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Mircrogaming announces a €750,000 guarantee tournament

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Posted on 22 April 2011 by "T".

On Sunday Microgaming (poker network) throws a tournament with a €750,000 guaranteed prize pool (buy-in €300+€20). It's the old €500,000 tournament that has gotten its prize pool boosted with €250,000 or 50% extra. That Microgaming with such a short notice add so much money to a single tournament doesn't come as a surprise. Just like many other poker sites/networks, Microgaming are now taking up the fight for the tournament players since Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars were forced to reduce the guarantees in their biggest Sunday tournaments.

This might be a golden opportunity for Microgaming, a network that had its peak a few year's ago, to get back tournament players that usually wouldn't even consider playing anywhere else than at the world's 2 largest poker sites. However, many analysis suggest that Full Tilt and PokerStars players are quite loyal, so it will be interesting to whether or not Microgaming can keep the players in the long run.

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6 comments on "Mircrogaming announces a €750,000 guarantee tournament"

 SuperNoob22/04/2011 14:41:01 GMT
dont see many non - US players leaving fulltilt and pokerstars to play at micro network cos even though these sites lost a big chunk of players they still hav way more traffic than these smaller networks.
though if they keep offering gud games situation might change in few years
 Macubaas22/04/2011 17:58:54 GMT
It's a interesting proposal, the prize pool is pretty good actually. As the article states i observed that the full tilt poker and pokerstars players are very loyal indeed, after the black friday when both sites suffered a average 40% loss of traffic in the next days, that traffic was still there so the players that could play on the sites(from europe, etc.) continued to play on pokerstars and full tilt poker. Now i really hope they'll keep some promotions still up, i personally think a cancel of their promotions would be a huge marketing mistake for them and that could cost them further traffic loss. It's obvious that other sites boost their promotions in order to get more traffic now.
 GIOMi622/04/2011 23:39:46 GMT
Well now is the opportunity for other poker networks to attract a lot of players to their site by increasing the the prize pools.
 JazzyJeff22/04/2011 23:40:04 GMT

Nope. i don't see the tournement players turning to the microgamingnetwork,
maybe for a short while but defenitly not in the long run. I stay loyal to
ft and stars and i play mostly there, but offcourse i will take advantage
of other sites if they offer nice promotions or big tourney's like these Cool
 chinasyndrom24/04/2011 20:38:17 GMT
Sounds good, if i had the bankroll for a buy-in €300+€2, i would give a go, barely got a bankroll for a $10 MTT lol. Need to get playing and concentrate lol.
 LooseKiddie25/04/2011 08:32:43 GMT
Everyone is trying to catch some of FTP and PS players now Smile It's kinda funny, but, well... it's their biggest chance, I'd said there won't be another situation like this in many, many years. If small rooms and networks can go big, their time to do so is now.

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