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The Poker Player's Championship: 13 players left

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Posted on 06 July 2011 by "T".

Day 4 of Event #55: The Poker Player's Championship is being played at the moment. The tournament is on a 15-min break right now and there are only 13 players left. Chip leader is Brian Rast with 3,3 million chips, and in second place is Owais Ahmed with 2.2 million, closely followed by Minh Ly.

Ben Lamb, Phil Hellmuth and Jeffrey Lisandro (picture) are the biggest names left in the remaining field of players. We will return with an update as soon as the tournament is down to a final table. Stay tuned, folks!


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12 comments on "The Poker Player''s Championship: 13 players left"

 fcumred06/07/2011 10:38:44 GMT
Would be fantastic to see Hellmuth take this down. Alot of people have been saying he's finished and no longer one of the big names in the game, and now look, he's fighting with Ben Lamb for player of the year and come runner up in 2 events, neither of which are his natural game..

Love him or hate him, he's still the most succesful player of all time and far from finished...
 shokaku06/07/2011 10:46:18 GMT
11 players left. They want to play another level and try to go down to eight players. Either today or tomorrow will be a verrry long day at the tables.
 fcumred06/07/2011 11:40:31 GMT
Final table, with Hellmuth and Lamb both still in with a shout, though Lamb is now shorter of the stacks with only 930k left in.

Special mention has to go to George Lind who about 2 hours ago was down to 17k and absolutely crippled. He couldn't even complete the betting.

He managed a triple up to give him 68k and now he's on 1.5 million after a series of amazing suckouts and unreal hands. If he wins this, it will surpass Joe Cadas amaazing comeback in the 2009 WSOP main event.
 shokaku06/07/2011 12:46:19 GMT
Done for today. Nine players left, with Minh Ly as chip leader. More than double the stack of the guy at second place. Hellmuth still with a good chance.
 Fakiry06/07/2011 14:01:39 GMT
Great names in this almost final phase event. Lets see if Helmut will be able to take the lead, or if Brian Rast will make all the way till the end.
 shoveandtilt06/07/2011 14:17:16 GMT
Cmon Jeff!!! * does his Lisandro dance * Worship
 MANUEDO06/07/2011 16:16:09 GMT

Love him or hate him, he's still the most succesful player of all time and far from finished...

Totally agree with you Blink
 shokaku06/07/2011 16:23:04 GMT
Posted by shoveandtilt:
Cmon Jeff!!! * does his Lisandro dance * Worship

Lisandro is out!
 SuperNoob06/07/2011 18:15:47 GMT
with levels as slow as this, theres a lot of poker still to be played and anything can happen when such big players are on the final table. hope they finish the tournament tomorrow.
 Macubaas06/07/2011 18:22:31 GMT
I would really like to see Phil Hellmuth winning this wsop bracelet considering the fact that he has the most wsop bracelets in his collection, so it would be nice to have this one too considering wgat was the requirments to join this event, to be a wsop event winner Smile

Many judge him for his attitude at the poker table, and i think they are right to do it but you never must think that he is not a talented poker player, he is, but he is a tournament player, every timehe plays a cash session he busts pretty quick Big Smile

So it's great if he can stick to these tournament and winning more world series of poker bracelets Blink Smile
 fcumred06/07/2011 23:15:17 GMT
George Lind is unreal. Last night he was down to 17k and absolutely crippled. He's now in 3rd place on 2.8 million and looking a very very good bet.

If he wins this it would be a comeback of such huge proportions I don't think you'll ever see one like it again...

Utterly amazing

Hellmuth now Chipleader....


Down to the final 5 and Hellmuth pulling away a bit..

He's looking good for that 12th bracelet
 shokaku07/07/2011 06:46:17 GMT
Down to three players now. Rast and Hellmuth with 80+ BB, Minh Ly in trouble with a bit over 20 BB at the moment.

Ly out in 3rd. Now heads up between Hellmuth and Brian Rast. Slight chip lead for Hellmuth, but both players are deep enough to play some poker.

Brian Rast took it down. Hellmuth did build up a huge chip lead, but all went downhill from there and it was over in a few hands.

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