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Josť "Girah" Macedo to face legal action

Tags: cheating, fraud, jose girah macedo, sauron1989.
Posted on 19 August 2011 by "T".

José "Girah" Macedo, who used to be called the Portuguese poker prodigy, can't be having the time of his life at the moment. In June he was caught cheating in a leaderboard competition in which a sponsorship was up for grabs, and about 2 week ago he was caught cheating once again. This time, however, it was worse as he had tricked people into playing against "the extremely bad player sauron1989", his own account, at the same time as he "gave advice" to the players in question on Skype while he got to see their hands.

Even though he apologized and promised to pay back the players he had won against, the poker site he was signed with ended the deal. Now, about 2 weeks later, the poker site announces that they are going to take legal action against their ex-pro Jose Macedo. The site's manager, Eric Lynch, says that they can't give any further details due to the ongoing lawsuit, and he understand that many will jump to their own conclusions because of this.

"We are currently pursuing legal action against Jose so we are unable to make a substantial comment at this time. We do realize that ongoing silence can lead to people jumping to conclusions. What happened goes against the very core of our player based philosophy and we intend on exercising our legal rights in the most severe degree. We will keep you updated as things progress."


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5 comments on "Josť "Girah" Macedo to face legal action"

 B1gfoot19/08/2011 16:16:36 GMT
I was always under the impression that if no one took action then fraud squad would/should, that is what this is, he should absolutely be put in jail, it is no different than breaking in to your home to steal money, he stole money, or as I look at it obtained money by can he not do time?
 TheMachineQC19/08/2011 16:45:59 GMT
I agree with you B1gfoot, but since he has money he will probably just pay X amount to the people he tricked and/or the pokersite, I guess. That's how it works, money rules the world!! Blink If pokerstars didn't take action against him then nothing would've happened to him, pretty sad...

Anyways he definetly deserves to lose a lot more Dollar than he earned doing that!
 Macubaas19/08/2011 19:13:53 GMT
I think this will be the case in the end, he will pay the money to the ones that he tricked with that ghost account and everyone will be happy...

Still, it's pretty clear that his poker carrer comed to an end with this scandal, no one will trust to play him again in the future, online at least Thumbs Down

We'll see how this will end finally. This is such a good example how greed can destroy your rep and future.
 SuperNoob20/08/2011 09:51:06 GMT
This is more like it Thumbs Up
now they will have to reveal the whole truth behind the scam, no way jose gonna let himself become the scapegoat for JM and haseeb. all of them are equally involved in this .
 Funope20/08/2011 10:17:56 GMT
Let this be an example for everyone who tries to cheat.

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