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Leaderboard in April at Full Tilt Poker: $9,000 in freerolls + $2,000 in leaderboard prizes

Tags: bankrollmob, ftp, full tilt poker, leaderboard.
Posted on 01 April 2011 by "K".

Full Tilt Poker leaderboard - BankrollMobWe continue with yet another round of Full Tilt Poker leaderboard in April.

Just like earlier months, the leaderboard prizes will be $2,000. Top 30 wins a share of $1,000 and top 200 wins entry to a $1,000 freeroll early next month.

The actual daily freerolls will have a total value of $9,000 during April We have freerolls around the clock with various prize pools, check out the freerolls page for all the details.

How to participate

1) If you do not have a BankrollMob account yet, click here to register a free Mob account so you can participate in our Full Tilt Poker leaderboards.

2) If you do not have a Full Tilt Poker account yet, check out our exclusive Full Tilt Poker offers. There's a $50 (5,000 MobPoints) gift offer and 27% rakeback deal available. You do not have to make a deposit to participate in the leaderboard, but by signing up to any of the our two Full Tilt Poker offers you will be able to get a great deal if you decide to deposit later on.

3) Now that you have an account both places - or if you have had that the whole time - you now need to register your Full Tilt Poker Player ID for the leaderboard. Click here to visit the leaderboards page and register your Player ID (or use the button in the main menu above).

Please note that it's important you register your Player ID, otherwise you will not earn points for the leaderboard. If you have previously registered your Player ID, then you do not need to do it again!

You earn points for the leaderboard by participating in any of our 6 daily freerolls throughout the month at Full Tilt Poker. The more money you win in the freerolls, the more points you get for the leaderboard. Your freerolls winnings are directly converted to leaderboard points, ie. a $7.55 prize will give you 7.55 points, plus you also get to keep the freeroll winnings as dollars, of course.


Top 30 prizes will be paid out according to the table below. Remember, top 200 wins entry to a $1,000 freeroll. The $1,000 freeroll is usually held a week or so after the leaderboard finishes - more details will be available on the leaderboard page, here in the poker news section and on our Facebook page after each leaderboard has ended.

# Prize
1. $200
2. $125
3. $100
4. $60
5. $40
6.-10. $25
11.-20. $20
21.-30. $15
1.-200. wins entry
to $1000 freeroll.


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117 comments for "Leaderboard in April at Full Tilt Poker: $9,000 in freerolls + $2,000 in leaderboard prizes"

Displaying only the 50 latest comments. To view all comments, please visit the forum thread:
» Leaderboard in April at Full Tilt Poker: $9,000 in freerolls + $2,000 in leaderboard prizes

 daraspol12/04/2011 14:06:02 GMT
Posted by Kazuya:
I hope to get to the top 200 of the bingo leaderboard.. it's so sick the number of donkeys on these tournaments. These promotions should be for BRM members only not password protected.

By the way i just lost the freeroll now first hand with aces 3 donkeys allin preflop with J2 and J10 and hit straight. Let the Circus continue! =(

Yeah, right... Big Smile The same donkfest is still on... Big Smile

Today I've registered into 9:00 ET FR and from the start being folding several hands, but once I got KK (on late pos.) - I decided to raise on 8BB preflop. Russian Donkey with A5o sitting on SB reraised me all-in, so I've been forced to call him. Showdown was pretty good for me... until the river. Obviously - Donkey hits A... and for me another game is over, this time I've played only 1 and the last hand only, lol... Aww crap!

Good Luck to all who play in these most difficult FR series...! Big Smile
 Smilie12/04/2011 19:25:28 GMT
hi and hope to make it in the leaderboard tourney Smile.

FTP ID is Smilie 13
 daraspol13/04/2011 10:57:57 GMT
GL then @Smilie... and never call all-in donks at least within the first hour (...unless u got AA) Cool
 playdog9013/04/2011 18:54:26 GMT
good luck all
 rbdflyboy14/04/2011 06:15:14 GMT
Hi all, I'm new here. Don't kno if I just got lucky, I found most of the players very good and position correct. I've played 4 so far and the first 2 were donk fests at the tables I was seated at. In that case I just wait em out. After some time variance takes over and they disappear. Afew years back I was playing 180 seat tournies at FT. You want to talk about donk fests...I ask one guy why everyone was playing all-in nearly every hand...he says without a hugh chip stack I'll never make it to the final table. I proved him wrong 18 times. (Cashed)
I don't kno how to upload my ID...never done that before...I've faxed that info to sites. Uplaod?
Can someone, please, assist me with this?
 MIGO1414/04/2011 07:45:32 GMT
Hi, and welcome to this site. I guess you will feel fine here.
What do you mean with upload your ID ?
Do you mean registering for the leaderboard ?
 rbdflyboy14/04/2011 07:58:03 GMT
No, that went well. It's the second step in the registration process. You want a copy of my drivers licence as ID. My problem is I don't know how to upload that and sent it to you. Any time I've had to provide ID, I've been able to fax the info. I would like to take advantage of some of the offers here and can' because of the missing ID check. I'm sure this is a simple problem to solve..I just need to be educated. Thanks for your time.
 RaDaRiAl15/04/2011 12:32:42 GMT
why full tilt poker do not show directly these freerolls on their tournaments?
 MIGO1415/04/2011 13:17:24 GMT
@rbdfly: Okay, I see what you mean. But unfortunately I can´t help you with this problem, because for me it worked well. Maybe anobody else can help you.

