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Daniel "jungleman12" Cates admits to cheating: "I lied"

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Posted on 17 August 2011 by "T".

Last week we could read about the "poker prodigy" José "Girah" Macedo, 18, and how he tricked people into playing poker against "the extremely bad player sauron1989", at the same time he "gave advice" to the players in question on Skype while he got to see their hands.

It didn't take long before people found out that is was in fact José Macedo who used the account and as a consequence of this Macedo lost his sponsorship deal. This was the second time Macedo was involved in a cheating scandal. However, first time he only let another player use his account in order to win a ranking competition.

"I am ashamed of what I have done. I told my mom about it and she's ashamed as well as it's not the way she has raised me" Macedo wrote on a forum after the latest scandal. But Macedo was not the only one involved in this scandal - big names such as Haseeb Qureshi and Daniel "jungleman12" Cates had also used the account!

Haseeb admitted early that he had been playing with one of Macedo's accounts, which also was confirmed by Daniel Cates in an interview a few days ago. In the same interview, Daniel Cates also admitted that he has been using the "Girah" account.

"I have played a few times. I lied about that before" Daniel Cates says in the interview.

Many players have fell victim for this cheating scandal. For example, Tyler Smith, an american poker pro, played against "Girah" when Daniel Cates used the account. According to Smith, Cates admitted this in an SMS conversation and offered him poker lessons as compensation. Smith lost around 40,000 USD to Cates during the sessions, so most probably he will continue fighting for a refund of the money he lost.


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15 comments on "Daniel "jungleman12" Cates admits to cheating: "I lied""

 B1gfoot17/08/2011 09:31:07 GMT
Poker seams to have gone so dark recently, two lines I love here, "I told my mom" LOL
And this, "offered him poker lessons as compensation" how is that for an insult, I do think he meant well, but just give him back the 40k.
 kinogomes17/08/2011 09:54:55 GMT
I have to laugh about all this situation. But first iam shamaed that some Portuguese stupid and inocent guy got eated by the sharks to do watever they wanted while he thought he was invencible.
Girah is a kid but some pros should think about the image they are passing to other players. Look like its easier to cheat than to make something good to improove the game.
BTW how can a cheater be a good player?? what he is going to teach?? I hope he is not going to teach what he knows to do better, "cheat".
 jbrooksie17/08/2011 10:50:03 GMT
I think that this has been mis-reported. In an extensive interview between Cates and Subject Poker, Cates said that he did not have access to Girah's accounts. Pasted from the interview transcript below. Cates has some questionable ethics but his response to this question is staighforward.

VS: Sorry. So did you see Haseeb playing, or did you just know that it happened because somebody told you, because Haseeb told you it happened?
DC: No, I basically witnessed it happen. Like, I just assumed it wouldn’t really matter. In my opinion, the way multiaccounting is unethical is if there’s some sort of information that leads the…It’s difficult to explain, but basically if there’s some sort of deception involved. Deception involved where, like, some read someone has on a player but if the player is not who they are, the read will be misused. Deception like that. But if that doesn’t really happen then multiaccounting, in theory, is harmless. If that makes sense.
NSD: So did you have access to Jose’s accounts?
DC: No.

Haha, jumped the gun a bit here. Just found this:

After this interview, Cates’s publicist contacted me to tell me that Cates had lied about Haseeb playing on Macedo’s account; it was actually him who played on the account. She said that he would like to do another interview to clarify.

His reputation has just taken a nosedive imo.
 mahdrof17/08/2011 12:27:00 GMT
Greedy morons.
 starbay17/08/2011 13:16:58 GMT
who the f**k does cates think he is,he cheats a guy out of 40k and then offers to teach him how to play poker,the boy's got some nerve,he should man up and just hand the money back!
 Funope17/08/2011 13:42:46 GMT
Very expensive lessons for 40k.
 Fakiry17/08/2011 16:06:28 GMT
I thought Daniel was ashamed of Girah being involved in this process, because he first said he was thinking of going to live with Girah to Portugal, and after the scandal he said he would not come anymore. After all, he was also invloved in this and seems that he knew of everything already. Isn't Daniel going to loose his sponsors?
 TheMachineQC17/08/2011 16:40:09 GMT
lol Funope, I tought the same thing... The guy who "cheated" you wants to give you lessons for the cash he took from you. I would rather try to take my revenge and teach him how to play HU, a guy has his ego Blink
 Macubaas17/08/2011 19:15:28 GMT
I always said i don't really like daniel's vision over online poker and poker in general, i mean he always said he consider poker just a way to get rich...

I never said that he is not an no limit holdem expert, especially heads up but i always didn't liked what he thinks about poker in general...

This latest news just make my first impression even stronger Thumbs Down
 Mober17/08/2011 19:27:37 GMT
You think that his vision is unique? lol
Do you know how many players out there playing poker just to get rich.
Isnt that the main purpose anyways?
 LooseKiddie18/08/2011 06:33:52 GMT
Can you imagine, that you screwed someone for 40k USD and then you just look him in the eyes and... teach him?! Damn sick oO
 SuperNoob18/08/2011 06:46:12 GMT
from what i see jungleman and haseeb created this fake prodigy so that they can play from macedo's account with players who wouldn't wanna play against their real acconts but will play against macedo.
in the process, macedo got greedy and screwed up the whole system with his amateur skype scam.
 TheMachineQC18/08/2011 18:34:22 GMT
What I don't understand about this is: Why does he admit he lied? He wants attention or what? Nobody gives a crap actually, so why not just stop talking about it and let José Macedo take all the blame? Weird situation...
 Reffotoh18/08/2011 21:55:16 GMT
if it was me. i would sue his ass for 10 times as much. Fraud is Fraud after all.

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