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NAPT Mohegan Sun final table set: Will Selbst defend her title?

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Posted on 13 April 2011 by "T".

The NAPT Mohegan Sun Main Event final table is set and 8 players are about to fight for some serious cash. Tyler Kenney, 21, is the chip leader with a little bit more than 3 million chips and Vanessa Selbst, defending NAPT Mohegan Sun champion, is in second place with a 2,249,000 stack.

Many think that the final table is going be all about these 2 players, even though there are many players left (many of them with nice tournament results in the past) with healthy stacks. Selbst has a lot of routine and she will do anything to defend the title. Kenney on the other hand is very promising young poker player with a large stack and the confidence to go all the way. Whatever happens on the final table, we can still expect it to be a very interesting one. May the best man/women win!

We will return with an update as soon as a winner has been crowned.


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5 comments on "NAPT Mohegan Sun final table set: Will Selbst defend her title? "

 Davoodoo13/04/2011 11:36:04 GMT
They are always writing only positive things about the players. Would be more fun if it read "Kennedy on the other hand made a one in a million chance to reach the final table, his a genuine luckbox !" Big Smile
 Fakiry13/04/2011 14:21:34 GMT
If Tyler is able to resist the pressure of playing against last year's champion, i think he will be able to win this tourney. He is young, perhaps he have what it takes to put aside all the mediatic thing of being playing against such huge skilled player. I believe he also is, but its always difficult. And also Selbst has to know how to control from everyone's expectation of seeing what will happen to the 2010's champion!
 Macubaas13/04/2011 15:57:33 GMT
Selbst will start the final table today in second place with 2,249,000 in chips. Chip leader heading into the final table is instead Tyler Kenney with over 3 million in chips.

In addition to Selbst, Joe Tehan is also looking to win his second NAPT title today. Tehan won last year the NAPT Los Angeles for $725,000.

NAPT Mohegan Sun main event final table

Seat 1: Joe Tehan (1,238,000)
Seat 2: Thomas Hoglund, Jr. (541,000)
Seat 3: Dan Shak (1,571,000)
Seat 4: Vincent Rubianes (1,711,000)
Seat 5: Steve O'Dwyer (1,032,000)
Seat 6: Tyler Kenney (3,021,000)
Seat 7: Aaron Overton (373,000)
Seat 8: Vanessa Selbst (2,249,000)

NAPT Mohegan Sun prizes and payouts

1. $450,000 .
2. $254,000
3. $170,000
4. $120,000
5. $90,000
6. $70,000
7. $50,000
8. $32,330
 Hajinnho13/04/2011 20:13:57 GMT
still dont think she does it. i mean of course good job so far. but that would be legen ... wait for it... dary! Big Smile Blink
 GIOMi614/04/2011 00:05:55 GMT
I am voting for Vanessa winning this tournament for sure, the woman pro taking the tittle for the second time.

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