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Party Poker: 1 Million Dollar Hand

Tags: 1 million dollar hand, free money, freeroll, party poker, promotion.
Posted on 05 January 2011 by "K".

Party Poker has a very interesting promotion called 1 Million Dollar Hand at the moment. Just like you probably already have figured out, it's possible to win some serious cash in this promotion that will run between 5th and 30th January, 2011.

This how the 1 Million Dollar Hand promotion work
For every 15 points you earn, you will receive a random playing card. When you have collected at least 5 cards and a pair - you are guaranteed a cash prize! If you're the only one who makes a royal flush during the Million-Dollar Hand, the $1 million is all yours! Party Poker will give you the first playing card for free to get you started. Log in to your Party Poker account to reveal it now! (check out the offers below if you don't have an account at Party Poker).

This is what you can win by collecting playing cards

Royal Flush $1 million
Straight Flush $10,000
Four of a Kind $1,000
Full House $150
Flush $100
Straight $50
Three of a Kind $20
Two pair $10
Pair $3

At the moment we offer a $150 No Deposit bonus and a $50 Gift Offer at Party Poker. We are also running lots of freerolls for those who created their account at Party Poker through BankrollMob.

We at BankrollMob depend on our sponsors (Party Poker etc) and they depend on that the players we refer generate some rake and make deposits. So, we would really appreciate if our Mob members with Party Poker accounts make a deposit and play a few hands once in a while. Of course many of you are already doing this and for that we are very thankful! Smile

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40 comments on "Party Poker: 1 Million Dollar Hand"

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» Party Poker: 1 Million Dollar Hand

 rattacha07/01/2011 11:09:30 GMT
As I'M new on party and playing 0.05/0.1$ FL FR i can get only 3, maybe 4 cards. But I don't give up! You can pull 3 aces!!!! This is FL!
 mazas07/01/2011 11:22:33 GMT
ill try to get onother 15 points but it was terribble day for me loose about 20 $ in a hour and leave the site then in the same time at 2 tables on the river my kk and aa was crushed they just joke on me last night Sad
hope today will be more better Tongue
 Calmplay07/01/2011 11:37:46 GMT
I personally don't think it's really a good promo like others are saying here, it's not that bad that's all. At PP the rake they take from players are very high compare to certain sites, with that promo they'll win much more than they usually do...
 Lionmart07/01/2011 11:50:21 GMT
thanks, yes i understand that i need five cards to win... recently i received two Spade ,but no pair...

please help me to more Spade , go go u$150... will be mine if i have 3 cards more!!!!!
 muquirana08/01/2011 07:40:12 GMT
I have a 10 of hearts. I lost my bank trying to milion Monthly, I'll deposit tomorrow to get more cards. I hope straight flush [ Smile]
 BadeaCR08/01/2011 09:13:08 GMT
I got an A Diamond. It's not the best promotions but you can still win big money with luck. Anyway December had such a great promotion so what can you expect this next month? Some promotions are better, some are worse...
 spinek08/01/2011 10:21:12 GMT
Card Rush is also nice promotion and much better for low stakes player because you don't have to collect 75 party points to have a chance to win.
 Lionmart08/01/2011 12:26:02 GMT
now i have 3 and 7 of Spade , bad luck i cant win the million... i only win a great headache because i played more than 10hours of poker... i will try tomorrow to another card... please give a pair unless.

Cool see you tomorrow...
 mazas09/01/2011 11:02:00 GMT
had bad night last day then losoe more then 20 $ playing only sng then the rivers killing every 2 - nd hand Sad and fishes won they lucky deal Smile hope today it will be more best day and i ll win some more then loose good luck all
 medion11/01/2011 23:32:02 GMT
where in my pp account i can reveal the first from pp given card?
 mazas12/01/2011 12:52:52 GMT
so collect 4 cards now and all was different Sad
last hope 5 th card swing me a pair and i ll win the smallest prise Smile
think today ill reach the needed points for the last card requirements and yesterday ill try it again collect new 5 cards hand good luck all and be happy
 Hajinnho12/01/2011 22:30:28 GMT
hmmmmmmmm, you only get the 1 mio if you are the only one with a royal flush... otherwise you gotta split it with others...

so you need to split the 3 bucks with everyone having a pair too? Big Smile
 analcuero13/01/2011 02:58:59 GMT
god luck
 sirmitch88813/01/2011 05:41:21 GMT
I am also on this promotion of partypoker, i had won 9 dollars already on this 3 times I won a pair, I thought the cards will remain there until the end of the promotion but after winning at least a pair all the cards are gone, so its too small chance of getting the 1million hand Sad
 mazas13/01/2011 12:27:47 GMT
complete my full 5 card hands and was surprise not very good nothing strange crds there all combines u must easy fold pre flop Smile
higher was j lower was 2 Smile
so hope next 5 crads combine will be more better then thisone \good luck all
 IslandJack13/01/2011 13:55:11 GMT
Posted by oliver082298:
Posted by IslandJack:
Kinda hard to understand this one.
You'll need at least 2 cards to hit that pair.

But I assume you are asking if you get the money just holding 2 cards?
unfortunately, the answer is no.
You need a full 5-card hand to cash in that pair.
It's logical when you think about it, because you might hit a better hand with the cards that follow.
So yes, you need a full hand (5 cards) before they will give you the prize for a pair.

Hope that helps.

i don't know how???

Sorry, I just saw your post now... Confused
Reading on I guess it was a "click card2 hey?
Didn´t even know this was going on until I logged in later on PP.

The other thing was the $M points hand, but I guess it´s all figured out now?
Sorry again, I should check more regularly.
 mazas14/01/2011 12:31:50 GMT
started my new collection off hand played bad last night earn about 18 points loose about 20 $ so many bad beats and rivers kills me so think today no play at this poker site and maybe not play any poker better to go with the friends and drink some light drinks like bear or brandy = cola coctail Big Smile
good luck all Tongue
 Lionmart15/01/2011 14:52:47 GMT
hi everybody... now i have 4 cards to promotions 2 Spade and 2 Heart , can i win a full of 3 Heart and 2 Spade, no no Aww crap! ...

ok i will like have a minimum pair to win 3 dollars... please give me luck.
 Bdair16/01/2011 01:43:15 GMT
Posted by spinek:
Card Rush is also nice promotion and much better for low stakes player because you don't have to collect 75 party points to have a chance to win.

Could u please tell me more about this.
 Crayboy88822/01/2011 19:51:00 GMT
nice play
 mazas24/01/2011 10:43:25 GMT
so completed 3 fuill hands and won 3 $ xaxaxa not big but think no play there becouse start loosing and also no luck for me
good luck all who still on the big run for completing hands
 Zobor2324/01/2011 16:55:52 GMT
 mazas27/01/2011 09:59:32 GMT
completed the last one combine it was 4 th for me and nothing again so won on this promo 3 $ only and playing quite mqd my bankroll is still in the same point only win about 10 $ on this month crazy promo playing cash games Smile some short break and another promo starts so i ll think i ll collect 200 points for lal freerol entries Big Smile
 vallychelu1430/01/2011 00:07:13 GMT
i like it:d
 inhale30/01/2011 05:39:55 GMT
Good promotion, good luck to all. My opinion easier win million in betting, then collect this hand... Need too big bankroll, and u must play too much to get it. Aww crap!

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