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High Stakes: Isildur1 about to lose last week's profit

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Posted on 31 August 2011 by "T".

Isildur1 had a fantastic winning streak at PokerStars nosebleed tables last week. However, like many times before, it didn't take long before a large chunk of the winnings ended up in other players hands. It all started with the session against Ilari Sahamies when he took home just about $1 million. On Sunday night, Blom started losing and ended up $300,000 minus for the day. 

On Monday Blom played shorthanded $100/$200 Pot-Limit Omaha against players like Ilari Sahamies, JP "RealAndyBeal" Kelly and Rui "PepperoniF" Cao. The biggest hand of this session ended up at almost $100k and Isildur1 and "RealAndyBeal" were battling it out.

RealAndyBeal had the button and betted $500. Isildur1 raised to $1,700, and Ilari Fin folded while RealAndyBeal decided to call. The flop came 10SpadeKDiamond8Club. Isildur1 bet $2,600 and RealAndyBeal raised to $6,600. Isildur1 then re-raised to $23,398, and RealAndyBeal decided to call only. The turd card was the QHeart and Isildur1 went all-in for $23,268, and RealAndyBeal called.

Isildu1 KClub3Spade2ClubKDiamond
RealAndyBeal 9DiamondQClub7ClubJDiamond

The turn card QSpade landed on the river and Isildur1 took home the $96,000 pot with full house vs RealAndyBeal's straight.

Even though Blom took home this pot, he lost many other big pots and in total he lost $515,000 on Monday and Tuesday. Many now think that it's just a matter of time before he has lost his winnings from last week. Well, the future will tell! 

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6 comments on "High Stakes: Isildur1 about to lose last week''s profit"

 LooseKiddie31/08/2011 12:26:44 GMT
As I said earlier in previous news - they play very high variance poker so it's not something odd that he can win $1M in one day an then lose it in 3 days Big Smile
 mahdrof31/08/2011 12:38:12 GMT
The way that these high stakes guys play, they seem to have several articles a week. Prediction for next week's articles: Isildur1 will have at least two downswings and one upswing, some high stakes poker degen will be whining about how much they have tied up on Full Tilt, while another is reported to be nearly broke. Hard to relate to these guys. I think if I won $1 million I would do like xblink, cash out and start over at the bottom again.
 Macubaas31/08/2011 14:53:30 GMT
The funny thing is that Ilari said on his blog after he lost his million that he is in some way happy because the money went to Isildur and not to other regs, but it seems it went that way after all...

Pot limit omaha has a huge variance so it's pretty normal to see this huge swings at this limits, as you know they often go all in with just a draw after they see the flop.

One thing is sure, the plo action is sick on pokerstars nowadays Big Smile
 SuperNoob01/09/2011 13:08:54 GMT
usual stuff for isildur but hes showing some profit over the last months, just needs to take care of these crazy swings though.
 Macubaas02/09/2011 17:54:37 GMT
The good news Supernoob is that Ilari Sahamies already started to get back some of that million he lost in a single session, today poker tracking sites show that he won around 400.000 dollars...

Yesterday he was up with 75k, so if we do the math i think he almost got back half of the amount he lost to isildur1 in the weekend.

Still, this means nothing if you consider his style of play Big Smile
 TheMachineQC02/09/2011 18:17:14 GMT
Ouch, this guy has the biggest downswings in poker I think! He is good but his Maniac image makes it hard for him to bluff and when he has it he gets no credit from other players. With that kind of image, you definetly need to hit some cards!

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