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Imad Derwiche took home WPT Paris High Roller (€125k)

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Posted on 17 February 2011 by "T".

Yesterday, the WPT National Series Paris High Roller Event (€10,000 buy-in - 27 participants) finally got a winner. It ended up being Imad Derwiche from France who took home the tournament for €125,000 after an amazing comeback on the final table. This is his biggest win in his poker career, but if he keeps up that good game we will for sure hear more about him in the future.

WPT Paris High Roller Payouts
1. Imad Derwiche €125,000
2. Sayah Bouali €65,000
3. Firas Nassar €46,000
4. Haim Kakoun €20,642


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7 comments on "Imad Derwiche took home WPT Paris High Roller (€125k)"

 ZmxPowah17/02/2011 11:50:13 GMT
Not much field... was anyone from standard pool there?
12Bi not a great win... I wouldn't risk for something like that Tongue
 mazas17/02/2011 11:59:34 GMT
again only poor 27 players on high roler so peoples start dislike them becouse the win isnt so big but u can loose quite big money its 10 k $ for byuins i think peoples start thinking about better to play 2-4 big tournaments with buyins 2-2.5 k $ then try the luck at the high roler tournament and be knoked out easy and earlie by some unlucky river Smile
good luck all
 DaMessiah66617/02/2011 15:08:03 GMT
Yes, completely agree with you mazas, those are not interesting news. Rich players playing a 10.000€ sit and go and the winner is published. Baf! No merit
 Fackinas17/02/2011 16:53:21 GMT
Maybe that day were not good news from poker world so , Bankroll mob decided to publicate this .. I really do not know my opinion about this, but i think mazas is right about this.
 ringer214217/02/2011 16:55:32 GMT
hmmm 128k is not that good of a payout for a 10k buy in event, considering the field might have also been quite tough
 GIOMi618/02/2011 01:24:54 GMT
Congratulations on your tourney win and good luck in the future in other big tournaments. I wish I had the bankroll to play these tourneys all over Europe. Time will tell !
 Merfis21/02/2011 08:57:53 GMT
Congratulations to him, pretty nice winning Smile

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