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The sale of Full Tilt coming to a close

Tags: DOJ, full tilt poker, Groupe Bernard Tapie.
Posted on 18 December 2011 by "T".

The sale of Full Tilt is about to be finalized as a new agreement between the company and the French buyers Groupe Bernard Tapie has been made. The agreement states that all Full Tilt's shares, which are confiscated by DOJ at the moment, will be transferred to the new owners.

The current Full Tilt shareholders, according to different sources, have voted about the sale of Full Tilt Poker and most voted, ''yes.'' These shareholders will also have the chance to invest in the new company. The owners of Groupe Bernard Tapie have apparently also been in Dublin, Ireland, and talked to Full Tilt's employees about the current process.


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28 comments on "The sale of Full Tilt coming to a close"

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» The sale of Full Tilt coming to a close

 B1gfoot18/12/2011 21:37:19 GMT
Sometimes I just can't believe how badly written these news articles are.
 GIOMi618/12/2011 21:42:05 GMT
That is great news to all of us and especially to those who have large sums of money on FTP, now they can withdraw their funds and start playing more comfortable.
 Greenpeez18/12/2011 21:58:22 GMT
great news for everybody who had his cash there, gladly this wasnT the case for me
 B1gfoot18/12/2011 21:58:42 GMT
Posted by Greenmohave:
Do you think the new owners maintain the "Fulltilt" name and have the same regulations as previously? I mean, will they allow U.S. players and does anyone think they will allow players to regain their BR?

I know the best policy is to sit and wait since none of us know what's going to happen or when, but just like to read others opinions or thoughts. Just hope for the best if and when FT has new ownership! Good Luck to all!

Sorry missed your comment as was to engrossed it the insightful news.
Yes they will absolutely keep the FullTilt name, commercial sense.
US players will not be aloud, European players will get most if not all of their BRs back, the US will have to apply via the DOJ, who will be cunts.
FT will return, when would be a guess, lots of stuff for them to sort yet and indeed lets hope for the best.
 gazza200918/12/2011 22:19:40 GMT
I already posted about thin on here yesterday keep up BRM Smile
 DaMessiah66618/12/2011 22:41:11 GMT
Posted by mahdrof:
2011 was a horrible year for online poker so anything that brings the industry out of free fall is welcome news.

Bafff ... 2012 will be worst, at least in Spain. Say your farewell to spaniards because we won't be able to play outside Spain anymore. My FT's money would be the best Santa's gift for this Christmas
 gazza200918/12/2011 23:43:11 GMT
Posted by DaMessiah666:
Posted by mahdrof:
2011 was a horrible year for online poker so anything that brings the industry out of free fall is welcome news.

Bafff ... 2012 will be worst, at least in Spain. Say your farewell to spaniards because we won't be able to play outside Spain anymore. My FT's money would be the best Santa's gift for this Christmas

Why whats happening in spain Question
 wiggggy19/12/2011 00:19:09 GMT
Well I had around 500 pounds on fulltilt going through a withdrawal and like 100 in my account when it when tits up, i just hope i get it back
Anyone wanna take a risk and buy my FT account lol? I bet i get screwed out of my money becaiuse its just my luck lol..
 saras1319/12/2011 00:28:14 GMT
i hope we get our money back soon..Full tilt crap
 psycokiller19/12/2011 00:57:17 GMT
Not exactly the latest news, I was aware of this agreement four days ago. And yes, anytime the DoJ is involved, getting anything accomplished takes forever.
 madicIvan19/12/2011 02:49:59 GMT
I just hope they get back online working & pay people's money back! Would love to play there again, it was my first online poker site where I played... Cool
 PhixedGear19/12/2011 17:03:02 GMT
I used to play on full tilt...but then I took an arrow to the knee.
 Pjot19/12/2011 17:29:31 GMT
I would have bought the whole company, if it was possible to pay with FPP:s.

I had like 1 200 of them...

(By which I mean that the brand can't really be worth that much anymoore. As soon as they open for business everybody will be withdrawing, and then they will have an upward slope to get the players back. It has been a little too long. I remember the rushtables after the first incident, sometimes you had to wait to get dealt, and that was nothing like this core meltdown.)
 initiator19/12/2011 18:51:21 GMT
Well I hope that the people that had money in there acc. get it. I wonder if they are still going to be such a success. Question
 DaMessiah66619/12/2011 18:59:01 GMT
Posted by gazza2009:
Why whats happening in spain Question

It seems that any spanish could play outside Spain, something similar that happened previously in France and Italy. And many other drawbacks like paying taxes before playing, money limits on cash and tournaments. So ... take us all the money while you are able to do it!
 MilenkoK19/12/2011 19:17:44 GMT
One friendly advice:
Google the name of Bernard Tapie before you start to cheer about FTP comeback!
 Macubaas19/12/2011 20:13:38 GMT
I guess this is good news afterall, if i can recover the money that i got there it will be okay...

I really hoped that after all this time an alternative to rush poker would be created but not such luck...
 todd331119/12/2011 21:26:39 GMT
you all can be sure who ever buys fulltilt they wont be paying back everybody that lost there money,,,its not there fault
 pochui20/12/2011 09:37:17 GMT
eagerly waiting on the new full tilt to start operating- do expect some great bonuses- they will have to attract the lost customer base- who, lets admit are not very fond of the site at the moment...well i guess a no deposit bonus would do the trick...some great freerolls as well
 Chartoule20/12/2011 09:44:27 GMT
I need 2 things:

1. My 8k in FTP.
2. FTP quickly reopen (before March) to clear the reopen promo before the spanish regulation kick my ass out...
 Zxanthion20/12/2011 13:29:48 GMT
I thought it was pretty much a done deal. Now there are votes against?? I hope things work out for you guys who've got rolls in there. I'll be surprised if they ever get back to half the strength they were before though tbh.
 hulkborges21/12/2011 07:19:03 GMT
at last, despite the absurd that sometimes happen is a really cool site to play, and in addition has excellent promotions and frerolls
 Chartoule21/12/2011 10:33:10 GMT

Hope promotions, freerolls and other things that made FTP a really atractive site remain with the new owners. I don want a FTP with promos like ipoker or Party...
 Fakiry21/12/2011 14:07:06 GMT
hey, SuperNoob, do they do it faster in India? I believe that, if it happens for this case to be in Portugal, it would take more than ten years, it would become a way for a few writers to win money with, making best sellers, and in the end it would all stay in the same… In USA, they are moving pretty fast, and soon we will all be there, or in the new FT, enjoying a nice promo.
 Jorgeezy21/12/2011 14:29:47 GMT
I am really happy about this, it's my favourite site!

I hope they do a free bankroll offer when it's up Big Smile

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