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Greenstein lives and breathes poker during the WSOP

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Posted on 24 June 2011 by "T".

Barry Greenstein is not only known for being an extremely good and successful poker player, but also for being one of the poker world's most generous players. In fact, Greenstein has received the nickname '"The Robin Hood of Poker" thanks to all the money he has donated to charity, mainly to charities for children, throughout the years. In total, he has won over $7 million dollars in tournaments and probably even more in cash games, so one can only imagine how much money he has donated.

So, what does a successful poker pro like Barry Greenstein do and think about when he's not busy winning money that he can donate? The answer is simple: he's thinking about poker. Below are parts taken from a brand new Barry Greenstein interview with one of Sweden's leading newspapers.

What does money mean to you?
"I don't care so much for money and titles. If I know that I have played good that's enough to make myself happy," Barry Greenstein says.

Do you have any other interest than poker?
Of course I have, but not right now. During the WSOP it's all about poker. Poker and sleeping. Nothing else. That's my way of staying focused.

What do you think about the Main Event?
I don't think that far at the moment. I only focus on the next 2 hours. Right now I'm playing in a tournament, so that's what I'm focusing on.


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5 comments on "Greenstein lives and breathes poker during the WSOP"

 SuperNoob25/06/2011 13:55:54 GMT
not much you can do beside sleeping when you have to spend whole day concentrating on poker table.
hes good player hope he gets a good result this wsop.
 dozn0125/06/2011 14:43:14 GMT
so what drives barry on in poker??
if money and titles dont mean nothing to him???
 callie2826/06/2011 17:04:12 GMT
a good player with a good heart(not many like him around)
 mahdrof26/06/2011 18:37:01 GMT
I would guess that the competitive spirit is what keeps him coming back, dozn. To play at such a high level for so many years you have to have a strong drive to be the best, and Barry certainly is one of the best. My favourite player.
 $k27/06/2011 05:50:33 GMT
long interview hope it did not drain him too much
But to be honest he is a champ

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