@ RaDaRiAI: They do show them. Look under tournament + Private.
There you will find them.
 rbdflyboy15/04/2011 13:41:36 GMT
K thanks..I have it sorted out...a friend of mine will help with it this weekend.
 aceflush19816/04/2011 16:36:30 GMT
anyone elese having problems logging into fulltilt/???damm updates wont let me play update wont download for some reason
 daraspol16/04/2011 16:50:57 GMT
Posted by aceflush198:
anyone elese having problems logging into fulltilt/???damm updates wont let me play update wont download for some reason

No, not at all... Big Smile

BTW: ...the reason is well-known... just awake and review relevant threads... Blink
 B1gfoot16/04/2011 17:48:03 GMT
*wrong thread.
 crazyhorse9916/04/2011 21:12:23 GMT
Anyone in top 30 from USA may as well kiss that money goodbye sad but true. CH
 donstars8617/04/2011 18:26:41 GMT
im from england and cant loggin ??? fultilt

big foot i see your from uk are you havin problems loging in ft poker
 Lootorz17/04/2011 22:06:12 GMT
When the leaderboard will update?
 badayorkino18/04/2011 20:11:25 GMT
When updated classifications? I am impatient
 GAbbARko19/04/2011 12:55:30 GMT
FBI rulesss Evil
 rbdflyboy19/04/2011 14:16:00 GMT
Hi Donstar, I had a problem y'day. Cudn't find the BRM FR's. I'm on the UK site now and it's workin great.
Finally figured out the prob...I had to click on the real money circle up near and to the left of the Cashier button. Once I did that everythig came back to life. So far as loggin in...no issues there.
 timborep19/04/2011 18:08:08 GMT
wats the point in playing this donk fest bingo tournys every damn game i play get donked out i play for 2 3 hours playing good poker make good calls only to get donked out by a imbread 3rd world fruit. Tell ya wat ive said it before i hit my limit im traveling the world and killing anyone that i find that plays this rigged site and cutting off there heads and killing there famileys so if someone comes up to you and askes if you play on full tilt better run because your all dead

fking faggits DEATH

ps if your a good poker player just keep your opinion to yourself not talking to you
 rbdflyboy20/04/2011 05:16:23 GMT
u made my day....most fantastic display of tilt I've ever heard. Good luck at the tables and...leave
those kids alone!

So I wondering if there are leaderboards in other countries and we are all playing for the top prize in our respective leaderboard.This makes semse to me only I really don't know for certain. Say it is so and then I wonder how to make the playing field level. The 100 FR's are in our daytime. Maybe if we split the 100FR's instead of running them back to back that may allow players over here a better shot at our leaderboard.....?

P.S. I'm no better or worse than the next guy...I know this...the fold button is my friend!
 understurmf21/04/2011 15:37:26 GMT
Right now now i am 20th on leaderboard but i try win it. I have one 4th place, one 5th place and half dozen money places but today i will be top 3! Blink
 Franc3zu23/04/2011 07:25:04 GMT
FullTilt: Masters of FTP Tournament begins at 5 May 2011, 13am (ET). Tournament ID (ctrl+t to find) 232151639. Buy-in: $1+0.10. Password: fulltilt. Good luck !
 Hajinnho23/04/2011 16:06:09 GMT
no americans accepted anymore, so one question : are there yet tourneys with a huge overlay? Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile
 chinasyndrom24/04/2011 18:51:40 GMT
Thx BRM. for all promotions. Big Smile

Great promotion, i think i will try to play every one of the freerolls i can.
 ccchris725/04/2011 16:44:04 GMT
i just recieved my first bonus 5000 mob points thanks alot brm Big Smile

gonna use the points well thnx brm!
 badayorkino26/04/2011 14:22:48 GMT
hello, mi nick is badayorkino , and yersterday to add 7+1.58+0.07+0.06 and only I am adding a few cents-

I am very worried, it has been difficult to me many hours to obtain it to fight for the first position of the classification for q now get confudes.

Sorry for my english, i use a translator online. please i need a anwser for this problem.

I have the sensation that the points of which the points that I have obtained have added them to q it goes in the first position, instead of to my, xq I throw accounts and tape-worm q to have now 44ptos more or less and it is it q has the first one, chance?? Or serious mistake?


