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PokerStars starts paying back US players

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Posted on 28 April 2011 by "A".

Good news for US players having funds "frozen" with PokerStars at the moment. PokerStars just issued the following press release yesterday:

"In agreement with the U.S. Department of Justice, PokerStars has made arrangements with a US bank and today began the process of returning player funds to former customers in the US.

The funds to cover these withdrawal requests are readily available.
All player deposits for players outside the U.S. are also completely safe and secure. PokerStars has always held all such funds in accounts that are segregated from company assets, in compliance with the strict licensing laws of the Isle of Man.

The company continues to operate outside the U.S. under the domain name and retains its position as the world's number one poker site. "

So it seems that US players can now rest assured that they will get their funds back eventually!

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9 comments on "PokerStars starts paying back US players"

 Fakiry28/04/2011 13:56:58 GMT
Forbiding the payments to US players, as to others from around the world, could only be applyed if it happens something as big as the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers, and, as far as i know, US authorities arent thinking about canceling the business continuity of Pokerstars.
 cuonthefelt28/04/2011 14:24:32 GMT
Glad im not a US citizen! Smile

 jessthehuman28/04/2011 14:27:14 GMT
had to have a laugh at this:

" in compliance with the strict licensing laws of the Isle of Man"

If ever it bites you in the ass being located in some "non-event" country its when you have to form a sentence like that.

Anyway, to continue - out of curiosity I looked up the Isle of Man in wikipedia.. Apparently whilst the island is not technically part of the UK - Queen Elizabeth II is in fact its head of state. As such, she holds the title "Lord of Mann" now thats funny !
 Niklas9128/04/2011 19:49:03 GMT
That last part made me laugh! xD But nevertheless, this is quite some good news for some of the members of US Smile
 SuperNoob28/04/2011 21:05:58 GMT
poker sites are smart, licensed in obscure parts of world. many people will have to google to find where they are lol. Regarding funds it was only a matter of time they wud be asked to pay them to US players
 Greenmohave29/04/2011 01:41:47 GMT
I know this is good for PS players/ U.S. account holders, but has there been any updates pertaining to FullTilt. Also, are U.S. citizens going to be allowed to play real money games at PS or FT again? I know there would probably already be info on this if any was available, but I had to ask the question hoping for some positive feedback. Good Luck to Everyone who can enjoy playing real monery games and hopefully the U.S. citizens can be a part of this soon.
 GIOMi629/04/2011 01:51:20 GMT
Well I am glad that all players can receive their money, so they can deposit their money on US friendly pokersites.
 Macubaas29/04/2011 05:43:04 GMT
Thats definately good news for all U.S. players that had an account and real money on Pokerstars. After the Black Friday i saw an interview saying that the US bank accounts of Pokerstars and Full Tilt Poker that the US governament blocked were used for internal payments and also short term players payments. In other words Pokerstars transfered money to US bank accounts from their UK accounts for US players withdrawals for short terms( a week or so). So the vast majority of all US players are in bank accounts outside US.
I'm sure after couple of months(end of summer) US players will be able again to play real money games on Full Tilt Poker and Pokerstars.

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