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Worst Bad Beat in WSOP history?

Tags: bad beats, Justin Phillips, Mabuchi, setups, WSOP Main Event.
Posted on 11 May 2011 by "T".

Do you consider yourself being the world's unluckiest poker player? Well, there's a difference between bad beats and bad beats in poker. Check out the video below from the 2008 WSOP Main Event ($10,000 buy-in) in which the hobby player Mabuchi flops trips aces against the pro Justin Phillips. On turn Mabuchi hits the last ace in the deck and gets 4 of a kind. However, what looks like an amazing hand is just a setup and probably the worst bad beats in WSOP history...

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25 comments on "Worst Bad Beat in WSOP history?"

 FaceMyNutz11/05/2011 09:42:44 GMT
not a bad beat, he was behind all the time. Just a BIG FUKKING COOLER Tongue

ok except on the flop Big Smile
 dawka242511/05/2011 09:50:13 GMT
the moment when Phillips is showing his love to a dealer is missing that video Smile)
 timborep11/05/2011 09:59:20 GMT
If only hellmuth was there I think he would have fliped the table even if he wasn't in the hand. I know I would have fliped the table lol.
 MIGO1411/05/2011 10:07:55 GMT
Lol, I guess this really can be called a bad beat.
Don´t know what I would have done, but I guess maybe I would have get a heardache on this one.
 FaceMyNutz11/05/2011 10:12:35 GMT
lol @ timborep
 Fakiry11/05/2011 10:43:53 GMT
Looking at the table, anyone with AA in the hand could predict that possibility, although no one would quit quad Aces. What a way to leave from such huge event. And he didnt even received bat beat jackpot because there's no such thing on real tables Tongue

Looking at the table, anyone with AA in the hand could predict that possibility, although no one would quit quad Aces. What a way to leave from such huge event. And he didnt even received bat beat jackpot because there's no such thing on real tables Tongue
 xxxYUMIxxx11/05/2011 10:53:58 GMT
old news but yeah, I wished it was Hellmuth who had quads instead....would have been so interesting!
 watoba11/05/2011 10:56:42 GMT
thats fuckin hard my hardest hand i´ve lost was 6666 vs TTTT my 4th 6 on turn and the 4th T on river thats was so crasy a few places before i in the money
 dozn0111/05/2011 11:29:57 GMT
lmao........ the poker news must be really drying up for you to put this up,
ive already done this topic for bad beats donkey years ago................
with this video as the one of the worst badbeats in wsop histroy,
i think you need a new guy for the news here,
and i know just the person,
and no its not me il just find his username here for you .

here it is................Reiiz

he has very good knowledge and info on the poker world,
all very intresting news many ppl like what he has to posts Smile

all that he wants for taking over the job of posting the news here at BRM is 700 mob points,
and 300 points to me his agent Big Smile
get back to me ASAP over his matter,
regards dozn01
 mahdrof11/05/2011 14:11:21 GMT
I know this video has been around for a while, but it is always worth looking at again. Wow, I think I would be sick to my stomach for a week! Just goes to show that even live poker is rigged. Blink
 paulparadiis11/05/2011 14:26:58 GMT
No offence, but how old is that news - years!
 Davoodoo11/05/2011 14:35:50 GMT

Poker is dead it seems ... all we can do now is watch old clips and remember the good times Tongue
 cuonthefelt11/05/2011 14:50:42 GMT
lol I like at the end of the clip you can hear the commentator say "if this would have happend to Phil Hellmuth..." wow... I could just imagine what that cry baby would do... probably try to flip the table over lol!
 Cliffem11/05/2011 16:25:24 GMT
uber sick
 Macubaas11/05/2011 16:32:03 GMT
Old news indeed since this happend back in 2008 but this got the be one of the worst bad beats in the poker world, not only that just happend on tape.
Anyway this is the end of the video, i would like to see the first part of the video in order to see how that amatuer played the hand, because considering that flop i think a really aggressive play would have folded the other player with K-J suited. Even so i really think that was a pure bad beat the chance to hit a royal flush against quads it's waayy to slim,, if i were instead of that guy that had aaaa i thought the other player had a full house of some sort.
Nice hand Smile
 vukas11/05/2011 21:18:38 GMT
Wow. Unbelievable.
 SuperNoob12/05/2011 05:50:07 GMT
sick badbeat for habuchi, he must be really pissed after losing that hand but its poker things like this happen. just shows these hands happen in live play too.
 waster112/05/2011 13:12:41 GMT
This is not a bad beat. And it is also not the worst bad beat. AA was only on the flop the best hand.

The final Ace came on the river and not on the turn. Justin Phillips got his straight on the turn and his Royal Flush on the river.

The worst bad beat in WSOP history was:

WSOP 2010 - Matt Afflecks' AA vs. JJ
 Unpr3dictabl12/05/2011 15:15:46 GMT
to waster1 is a badbeat and matt afflecks AA VS duhamel JJ IS NOT A BAD BEAT ..............that happens all the time..........
 fcumred13/05/2011 01:06:00 GMT
You want the ultimate bad beat.. look at this

The worst bad beat I think I've ever seen.
 THE_KIWI_KID13/05/2011 05:36:49 GMT
That's the thing about holdem, any bad beat is possible, it sucksbut is always possible. Smile Aww crap!
 Flagnoli13/05/2011 11:10:12 GMT
I wouldnt call it a bad beat either. On the flop he has 16% chance. A HUGE cooler though.
 scaramoes16/05/2011 09:52:38 GMT
iff seen this video before, but its nice to see it again,but get he money for this bad beat?
 molcos30/05/2011 20:44:37 GMT
I dont know i rememeber a WPT where a nguyen had pockt 7s against trip kings on the flop all the money goes in and it comes runner runner 7s thats the worst one ive seen

im sorry it was on the flop it was preflop all its at 4: of this

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