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Daniel Negreanu comments on Black Friday

Tags: 2011 wsop, black friday, daniel negreanu.
Posted on 29 April 2011 by "T".

In Daniel Negreanu's latest blog one can read what he has to say about Black Friday and how it has affect live games in Vegas, how it will affect the 2011 WSOP, and how families depending on online poker will suffer financially. Below you'll find the most interesting parts from Daniel's latest blog about Black Friday.

The Main Event will see a massive drop in players
"While the US has obviously taken a hit in terms of poker, the game is thriving internationally and I expect to see a decent sized field in Madrid. Possibly down from last year, but I don't think the numbers abroad will decrease too much at all. In the US, I definitely think the numbers for events will shrink. The WSOP, for example, will see a massive decline in the number of entrants both in the daily events, and especially the main event. The number of players for the main event will likely revert back to 2004 type numbers in the 3000 range."

Hard to find big live games in Vegas
I don't mind playing any games, as far as I'm concerned you can make it a 16 game mix and that won't bother me at all. The problem with this game is two fold 1) Not enough big bet games (PLO, NLH, PLO8) 2) Split pot triple draw games like Badeucy and Badacey are so slow that you'd barely get 15 hands an hour in during those rounds. It's worse than that. Since the game plays 6 handed, two players sit out. With 8 hands of Badeucy and 8 hands of Badacey, you've just burned up an entire hour of play and were dealt... 12 hands. Blah, that's not all that attractive to any new blood looking for action.

I'm still hoping we'll see some bigger games with a wider variety of big bet games, but there doesn't seem to be anything happening anytime soon which is disappointing. I tried to get a game together with Sammy Farha, Sam Stein, and BenB the other night, but it played super small. $50-$100 NLH/PLO. I genuinely thought there would be more action this week, but maybe I'm just being impatient. I just really want to play poker, but I don't want to play 12 hands an hour either.


"my heart goes out to all the families that this will effect.."
Not a lot of great news in the poker world of late, and my heart goes out to all the families that this will effect, both from the media side, as well as the professional poker playing grinders who are supporting a family. This can't be easy to deal with.

As bad as things are now, I am hopeful for the future. For those of you struggling to figure out "What now?" it's time to dig deep and "be like water." Adjust, survive, and thrive. The game of poker is loved by so many people across the world and that's never going to change.


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15 comments for "Daniel Negreanu comments on Black Friday"

 mazas29/04/2011 11:25:12 GMT
the owners do some money stolings but not the pro players they ll alll know that it will be good in future and owners will pay for the us goverment big sums off money and they will easy deal and all usa players can come back to play very soon
maybe only pros will have some less privilieges D:
good luck all and fink all poker players must stop speek about it becouse nobody read about it now all peoples was tired from this sh .....
 GIOMi630/04/2011 03:34:22 GMT
It is true many people love to play poker either for fun or money, it is a exciting game to play, especially among friends and family. Online poker will be regulated in the future.
 SuperNoob30/04/2011 05:14:28 GMT
" Adjust, survive and thrive "
he cudna have said it better, its tough time for US people. those depending on poker for living should explore other options and sites and hope for the best. who knows what will happen in future
 Macubaas30/04/2011 05:50:21 GMT
Those are all really good points from Daniel Negreanu. I'm glad everyine realizes that not the top pro , like Daniel Negreanu for example aren't the most affected US players after the black friday, but the usual grinders that played and won couple of tousands per month and support their families. Now they no longer have income and whats worse so far they couldn't withdraw their bankroll. I really hope they'll find a solution to live till this situation will be over. As for live play i'm sure Daniel will do just right, in my opinion he is one of the best live poker players out there, and i'm sure he can make profit on Vegas casinos. Not sure what are the limits in Vegas casions but i think you can find some high stakes games there too at Bellagio or Aria's Ivey room. I also agree that WSOP will take a major it this year as the number of player will be alot lower than it used to be in the past and i think WSOPE will grow even faster in popularity and number of players registered.
 scottnone30/04/2011 07:15:30 GMT

Are you f...ing serious. What about all the famlies that dont have food on the tables or cant pay the bills because dad or mum, lost all there money playing online poker,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Get a grip Daniel.
 Davoodoo30/04/2011 10:11:20 GMT
I have to agree with scottnone ... i still belive poker and gambling have destroyed more lives then it have made better lives, this could actually be a good thing for a lot of people.

