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Epic Poker League: Brunson gets lifetime membership card

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Posted on 14 December 2011 by "T".

Epic Poker League, a league that only qualified players with a membership card can take part in, is now almost one year old and so far it has been a success - something that very few people thought earlier this year. The conditions to enter the EPIC Poker League main event make sure that only the best poker players in the world can take part.

However, those conditions don't apply to Doyle Brunson, who hasn't taken part in any of the 2 EPL main events played so far. On Tuesday, Doyle Brunson was offered the first lifetime membership card by the EPL, which means that he can enter any future Main Event no mater how his poker career is going.

However, we will have to wait and see whether or not Brunson will take part in the EPL Main Event. In the past few years, Brunson has played very few tournaments due to the fact that he's getting older and simply don't have the same energy to travel and grind tournament poker as he used to.

"As I'm getting older, these tournaments are getting too hard to come through," Brunson said. "It's probably not worth it to me anymore to really go on the tournament grind, so I don't plan on playing a whole lot of tournaments the rest of my life. I much prefer to play cash games." Doyle Brunson said in an interview after receiving the EPL lifetime membership card.


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19 comments on "Epic Poker League: Brunson gets lifetime membership card"

 Greenpeez14/12/2011 17:20:38 GMT
Brunson, Old Men's Club...hell yeah!
 GIOMi614/12/2011 19:25:30 GMT
He deserves this huge recognition, because he is considered by many the Godfather of Poker. I hope he will play one of those events and win it.
 Macubaas14/12/2011 20:05:38 GMT
Brunson is probably one of the most authentic poker players you can think of really...

He definately deserves a lot of recognition from all of us.
 parabroen14/12/2011 21:55:41 GMT
Doyle Brunson is 3 times world champion is an old hand when playing or playing high stakes poker profited always remember that I make a pot of 1.2 million dollars in the television show

in my opinion it is being rewarded as a player crack
 MilenkoK14/12/2011 21:59:00 GMT
Brunson Doyle Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship
 SuperNoob15/12/2011 06:37:44 GMT
Doyle brunson deserves it for being so long in profession but dont think he'll play in many of their events. so in the end nice publicity for EPL
 Fakiry15/12/2011 11:58:38 GMT
Doyle Brunson’s status and poker career allows everything. I think this offer is a recognition for his dedication to the game during the entire life. He is now one of the oldest well known poker players in the world and, like he admits, personal condition tends to create limits on his capacities to play. Maybe that’s why he prefers to enter smaller events instead of big MTT’s.
 hulkborges15/12/2011 12:03:56 GMT
One day I will still have the privilege of playing in the same table as the master Doyle Brunson. maybe get the chance to thank you personally for all he did for poker.
 teddybears7315/12/2011 13:27:06 GMT
anybody deserves it he does,going for years and years and his minds still as sharp as a tack.
 REE0715/12/2011 22:18:53 GMT
Brunson Doyle
 PhixedGear15/12/2011 22:39:59 GMT
His career has been he can prove it just by pulling out a card.
 xdomagojx15/12/2011 22:48:42 GMT
In my eyes best poker player of all time. True legend of poker, godfather all the best that goes with it.
And by best i mean cash games even tho he has 10 bracelets.
 pochui16/12/2011 12:02:52 GMT
ok no one doubts of Brunson's authority on the poker world- so i guess it's fair for him to receive any sort of recognition. will be interesting to see if he decides to give it a go...
 psycokiller17/12/2011 02:27:02 GMT
nice to get a lifetime membership, but does he really have much left in the gastank? Not to mention that Epic Poker League, contarary to popular opinion, is not all that successful yet.
 bobbyneight17/12/2011 12:35:51 GMT
Brunson, the father of poker. No doubt that he merits this lifetime membership card. Hope he will win a tourney and that he makes a good game. Thumbs Up
 Setera17/12/2011 16:27:40 GMT
Hope he remains active at the tables nevertheless Smile
gogo 10-2o
 balaz17/12/2011 18:24:05 GMT
He will live like 120 years Big Smile
 saras1319/12/2011 00:30:04 GMT
I dont think he can tournaments any more..he is to old for that, maybe 2-3 hour cash game sessions
 madicIvan19/12/2011 02:52:01 GMT
Go Dolly... Worship

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