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2022 WSOP Main Event attracts Second-Biggest Field Ever

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Posted on 12 July 2022 by "T".

The numbers are in for the 2022 WSOP $10,000 buy-in NLHE Main Event.

Day 2D was the official closing of registration, which saw a grand total of 8,663 entries - the second-biggest field in the history of this tournament. It was the 2006 WSOP Main Event that drew the biggest players to date, with 8,773 entries, just 110 more than this year's , but still not quite record-breaking, turnout.

Thanks to the huge field, the resulting prize pool went up to $80,782,475, to be paid out among the top 1,300 finishers. The min-cash will be worth $15,000, while the eventual champion is set to walk away with $10,000,000, along with the championship bracelet.

This will be the fourth time that a WSOP Main Event champion has earned an eight-figure payday, with this year's winner set to enter a three-way tie with 2019 champion Hossein Ensan and 2014 victor Martin Jacobson for the second-largest payout earned in this prestigious event. Jamie Gold remains the gold standard in this scene, having won $12,000,000 as the champion back in 2006.

Here's a list of 10 Biggest WSOP Main Events ever held:



Prize Pool


Top Prize




Jamie Gold










Hossein Ensan





John Cynn





Jonathan Duhamel





Scott Blumstein





Pius Heinz





Peter Eastgate





Qui Nguyen





Martin Jacobson


Vice President of the World Series of Poker Jack Effel announced the final numbers on day 2D.

The 2022 WSOP Main Event features four starting flights.
Players can also take advantage of late registration through the first two levels of the two day 2's offered.

Day 1A saw 896 entries. Day 1B, which took place on July 4, had the smallest turnout with just 878 players. Day 1C attracted 1,860 entries, but day 1D was by far the largest with 4,370 entries.

Day 2ABC added another 148 late registrants, while a whopping 511 showed up on day 2D.

The top 80 finishers shall earn six-figure scores in this event, with the top eight all securing seven figures or more. The final five will all be multi-millionaires, thanks to their deep runs in this tournament.

Below is a look at the payouts for the 2022 WSOP Main Event:


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15 comments on "2022 WSOP Main Event attracts Second-Biggest Field Ever"

 dule-vu12/07/2022 06:39:25 GMT
wow,almost new record in number of players on main event,just 110 more then biggest!ofcourse another great prize pool and for the first place 10 million dollars!when we know what is situation in ther world about everything,its big number of players and probably players just need fun and to play game that they like!hope to see great news from main event!
 geseco1214/07/2022 04:26:06 GMT
more than 8,000 players with an accumulated prize pool of $80,782,475 dollars, a tremendous madness, the winner will win almost 10 million dollars, incredible dream will be to play it, to participate in this event is wonderful.
 dule-vu14/07/2022 04:45:57 GMT
Its great that wsop main event is like it was and that big number of players is back again!it will be great tournament!
 geseco1218/07/2022 22:04:27 GMT
it was a great tournament, there was a great level in the players, tremendous prizes at the final table, every player dreams someday to play the wsop and win a bracelet, keep working to get it.
 dule-vu18/07/2022 22:04:31 GMT
Everything is finished,we have winner,but there is no news here on brm!
 geseco1219/07/2022 23:52:54 GMT
soon this news will come out, but nothing happens if it does not come out, it was a great tournament, the prize pool was crazy, the first one took more than 10 million dollars, I love these tournaments.
 CALICUL19/07/2022 23:57:25 GMT
The WSOP is the coolest and it's normal for players to sign up for tournaments there. May. The event is a favorite, but there are many other tournaments where you win very good money. Anyway, only quality players play here and that's why there are strong tournaments
 geseco1221/07/2022 02:02:20 GMT
the wsop is a great event where big poker tournaments are held, the prize pool is always exceeded, and the first places always win millions of dollars, even though they are discounted by the taxes they have to pay, the winnings are still juicy.
 dule-vu21/07/2022 04:41:53 GMT
Every poker player want to be part of such a big event,no matter on what place he will finish!
 geseco1222/07/2022 04:05:00 GMT
are very nice events, where many players from all over the world gather to participate and enjoy this, I hope you have the opportunity to do so, is to live an incredible experience while playing your favorite sport.
 dule-vu22/07/2022 04:45:35 GMT
Every regular poker player want to be part of such a big tournament!
 antonis32129/07/2022 21:48:54 GMT
I guess a good sponsor always helps the prize pool to go higher , a good boost . Now I see it's GG poker the main event main sponsor , on the past it used to be 888poker . 10 million dollars , 1/8 of the total money to the winner , 1/8 of money goes to 1/8.700 of players lol
 CALICUL29/07/2022 21:55:32 GMT
The WSOP is something good and well organized, that's why the players' buy-ins cover the amounts of money from the tournaments. There is a lot of professionalism here and I don't know if they come out at a loss in the total tournaments. I don't think there is a need for sponsors if the amounts are covered by registrations
 geseco1205/08/2022 00:48:24 GMT
are very nice tournaments where many players come to play it and very large jackpots are mounted and that is why they reach millionaires prizes the first places, every poker player dreams someday to play these tournaments.
 CALICUL05/08/2022 00:53:17 GMT
there are several tournaments at the WSOP and many players end up there. You should know that some rebuys there are excellent, it is important to have travel and hotel money. People save money and go there to play, once a year or once every fews years

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