But you cant close the liquor store just because there are drunks driving cars ...
 initiator30/04/2011 17:02:54 GMT
absolutly agree. There are so many things out there that can become addictive but then those people should seek help. We are , or should be responsible Adults, responsible for our own actions - dont put the blame on poker if you are so dumb or addicted to play all your money.
 scottnone30/04/2011 21:05:21 GMT

I agree that anyone,anywhere has a right to gamble ( or drink,or smoke pot) etc and that its totally up to the individual. Goverments shoud not interfere. I just have a problem with his statement. I am sure there are 100+ million people out there that would like to sit on there fat arse and make a living doing f..k all but gambling. To quote some infamous person " GET A HAIR CUT AND GET A REAL JOB ".
 Rusty0930/04/2011 21:06:51 GMT
Its like the ARms ruling. Guns dont kill people,, bullets do... But they outlawed guns... but still make bullets.. No bullets no mass killings... NO money for poker no loss to families.... But what about the sensible people who are intelligent adults,,, we cop the flak for those that cant control themselves....
 LooseKiddie01/05/2011 10:51:34 GMT
@scottnone - Well, if you're talking about live destroyed by poker you're wrong. Stupidity destroyed lives of those who were addiceted and lost all money, not poker. If you'll do something wisely id won't hurt you. If you're stupid or addicted you'll hurt yourself and perhaps others, like your friends or family. Everyone has a brain and everyone should use his brain, but it's not poker's fault that many people don't know what brain is, so cut this crap and stop talking about poker destroying lives...
 LooseKiddie01/05/2011 13:10:04 GMT
@SharkSilent are you really such an idiot that you have to copy posts of other useres?... I think somebody should do something about this...
 scottnone03/05/2011 20:26:22 GMT

Gambling is a disease Dickhead. It has very little to do using your brain for some people, It can become a chronic illness. I have worked with slots and poker machines a majority of my life, and believe me I have seen it......... So Loosekiddie,you are probally one of them, You should change your name to LOST MY KIDDIES gambling. And as for the crap, you should go and have a long hard sit on the toliet, wipe your f___en arse and throw your crap out the f___en windows because even trhe sewers wouldnt accept it:
 Greenmohave04/05/2011 02:26:00 GMT
Well, back to Daniel's comments! I hope for the best for people who made a living playing on-line poker. And, the people such as myself that enjoy being able to play poker at various levels with people from all over the world, it's time for the U.S. to establish on-line poker with the policies in which they expect us to abide by.

I enjoy on-line poker and feel as a tax paying citizen I should have the right to play real money games as I choose. Is it that the U.S. Government just wants U.S. citizens to pay taxes on their winnings or what exactly are their expectations? Does the U.S. government just want their share of the $$ and is there any chance that U.S. citizens will be allowed to play in the future? It's been a month now and I would just like to know what the U.S. wants to allow us to play real money games on-line. It's BS that we can't even play a freeroll that would possibly allow an individual to win $18.00. There's far worse things they could focus on.

I guess I have yet to see any type of information that defines what needs to be done to get the issues addressed and allow us to play. I know I'm repeating myself, but I just become more frustrated with this issue on a daily basis and it's at a standstill. I still can't even transfer any of my $$ at FT so what's up? Is the problem so big that it can't be addressed in a timely fashion so we (U.S. citizens) know wht's going to happen or what's going on with the scenairio. Why don't some investors establish a site in the U.S. and abide by policies the U.S. government wants or expects or is it the U.S. doesn't allow it period?
 LooseKiddie04/05/2011 07:45:20 GMT
@scottnone - lol, and that's this little 52-carded deck fault, that people are addicted? Stop making idiot out of yourself, unless you actually are one...

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