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Tobey Maguire settles lawsuit

Tags: illegal home games, lawsuit, poker, spiderman, tobey maguire.
Posted on 29 November 2011 by "T".

Tobey Maguire, who won $311,000 in illegal home games, will pay $80,000 each to the former clients of Brand Ruderman, who currently is serving time in Texas jail after being convicted of wire fraud and investment adviser fraud. Maguire is now one of 14 people (out of 22) who have settled their cases. Howard Ehrenberg, the bankruptcy trustee who sued the group, said on Monday that the poker settlement total more than $1.7 million. According to Ehrenberg, Maguire's payout is the in same range as the other who agreed to settlements.

"He did not end up with any better settlement than the others," Ehrenberg said.


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10 comments on "Tobey Maguire settles lawsuit"

 alakz129/11/2011 18:59:35 GMT
Everybody can forget about calling Spiderman whenever they get scamed at the tables :S
 Macubaas29/11/2011 19:44:59 GMT
I really do think there is more to this story than this, i think some of the money involved there weren't so legit if you ask me...

I think if it's a clean home game, even high stakes, nothing would have happend.
 GIOMi630/11/2011 01:15:24 GMT
In my opinion if you broke the law then you have to pay for your misdeeds. Tobey was playing ilegal games so now he has been convicted.
 Funope30/11/2011 13:33:44 GMT
80.000 is peanuts for an Holywood actor.
 starbay30/11/2011 13:37:10 GMT
he should stick to playing on the web Smile
 KiingsFull29/04/2012 01:40:58 GMT
its 80,000 per player. its a total of about 311,000. not just 80. its total fking BS that this retard, stole money to gamble with, lost it and then the people that won the money have to pay it back. what the hell is that? I would tell them to shove it right in thier Azzes. seriously, and to the moron that said 80k is nothing to a hollywood actor? i think your wrong. 80k is something to anyone, even if you have a million sitting in the bank, to give up 80k is quite alot, esp over 300k.

fking stupid morons, i hope the guy rots in jail and tobey fks him up when he gets out. dumbazz
 raduiacob29/04/2012 06:25:43 GMT
woow a lot of money illegally coool
 noonlion29/04/2012 10:32:13 GMT
Posted by starbay:
he should stick to playing on the web Smile

BOOM! Big Smile

Tobey Maguire is a fucking tool - illegal home game , who cares, but when the money involved is suspect then that spells= retard
 bullettooth129/04/2012 10:53:15 GMT
something is definately wrong there. how can it be illegal? if it was $100 each then no one would be sueing anyone. theres defo something crooked going on there.
 harsova29/04/2012 11:45:32 GMT
Spiederman failed ! Aww crap!

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