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U.S. Poker Pro on Black Friday: "the amount I have trapped online is six figures"

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Posted on 30 August 2011 by "T".

Last week we wrote that Justin "ZeeJustin" Bonomo is about to leave the US for an island in the Mediterranean sea, Malta. Yesterday, Justin Bonomo commented on the move to Malta and how Black Friday has affected his life. For example: Bonomo said that he never considered a move before Black Friday and that he has a huge chunk of his bankroll stuck online.

A lot of paper work and accounting to sort out before the move..
"I have a lot of financial accounting to do. I have to figure out what to do with my furniture and my apartment (I think a couple of friends are going to live here with my stuff). Malta is actually going through immigration reform right now, so I have a pretty good idea of what was required, but that might all be changing as I sit here. There are a lot of documents I need to get in order. On Thursday, I'm going to the FBI to get my fingerprints taken to get the criminal background check that Malta requires. I've never been arrested or anything, so it should just be a formality. That's just one example of the many documents I'll need."

Never considered leaving US before Black Friday
"Before Black Friday, I never would have considered moving abroad. I have a girlfriend here whom I love very much, a great group of friends that live in Panorama Towers with me, and all of my family is here."

Six-figure amount trapped at Full Tilt Poker
"I don't want to give an exact number, but the amount I have trapped online is six figures. It's a very large chunk of my total bankroll. I think Black Friday showed how perfectly run a company PokerStars is. The other sites could learn a thing or two from them. They have consistently made the best decision while keeping their players happy for a decade."

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5 comments on "U.S. Poker Pro on Black Friday: "the amount I have trapped online is six figures""

 LooseKiddie30/08/2011 18:24:51 GMT
P* ftw Big Smile FTP really showed that they Fck The Players. I've had just like $70 there or so and I'm just starting with poker, but IMO if he is poker pro he shouldn't keep that much of his bankroll on any room, even if the Pope would say that this room is 100% clear. When I'll be a pro some day (that's my goal Big Smile) I will have money for like two sessions or so, IMO it's stupid to keep hundreds of buy ins on the room. Hope for the best, but be prepared for the worst! Don't keep your entire bankroll or 90% of it on poker room if you claim you are poker pro >.>
 TheMachineQC31/08/2011 04:14:19 GMT
Yeah I agree having too much money online is a bad idea, especially since we all know it's not as safe as we tought it was ^^

Also having a lot of money makes you play higher limits and you can easily lose what you earned in months in a couple of weeks if you start running bad...
 SuperNoob31/08/2011 08:25:46 GMT
kinda his mistake too for keeping such a large amount of his bankroll on poker sites but atleast there's some hope to get it back.
 Pitbullocks22/02/2012 13:48:34 GMT
itll sharpen your your game if your getting short stacked lol You should have spent it when u had your chance it was a gamble to leave it in the hands that gave it cut your loses and move on poker is a learning game hope youve been taught alesson cash in afull suitcase make a great pillow
 Greenmohave23/02/2012 03:28:49 GMT
That's ashame what the U.S. did to a lot of people. The governement could have addressed this in a manner to where FT could still operate and set up some type of declaration to ensure that the innocent players would not be affected by a harsh takeover. I'm sure the whole hostile deal could have been addressed in a friendly way. Ticks me off!

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