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2022 WSOP: Dan "Jungleman" Cates wins Event #56: $50,000 Poker Players Championship for $1,449,103 - He also won the same event last year!

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Posted on 05 July 2022 by "T".

Daniel Cates makes WSOP history - he has won back-to-back $50,000 Poker Players Championship events!

While wearing a "Macho Man" Randy Savage costume, Macho Man Dan hypothetically delivered the pro wrestling champ's finisher, the flying elbow, onto the felt and won just eight minutes after sunrise.

2022 WSOP Event #56: $50,000 Poker Players Championship

  • Buy-in: $50,000
  • Date: June 26 to 30, 2022
  • Entries: 112
  • Prize pool: $5,362,000

Dan Cates outlasted a player field of 112 to take home the prize money worth $1,449,103 along with his second bracelet.
Ahead of the penultimate day's play, Dan "Jungleman" Cates announced he'd "basically already won" the $50,000 Poker Players Championship. True to his word, he went on to defeat Brazilian Yuri Dzivielevski heads-up, securing his second WSOP bracelet along with the $1,449,103 top prize money.

Dzivielevski was in the quest for his third WSOP bracelet win in four years, and many opportunities arose during his marathon topsy-turvy heads-up battle in front of a raucous Brazilian rail. However, he fell just short and would have to settle for second-place.

Final Table Action
In front of a lively rail of Brazilians and Americans cheering for their favorite player, the final two braced themselves for an entertaining back and forth heads-up battle that produced many stand-out moments over a span of seven hours.

An early wheel for Dzivielevski in 2-7 Triple Draw along with catching Cates bluffing in No-Limit Hold'em saw him almost draw level in the chip counts, but Cates made a comeback after winning a series of Pot-Limit Omaha hands that had Dzivielevski scrambling to stay alive. In the last hand of the PLO round, the chips went in with Dzivielevski dodging straight, flush and even backdoor quad outs just to stay alive and prolong the battle.

Cates still held the momentum and, thanks to a straight flush in Limit Hold'em, he worked hard to again hold a 2:1 chip lead.

Dzivielevski is a two-time WSOP bracelet winner, and this was the Brazilian's sixth WSOP final table and fifth in two years since the WSOP returned from its coronavirus-induced hiatus. So when Cates opened up another lead, he didn't blink and worked steadily to close the gap once again.

Then it was Dzivielevski's turn to put his foot on the gas. It felt like he had Cates right where he wanted him and finally had the measure of his opponent. But that's where the Jungleman is most dangerous, and in a blink of an eye - aided by the steadily increasing blinds and limits - the tables had turned and it looked like Cates was inches away from victory.

The two traded pots almost as often as they traded the chip lead. A double for Cates was the first called all in for several hours after Dzivielevski had again had Cates inches away from the exit.

Then the limits simply became too much. Dzivielevski was short after a 2-7 Triple Draw hand, and despite several No-Limit Hold'em doubles to stay alive, Cates was finally able to claim the victory shortly before 6 a.m.

The final hand of the event was between Dan Cates and Yuri Dzivielevski.

This is Cates' 2nd WSOP gold bracelet in his poker career. This win moved Cates up to $11,853,966 in lifetime tournament earnings, according to The Hendon Mob.

He actually won his first gold bracelet on the same exact WSOP event last year after outlasting a field of 63, taking home the first-place prize worth $954,020.

2022 WSOP Event #56: $50,000 Poker Players Championship - Final Table Results



Prize (USD)


Dan Cates




Yuri Dzivielevski




Naoya Kihara




Benny Glaser

United Kingdom



Johannes Becker




Koray Aldemir





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17 comments on "2022 WSOP: Dan "Jungleman" Cates wins Event #56: $50,000 Poker Players Championship for $1,449,103 - He also won the same event last year!"

 dule-vu05/07/2022 05:59:51 GMT
to win two times in row same tournament at wsop,its just crazy and tournament with 112 players,50 K buy in!this is great win,but when you look at him,its just too much!this outfit is too much,like clown!
congratulations on this big win and we will see news from him on next wsop tournaments probably!
 geseco1206/07/2022 22:25:39 GMT
two tournaments won consecutively, crazy, this is a great player, I always see him playing tournaments and cash with high stakes, you learn a lot watching him play, a great reference of world poker.
 CALICUL06/07/2022 22:28:52 GMT
he is too good a player and deserves to win more prizes. He has proved this many times and won handsome sums. I think he will win bracelets at the WSOP or 1st prize at other tournaments.
 geseco1207/07/2022 23:28:08 GMT
is a great player, he is always playing very expensive tournaments and is doing very well, throughout his career he has won millions of dollars, it is seen that he is very disciplined and consistent in his game.
 CALICUL07/07/2022 23:31:41 GMT
I followed him a little and he has talent, not a joke. He can play seriously but also jokingly and still wins many games with professional players. Dan Cates deserves appreciation and to be congratulated for his bracelet.
 Calmplay08/07/2022 14:48:54 GMT
To do this back to back win in such event, you have to be a special player and to do that especially in the new poker world made it more insane. Congrats to Dan Cates which for me is now a living poker legend Worship
 CALICUL08/07/2022 16:02:21 GMT
yes, Dan Cates is a poker legend Smile
 antonis32110/07/2022 20:32:59 GMT
Congratulations to the jungleman , he proves again he is a great poker player , one of the best . One more bracelet , and a nice win of more that 1 M dollars , almost 30 buy ins , these very expensive tourneys are interesting to watch , many pros collide one against the other for a lot of money . I see players investing 50K or 100k on a game , real gamble and skill
 dule-vu10/07/2022 21:46:04 GMT
For him this is probably like 10 dollars for normal people!
 geseco1214/07/2022 04:29:03 GMT
That's right my friend, they are used to play big and expensive tournaments, throughout his career he has managed to accumulate millions of dollars where he has the privilege of playing high for many years.
 dule-vu14/07/2022 04:42:30 GMT
Their life is about gambling and poker and they enjoy in it!its crazy with what amounts they play!
 geseco1219/07/2022 23:57:39 GMT
is a great player, is well known in the poker community, has been playing for many years at the highest level and in major events like this, this player deserves a lot, an example to follow.
 CALICUL20/07/2022 00:01:18 GMT
I saw that this professional player has many fans, he is loved and respected, but he deserves all these things, because his talent is huge and he proves it in most games. He did a good games or tournaments many times.
 geseco1201/08/2022 19:01:48 GMT
He is a great player, I have always seen him play in expensive tournaments, that shows the quality that this player is, to stay for long years playing at those levels is great, we all want to reach that level someday.
 CALICUL01/08/2022 19:04:55 GMT
I saw that he is appreciated, but he deserves to have many fans because he is a truly formidable player. He has a huge talent that took him to the world of professional players who earn millions.
 geseco1202/08/2022 21:41:48 GMT
these players are very talented, they are also very disciplined, they are always in constant study and improvement of their game, every day that passes the level in poker increases and we must adapt to new strategies to make this game profitable, and of course there will always be recreational players.
 CALICUL02/08/2022 21:45:35 GMT
there are professional players who appreciate him very much and his elegance with which he plays, makes him a strong player. This man, like others, has poker in his blood and makes special games sometimes.

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