play again Blink
 Funope23/11/2010 15:27:33 GMT
Thats a lot for limit games.
 ShaunDeeb23/11/2010 16:32:34 GMT
patrick the BEST!
 watoba23/11/2010 19:58:04 GMT
yeah i had see a few games the last day between Patrick and IHateJuice they played everytime on two tables. In the most times on one table is antonius big stack and on the ohter IHateJuice blinds are 1000/2000$ and there rasing the most times preflop.It´s nice to see the both players you can see it on FT
 oliver08229824/11/2010 15:00:45 GMT
it's a great win indeed considering its a limit game...
 ZmxPowah25/11/2010 04:31:52 GMT
Rematch was not so great for him... i would like to see the next match.
Looks like the german is adjusting to game with him.
 bettyboop25/11/2010 07:32:59 GMT
Wow dont really no how to play limit holdem, always get done by the chassers on the rivre, drives me crazy!!!!
Is a huge win 4 limit game tho.. Nice work
 mazas25/11/2010 15:09:22 GMT
god win and also good run away the wining was good and sometimes longer play just start u put to the looser position
cool head clever decision it was
 SuperNoob27/11/2010 15:08:23 GMT
hes finally getting to show some consistency this year putting winning runs together.
but hes still in negative and needs to win more, but the way hes playing it looks pretty possible.
 danidoyle28/11/2010 17:52:58 GMT
chaps a legend, i saw him win bout 300k last night/this morn as well!!

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