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Tom Dwan won $11 million pot in Macau

Tags: high stakes, huge pot, Macau, Tom Dwan.
Posted on 03 March 2011 by "T".

There hasn't been much news from the huge games in Macau lately. However, according to what the Finnish player Joni "Jouhki" Jouhkimainen's blog, Tom Dwan recently took down a pot worth HKD 89 million ($11 million).

Jouhkimainen writes that Dwan and a few other players were playing with $20,000/$40,000 blinds. In the huge pot, Dwan and two other players went all-in proflop. Dwan had AClubKDiamond, the other 2 players JDiamondJHeart and 10Spade10Club. Dwan hit an ace and took down the enormous pot.


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56 comments on "Tom Dwan won $11 million pot in Macau"

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» Tom Dwan won $11 million pot in Macau

 hansolo88507/03/2011 14:55:50 GMT
tom is a good player, he have lot of luck
 remco250407/03/2011 18:19:24 GMT
C mon ...doesnt anybody read previous posts or something ???

This story is NOT TRUE !!! ITS BS !!!

Tom Dwan himself already twittered days ago that its made up !!!
 gtrippp07/03/2011 19:24:11 GMT
the 11 million should've been suspicious in itself. isn't that about how much the top 3 have earned in their whole careers? or is that just their tournament winnings? as for the guy who said he could understand going all in w/ jacks, but not w/ tens, is there really that big of a difference between the 2?
 intelegentas07/03/2011 20:29:45 GMT
Pretty big pot :O If i were him i would give 20% for charity .
 theszyna07/03/2011 23:07:58 GMT
i read about about 2/3 moths ago....he won it but before this hand was behind about that pot.....and yeaaa he played some rich businessman pricks in closed to the press session...closed of course because of the enormous amounts of money
 provoman08/03/2011 14:08:40 GMT
If flop not come A high he will loose 3.3 mil that is the sensation too.
 magatt96608/03/2011 14:27:29 GMT
Posted by schmoyster:
Posted by magatt966:
I would be happy in stealing blinds once Big Smile Big Smile

To steal the blinds you need to raise three BB. Can you afford it? Big Smile

No my heart wouldn't bear a stealreraise Big Smile Big Smile
 Nikitalucia08/03/2011 15:00:58 GMT
tom make me a baby! =)
 dozn0108/03/2011 15:12:32 GMT
go tom what a big pot he won Worship Worship Worship Worship Big Smile
 blade198408/03/2011 19:08:24 GMT
a pot like that is what most of us dream about playing for if i am not playing in a game like that i would just to be able to watch it live ...i would hate to be on the losing ead of that hand Worship
 zammo50009/03/2011 08:29:21 GMT
you guys really expect tom to acknowledge that kind of fact, c'mon people that's like signing a confessional to the IRS. probably played with rich brats with mo' money than sense. BTW AK off pre-flop three-handed is in the probability arena pretty good. well done to the genius!!!!
 jessthehuman09/03/2011 08:43:56 GMT
I love how many people can't be fucked reading the whole thing. Seriously.
 BMWman09/03/2011 13:41:29 GMT
Just watched a video on Tom's facebook page, he says that this story is NOT true. Don't believe everything you read folks......
 todd331109/03/2011 13:59:31 GMT
wow,thats a nice pot,however i sure hope bone head tom spends a little of his winnings and gets some up to date shits,come on look at him,hes soooooo ugly with his 5$ skin head hair cut and his shirts he wears are like 1980s give me a break goofy tom,,its a good thing hes got money because he sure dont have a chance in hell to put up on anything remotely good looking,,unless he byes a bitch for a few hours,lol,lol, GOD HES UGLY
 PhixedGear09/03/2011 17:04:42 GMT
Just insane...gotta take the life savings over to Macau! Lol. Am I right?
 BMWman10/03/2011 00:57:39 GMT!/Tom.Dwan.TeamFullTilt
 D9e7J0aV8u28/03/2011 16:31:23 GMT
ehhm? real money? what??? the?? fuck???? 20k/40k blinds? are they crazy? and he went all in preflop??? thats just crazy? how can u put millionsof dollar preflop all in?
 brasso19/04/2011 23:36:46 GMT
Did anybody tell them it was play money Tongue
 devitt1102/12/2011 20:41:54 GMT
 Satjah02/12/2011 21:04:38 GMT
more posts plz, but the story is not rreeeeaaaallll!!!!!!
 YOdiablo02/12/2011 23:26:21 GMT
I don't like this player that much..I think that he is more lucky than he is skilled
 Twistyoursou14/05/2014 22:24:12 GMT
Ya know, i'm just betting 2 years of 9 to 5 work as a blind just to see two cards... Not a big deal obviously... Standard routine
 crash5815/05/2014 05:35:17 GMT
Posted by Twistyoursou:
Ya know, i'm just betting 2 years of 9 to 5 work as a blind just to see two cards... Not a big deal obviously... Standard routine
So you take a thread that is over 3 years old to say what. you betting 2 years of 9 to 5 work??? you have no clue nor do I , what you are trying to say.
Worship If your going to make a post try and figure out what your trying to say. Question Question Question Question Question
 Weenie15/05/2014 17:39:25 GMT
What a fcking sick gamblers Big Smile They put in almost 4 millions dollars with AK or pair of tens preflop... But I admire Dwan, hes there cause he knows he has skill, many other players are there just cause they are billionaires and like poker. And losing few millions there will not hurt them at all lol.
 ayaraled16/05/2014 02:34:52 GMT
crazy betttttt......

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