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Doyle Brunson as Main Feature in ‘Poker After Dark' Mixed Game Action in Bobby's Room

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Posted on 19 October 2018 by "T".

Doyle Brunson shall be the main feature of Poker After Dark's "Godfather Week" and he will be playing two special high-stakes mixed game sessions right inside Bobby's Room at the Bellagio in October 23 and 24.

The octogenarian legend who also goes by the nickname Texas Dolly shall be joined at the all-star table by Dan "Jungleman" Cates, Gus Hansen, and other players who regularly play at Bobby's Room. Expect to see hundreds of thousands of bucks passing hands throughout the night. The participants shall be playing limit mixed games at $1,500/$3,000 blinds.

Fans can watch "Godfather Week"live on the PokerGo app. Every player will have to buy-in for at least $50,000, but most of them will begin with a bigger stack.

Poker After Dark began airing on NBC in 2007, and since then the show has featured some of the biggest televised cash games in poker history.

Poker After Dark "Godfather Week" players:
Doyle Brunson
Dan "Jungleman" Cates
Scott Seiver
Gus Hansen
Brian Rast
Billy O'Neill
Nick Schulman

All players mentioned shall compete in both nights of Oct 23 and 24. These poker pros are all regulars in the high-stakes cash games at the Bellagio. They are usually found playing nosebleed games inside the famous Bobby's Room, named after Bobby Baldwin.

The new "Poker After Dark" airs weekly at the PokerGo Studio in Aria Resort and Casino located on the Las Vegas strip. However, for these upcoming two episodes, the venue shall be moved down the street, a block away to the Bellagio.



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12 comments on "Doyle Brunson as Main Feature in ‘Poker After Dark'' Mixed Game Action in Bobby''s Room"

 Mober19/10/2018 17:28:12 GMT
"Octogenarian" huh? They couldnt say he is just old?
He has quit playing tournaments, but we have seen he si still chasing ring games.
So i dont see why all the fuss, and the decision to quit the tournaments.
Maybe they are more tiring for his age, since you can quit a ring game whenever you like.
 doubletop77720/10/2018 07:59:36 GMT
This looks like it is going to be an epic couple of sessions of poker and i will definitely be watching this. Just to see Doyle Brunson again will be exciting and i hope that he can come out with a big score
 CALICUL20/10/2018 08:17:22 GMT
It's great that this Doyle Brunson loves poker too much at an advanced age. To be octogenary and have the ambition to play poker whenever he has the opportunity is very good. He does not have many hobbies and playing with other well-known names in poker industry. Unfortunately, the Bobby Room has remained without the original because was dismissed. For fans of Doyle Brunson should look at these special sessions because they will not see much live poker in the future with their idol. Blink
 bowie198420/10/2018 15:50:18 GMT
One thing I noticed in this poster that it looks like none of these guys have a damn razor in their bathroom except for Doyle. Big Smile Good for him grooming like it's still 1976 showing these young studs how it should be done, lol... Good series from the looks of it.
 dule-vu20/10/2018 18:39:13 GMT
bowie1984 you are absolutely right!this new generation dont know anymore what is razor and brunson show them what is class!thats why he will take them all money!
and what to say about buy in,this is just small amount for them!would be nice to have this moment in life when you can buy place for 50000 $ and not regret if you lose them!
 Gerimantas22/10/2018 09:56:46 GMT
Yes very interesting to see this both nights of course not all hands but best situations and how such good players play this hands. I think it is very hard to doyle brunson to win something because many younger guys who play very aggressive
 Nightkid31/10/2018 16:19:24 GMT
the truth is incredible that Doyle Brunso in this event and I call my attention this "Godfather Week" hahaha apart from telling him The legend octogenarian xDD but good today they spread with everything and what else sells is that hahaha Tongue Tongue Tongue
 CALICUL01/11/2018 09:25:12 GMT
Doyle Brunson when he hears about poker, he feels just like Al Pacino with his much younger girlfriend. The happiness of relaxing playing poker is for him a way of life.
He played poker for decades and it's very hard to quit poker for the rest of his life.
This old man is an poker monument. Doyle Brunson deserves much respect for his effort.
 bowie198403/11/2018 18:29:29 GMT
Posted by CALICUL:
Doyle Brunson when he hears about poker, he feels just like Al Pacino with his much younger girlfriend. The happiness of relaxing playing poker is for him a way of life.

Not even Pacino is this smooth right now to be honest. Doyle is just looking like he does not give a damn and it looks great.
 CALICUL04/11/2018 11:37:30 GMT
I think Doyle Brunson is a person who did not abuse of his life. He knew how to eat, what to eat, drink and he did not enjoy other miseries, especially drugs. Because of this he has reached a beautiful age and he can move very good with pleasure when playing poker. He loves this game too much.
 Mober05/11/2018 12:22:52 GMT
I dont know about the rest, but when it comes to how to eat and what to eat, i doubt it.
You just need a glance to understand he is overweight.
Is this the way that people look, when they know how and what to eat?
So how do you call the ones that are not overweight? Starving?
 CALICUL06/11/2018 12:26:45 GMT
This thing it does not matter too much. You can be overweight, even if you eat well ( without poison ). You think you'll get octogenary with chemicals? and to be in good health including mentally? I'm sure you can not to do this. Stomach if it is fed properly without irritating food, he offers health for whole body. Smile

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