 Hajinnho26/04/2011 15:36:56 GMT
hmph, looks like I cant play that freeroll anyway as I won´t have a computer to play with Sad That really looks pretty ugly for me Sad
 GARYUK126/04/2011 15:59:25 GMT
Its great to have the donks onboard. just sit back and wait till the rush of donks are done.pick off the tail end donks and double up all the way. great fun..
 herrman27/04/2011 22:01:05 GMT
Thanks BRM for freerolls!
 cristiiker30/04/2011 22:09:31 GMT
waiting for may promotions Big Smile hope there will be greater Big Smile
 Egiokas01/05/2011 02:39:53 GMT
Top 30 wins a share of $1,000 and top 200 wins entry to a $1,000 freeroll early next month

when this tournament starts? and what id it is?
 rbdflyboy01/05/2011 16:34:07 GMT
Hi Egiokas, go to freerolls section here to obtain password. Then go to FT tournments and private tab. Register there with password.

Speaking of passwords. Was playin this A.M. and speaking with smile13. She was wondering how to find how many BRM members were playing? There is really no list. So I got to wondering how to create one. If we register here first, obtain a ticket, then use that ticket instesd of a password to enter the tournment. May even be able to direct link with the ticket. My would that ever change things up abit.
 daraspol02/05/2011 10:50:15 GMT
Does any1 know if a new Leaderboard has been started from the 1-st May...? What about yesterday/ today's freerolls we play now...? If I win some $$$ there, will they count the points into the new LB...?
 Hajinnho02/05/2011 13:15:32 GMT
I hope that the Freeroll for the Top 200 will not start until mid of the Month... Otherwise I just can´t play I guess Sad

If there is a new leaderboard or not, we can´t answer that. I guess only Admin can BUT if there will be a new leaderboard for may, be sure that your results from the 1. may on will count Blink
 daraspol02/05/2011 20:35:06 GMT
Yeah, a new Leadrboard is running, but they chop a half prize pool... I guess, it's due to americans cannot attend... Oh, dear - FTP & BRM, this is so pitiful... Thumbs Down
 Mober02/05/2011 21:10:23 GMT
from the upcoming freerolls in fulltilt it seems that there will be a new leaderboard but as daraspol said it must be with lower prizes.
i wonder when the leaderboard freeroll will take place.
i was near the exit and dont know if i made it Cool
 daraspol02/05/2011 21:56:07 GMT
You don't worry... if you finished in Top200 then ure automatically register into the LB Freeroll. Just check your upcoming tournaments you're registered in at the FTP Main Lobby - you will find the Freeroll for sure.

But the "black Friday" has nothing to do with me and so many other players... and I dont care of american players at all... so why they (FTP/BRM) chop the prizes on a half...? FTP&BRM u go to pot...! You'd better cancel the LB at all - due to the worldwide tradegy which has happened and no americans cannot attend in... This is cockamamie and pitiful... Aww crap!

lol... when the coward doesn't dare to reply... can only rate my posts quietly... Big Smile
 aro100003/05/2011 12:21:20 GMT
Show must go on without us player nothing more Big Smile
 MIGO1403/05/2011 12:37:30 GMT
Sorry daraspol, but I have to say: You don´t need to play them Blink
If you feel the reward is to low, well then feel free to search for other freerolls.
For me its more of fun, trying to climb up the leaderboard in comepition with other mobsters.
Well and if I win some money with this, thats great.
 Trupinys03/05/2011 12:52:49 GMT
Promotion is great Big Smile , unfortunately players pool is big too Aww crap! , but I'll try to make some Dollar
 Lootorz03/05/2011 12:58:59 GMT
Hehe got 20$ from LeaderBoard. Thanks BRM, and when the 1000$ freeroll will be played?
 rbdflyboy03/05/2011 13:22:50 GMT
the prizes may be smaller...there are more free rolls runnin closer together...miss in one play another...
 ermakoff198103/05/2011 13:55:41 GMT
Hello/ when the 1000$ freeroll for top-200 in April?

got 40$ / 30.04 left 1 position. from 4th to 5th /ty BRM

i got bunn from ftp for few days((( course not played/
 TRIVAA03/05/2011 15:45:45 GMT
I also have a question when the 1000$ freeroll for top-200 in April?

please inform us on time so I can be sure to be at my pc at the time...
 Hajinnho03/05/2011 15:45:49 GMT
Would be cool if users start reading the forum a little so they know the freeroll is not scheduled yet but it seems like it will start this weekend.
 TRIVAA04/05/2011 01:10:52 GMT
I found it finally... here's the picture of the tournament Blink

LINK > http://i53.tinypic.com/2yx4q5z.jpg
 evercalm04/05/2011 07:33:08 GMT
Concerning passwords.
Just minutes before freeroll started I made a google search putting exact passw. in search box. There was only one link found

Thats perhaps why we have up to 5 ex Soviet plrs at each table.
I realy support idea of ticket system for BRM registred players.
 madicIvan08/05/2011 23:39:43 GMT
Posted by evercalm:
Concerning passwords.
Just minutes before freeroll started I made a google search putting exact passw. in search box. There was only one link found

Thats perhaps why we have up to 5 ex Soviet plrs at each table.
I realy support idea of ticket system for BRM registred players.

Thumbs Up
 timborep09/05/2011 00:05:27 GMT
gotta agree with yeahs worst part is its the people with the muiltiple accounts all you have to do is scroll down the list same damn names with # at the end really ruins the game suppose its FT's fault for given them the idea with the multi entrys tournys. Aww crap!

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