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2011 WSOP Main Event: 22 players through to Day 8!

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Posted on 19 July 2011 by "T".

After a very long, intensive and exciting day of play we're now down to only 22 players. These 22 players will now get some well-needed rest before they have to return to Rio's poker room and play Day 8 of the Main Event. All the remaining players are guaranteed at least $302,0000 each. 

Just like in the past 7 days, a new player will return with the largest stack to Day 8, Anton Makievskyi. Makievskyi played fantastic poker during Day 7 and managed to accumulate a stack of over 21 million chips. His closest opponent, Eoghan O'Dea, has 19 million chips. Even though these 2 players have a nice lead over the rest of the field it's very hard to say what will happen during Day 8. One thing is for sure though - 9 players will make it to the final table in November - 8 of them will become dollar millionaires.


Day 8 table and seat draw:

ESPN Feature Table
Seat Player Chips
1 Gionni Demers 4,655,000
2 Christopher Moore 3,040,000
3 Khoa Nguyen 16,435,000
4 Konstantinos Mamaliadis 8,195,000
5 Kenny Shih 4,530,000
6 Samuel Holden 4,740,000
7 Lars Bonding 4,140,000
8 --empty-- --
9 Anton Makievskyi 21,045,000

Secondary Feature Table
Seat Player Chips
1 Matt Giannetti 8,920,000
2 Aleksandr Mozhnyakov 7,075,000
3 Scott Schwalich 6,920,000
4 Pius Heinz 7,510,000
5 Phil Collins 13,805,000
6 --empty-- --
7 Bounahra Badih 3,385,000
8 --empty-- --
9 Sam Barnhart 4,935,000

Table Seat Player Chips
334 1 Martin Staszko 6,380,000
334 2 John Hewitt 13,265,000
334 3 --empty-- --
334 4 --empty-- --
334 5 Ben Lamb 14,690,000
334 6 Ryan Lenaghan 10,415,000
334 7 Andrey Pateychuk 16,245,000
334 8 Eoghan O'Dea 19,050,000
334 9 Bryan Devonshire 6,190,000



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4 comments on "2011 WSOP Main Event: 22 players through to Day 8!"

 Fakiry19/07/2011 20:28:39 GMT
Looks like Phil Colins is giving all of his talent this game. Is music talent can be a good way of distraction for his oponents but, hey, each one fights with the arms he has, so, if thats a goodwill, let him use it. "Hey, isn't this the song writer and singer? I think i know some of his musics", and he says "i bet you know that: bye, bye, miss american pie.." and the other says "is that yours???". Phil answers "no, but you are saying bye,bye, i just put you out of this game!" Big Smile
 SuperNoob20/07/2011 11:44:37 GMT
each day there's a new chipleader lol
anyway both ben lamb and phil collins have made to the final table with 20 mil+ chips at 5th and 4th spot respectively.
 edyholdem20/07/2011 16:58:13 GMT
He's not the Phil Colins the singer. He’s actually Philip David Michael Collins.”
As well as his famous name, Phil Collins has also been asserting himself on the poker world since taking up the game around six years ago.
At the time Phil Collins was studying business at the University of South Carolina. He was also studying poker books and becoming more adept at poker, while playing $5 and $10 cash games with friends
 dusicahetzel23/07/2011 22:40:07 GMT
Go Andrey Pateychuk Go Smile)))))))))

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