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The High Stakes Poker saga comes to an end

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Posted on 08 December 2011 by "T".

For 6 years, High Stakes Poker has been one of the most popular cash games on television. There have been 8 seasons of High Stakes Poker since they started broadcasting the show on GSN in January 2006, and since the very beginning the biggest names in the poker world have taken part and lost/won millions of dollars.

This year, however, the show's viewer ratings have been been extremely poor and many have stopped watching the show. In fact, the low viewer base of High Stakes Poker might mean the end of the show as GSN won't continue broadcasting the show next year. And it remains unclear whether or not any other TV channel wants to continue broadcasting the show. In other words, season 8 might be the last season of High Stakes Poker.


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18 comments on "The High Stakes Poker saga comes to an end"

 GIOMi608/12/2011 16:40:35 GMT
That is very sad news for poker enthousiasts, because we loved to watch poker pros live on television, I think that Black Friday also caused the viewer ratings to drop.
 psycokiller08/12/2011 17:44:44 GMT
All things mut come to an end. With HSP, the show was in descent for the last couple of years with viewership was in decline. Sooner or later GSN was going to cancel the show.
 Jibberish08/12/2011 17:59:25 GMT
poker needs another moneymaker media scandal, something positive to make people want to learn and play the game
 Macubaas08/12/2011 19:59:17 GMT
I really enjoyed watching this show, it really had some sick action lately Smile

It's too bad that from now on there would not be a high stakes televised show...
 initiator08/12/2011 21:35:05 GMT
Pitty I loved the show. Was the best poker show for me. loved to see all (biggest) pro´s on 1 table. The small talk was also very entertaining. Brunson, Ivey, Helmouth, Matasow, Negreano, Fegusson, etc. Lots of love out to you guys.
 Tafkuu08/12/2011 21:50:13 GMT
NOOO.... My fav show of all the times. I think its much of a fulltilts fault...
 chumba7708/12/2011 21:50:18 GMT
Watching televised poker was tough for me when i was a beginner, mainly because i didn't know who the hell anyone was, but once i became more accustomed i found it very rewarding, there's still plenty of other poker shows on UK television, mainly on channel 4 i find.
 PhixedGear09/12/2011 04:18:19 GMT
Bummer...I watched the whole last season on youtube while playing Full Tilt freerolls. Sad
 sponsorplay09/12/2011 11:14:39 GMT
I watched som poker in the TV the other day, I think it was on Eurosport. It was a poor tournament with poor players and nothing like the good old days, when WPT was the only poker in danish TV.
 TheMachineQC09/12/2011 11:45:30 GMT
Posted by GIOMi6:
That is very sad news for poker enthousiasts, because we loved to watch poker pros live on television, I think that Black Friday also caused the viewer ratings to drop.

Yeah, it sure didn't help... and also the fact that they changed the analyst (I prefered Gabe Kaplan by far). I hope high stakes poker will survive though, loved that show.
 Fakiry09/12/2011 14:29:18 GMT
The problem can be in the type of contract between the show and the television. One should take a look at those broacast shares to try and take some conclusions about the profile of the viewer. Defining a contract with another company with a different viewer profile could probably bring bigger share rates to a show like this.
 Setera10/12/2011 01:35:10 GMT
I didn't really watch this either never enjoyed it either. Maybe once or twice.
I literally enjoyed watching other online videos more. or just pokerstars.

Like the big game... So much more entertaining then this.
A loss for poker community, but not for me if i may be this frank
 jsantos7511/12/2011 06:08:28 GMT
this bigeeeeeeeeeeeeest

this not for mi
 hulkborges15/12/2011 12:41:45 GMT
something in order to replace? learned a much watching!
 Greenpeez15/12/2011 18:15:38 GMT
have to agree with what setera just said. i also enjoyed thinks like big game on alot more, never really followed high stakes poker on tv.
 pochui16/12/2011 12:16:33 GMT
disappointing- even though i didn't watch it live, but from time to time had a look at the episodes on youtube- a fun show, but hey good things must come to an end...
 dozn0116/12/2011 15:47:42 GMT
we all know which online poker sites to blame for the down fall of poker,
 B1gfoot16/12/2011 16:13:13 GMT
As much as I liked it, it was as real as WWE.

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