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"tophy4life" takes home Full Tilt's $750k Guarantee

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Posted on 26 May 2009 by "T".

Full Tilt's $750,000 guarantee tournament attracted a huge starting field this time. Not less than 3,646 players signed up and took on the fight for the first prize of $132,757.

These 9 players survived the huge starting field and made it to the final table:
Chad Eveslage - 2,905,825
badboypony - 1,958,753
tophy4life - 1,756,084
hatrixX2 - 1,250,528
Tyler "IFold2Chex" Phillips - 973,695
cmdnst - 852,248
rustoopid - 553,414
Kauai Cass - 372,881
Thakki - 314,572

First to leave the tournament on the level 20,000/40,000, ante 5000, was the short stacked player "Thakki" who went all-in with A9 versus tophy4life's JJ. "tophy4life" flopped quads and the tournament was over for "Thakki". The very next hand the player "Kauai Cass" had to leave the tournament as well when he got his money in and got called by 2 other players with better hands.

With 7 players left on level 25,000/50,000, ante 6,000, it was time for another elimination. Chad Eveslage betted 123,456 from under the gun, rustoopid then pushed all-in with 5Spade5Club, chad then called with AClubQClub. Board ran out JDiamond4Club7ClubASpadeKSpade and "rustoopid" was sent out of the tournament. 

Next elimination came when Tyler "IFold2Chex" Phillip went all-in with KClub8Spade versus "tophy4life"'s QDiamond10Heart on the flop 9Club10Club3Club. No king or club came on turn or river and Tyler "IFold2Chex" Phillip had to leave the tournament on 6th place. The very next hand it was time for another player to leave the tournament. This time it was "cmdnst" turn to leave the tournament. His all-in before the flop with A10 was called by "badboypony"'s JJ. The board was no help for "cmdnst" who had to leave the tournament on 5th place. Only a few hands later it was once again time for another elimination. This time it was the short stack "hatrixX2" who had to leave the tournament after going all-in with QK versus Chad Eveslage's A7 that hit his pair of aces on turn.

Only 3 remaining players (level 40,000/80,000, ante 10,000)

"tophy4life" raised to 310,000 on the button and Chad Eveslage re-raised to 960,000 on the big blind, "tophy4life" called.

Flop comes: 4Spade7HeartJClub - Chad went all-in with his remaining chips (1,163,980) and "tophy4life" called straight away.

Turn & River: 8Spade3Diamond - Chad shows KDiamondQDiamond, no pair. "tophy4life" shows QHeartJHeart for a pair of jacks.

Chad Eveslage is now out of the tournament and the two remaining players to play heads-up poker are "tophy4life" and "badboypony". "tophy4life" had a 4-1 chip lead and he was soon about to take home the tournament.

"badboypony" raised to 160,000 pre-flop and "tophy4life" calls straight away.

FLOP: 4HeartADiamond7Diamond - "tophy4life" check-called "badboypony"'s bet of 160,000.

TURN: 5Diamond - "tophy4life" check-calls once again when "badboypony" says 320,000.

RIVER: 10Diamond - tophy4life" checks on the river again and "badboypony" throws 480,000 in to the pot. "tophy4life" goes all-in with his huge stack and "badboypony" has no other choice than to call with his few remaining chips.

"tophy4life" shows KDiamond2Diamond for a turned nut flush and he takes home the tournament and the first prize of $132,787.50.

Final table outcome:
1st - tophy4life - $132,787.50
2nd - badboypony - $80,250
3rd - Chad Eveslage - $52,500
4th - hatrixX2 - $41,400
5th - cmdnst - $31,050
6th - Tyler "IFold2Chex" Phillips - $23,025
7th - rustoopid - $17,250
8th - Kauai Cass - $13,500
9th - Thakki - $10,500




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5 comments on ""tophy4life" takes home Full Tilt''s $750k Guarantee"

 SuperNoob26/05/2009 21:21:20 GMT
congratulations to all the winners, good game to watch, was pretty tight
 Jodoli26/05/2009 22:21:38 GMT
Another great room, another great tourney! After pokerstars, fulltilt is the biggest poker room in the world. After Sunday Million this is the great tourney of the online poker! Congratulations to the winners. I hope one day i can make a final table of this tourney!! Smile
 Gottfriedx26/05/2009 22:37:41 GMT
Didn't see, but congratulations anywho
 Fakiry27/05/2009 16:37:49 GMT
Congratulations tophy4life. I think the best move was when he called the Chad Eveslage's all in (3rd of the tournament). He was way ahead in the chip count, and he could put the victory at risk if he looses that hand, but he hd to do it. He trusted everything in his top pair at the flop (JJ) with kicker Q; statistics give him 82% chances of winning this hand. He's got to be a very good player!
 Presto27/05/2009 19:40:51 GMT
jeeh very nice call on that qj .... some people would do something else

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