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Howard Lederer Received Death Threats At Las Vegas Casino

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Posted on 12 October 2012 by "T".

Howard "The Poker Professor" Lederer, the previous Full Tilt Poker owner, is back at the poker tables. On Monday, he was seen taking part in high stakes cash games with other well-known poker pros at Bellagio's casino in Las Vegas. On Tuesday, he was seen at Aria's casino, playing against Nick Schhulman, David Oppenheim, Huck Seed, and other big names.

According to an anonymous source, there was a good atmosphere in the room and Lederer talked and laughed with the other players. However, not everyone seemed too happy with Lederer being at the casino. Three casino employees received numerous death threats via telephone, and some of the guest at the casino were irritated that he was there playing for high stakes when many people lost everything after Black Friday.

"He's playing with other people's money. It makes me so angry" said Siva Dhamotharan in an interview.

Accused of fraud
In the aftermath of Black Friday and the Full Tilt scandal, Lederer is accused of fraud by the American Justice Department. Many millions are owed to players but should be paid out in the near future by the new owners, PokerStars. Many claim that Lederer played an important role in the scandal.


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17 comments on "Howard Lederer Received Death Threats At Las Vegas Casino"

 SirPoncho12/10/2012 09:56:34 GMT
He's such a degen....
How can he not be ashamed by himself???
owing millions to the players of FT and playing high stakes......
 Mysik8612/10/2012 11:08:24 GMT
He's a cheater and thief! She should be ashamed of what he doing! Very bad, Howard, very bad...
 Sorin88812/10/2012 11:55:31 GMT
Over the last 48 hours the casino has allegedly taken three phone calls from people threatening to kill Howard Lederer.

In a move to protect the player, the casino placed security guards outside the high stakes room as he played there on Tuesday night.

The validity of these threats is yet to be determined, but the wave of ill-feeling could increase further over the next few days as Diamond Flush has just released the fourth part of her exposé.

Yesterday's article delved further into the financial discrepancies that occurred at Full Tilt and how Howard was "not really aware" of deposits not being debited from player's bank accounts.
 xdomagojx12/10/2012 12:58:40 GMT
I'm not surprised with this at all and wonder who is.
In today economic state this guy represents everything that's wrong in the world. So many people feel raged and pissed seeing him all smiling playing with ridiculous amounts of money. Money that isn't his, money that he stole from honest people. He potentially crushed many people dreams along the way so this is to be expected. I'm just surprised no one lived up to the threats, i guess it's cause idd stole from honest people
 Fakiry12/10/2012 13:13:27 GMT
It will be difficult for many people on the world to forget who Lederer is and what he represents. The truth is that PS has decided to pick on FT and all the money there was at each player’s account will be returned, but there’s much more than just that. So i guess it weren’t simple players who made those aggressive calls to the casino, but maybe investors. Lederer’s case in on justice and we will have to wait to see how things will going to end for him, there’s no point on anyone to try to do justice for his own hands, this way they’ll be losing all the reason they may have.
 Doarulle12/10/2012 16:38:48 GMT
This is not a human... i don't understand how he don't have shame :| steal millions from FTP and play HIGH STAKES ... really :| where we live... all people want steal money... why ? because they don't know when they will die ... can't take the money on the other world..
 Macubaas12/10/2012 18:56:31 GMT
After what he did with full tilt poker i think a better news would have been if he did Not get a death threat...

I personally do not give too much credit to this kind of actions and i think he is safe but sooner or later he will pay in front of justice for what he did.
 weakminded12/10/2012 19:04:58 GMT
Problem for me is the visibility of his actions. After what he has done I just find it discusting he is going to play some high stakes games in a casino in front of the people he stole from. That's like a jewel thief who is going to buy a wedding ring in the store he robbed the day before.

I don't give a ... about what he does with his life, but don't go provoking people with actions like this, that's just asking for problems and reactions.
 occultum12/10/2012 20:48:04 GMT
im not surprised at all tbh, just surprised none tried to break thro to the casino and punched him in the face. I mean, some people dedicated years of their life playing as pros, grinding the game so that they saw it all vanish in one day. And after all this time this bastard comes back gives a 30min interview blaming other people saying he doesn't know **** about management and is playing high stakes with all those people who invested their years in poker at casino having a bowl. I would break all his teeth!
 Carioca_pi13/10/2012 12:00:40 GMT
Cara de pau!!!
 aburila13/10/2012 12:26:42 GMT
what i really don't understand it's how are there people that are still playing high stake with him...i think those players were also affected by the FT ... and why is he still free after stealing millions when other people that steal a wallet with change rot in prison?... and he is playing high stakes poker Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!
 Fakiry13/10/2012 14:44:26 GMT
He looks like those politicians who doesn't care about their image or where their money comes from, they are integrsted in a machine that generates them what they want and that's the only thing they care about, to have more each time! I know we all want always more, but guys like this one are able to do whatever it takes to get it!
 Sorin88813/10/2012 17:03:32 GMT
The Professor Returns to the Tables
Now that he has got his version of events off his chest, he feels he can move on, which includes playing poker. It is not difficult to see that the poker world is still incredibly angry and not prepared to welcome him back with open arms yet.
 pochui14/10/2012 16:04:02 GMT
what else can you expect when you have such reputation- i doubt if this is the time to get back at the live tables yet- at least he should wait for people to get their money back from full tilt (via pokerstars), once that happens they will not have anything personal with him- yeah he will still be considered a cheat, but at least players will have their cash back in their pockets...
 Greenmohave14/10/2012 18:52:15 GMT
Yeah, he has my 168 dollars, but I'd let Pokerstars keep it if they'd just allow U.S. players to get back in on the gig.
As for this dude I'm really surprised that he shows his face in such well known areas. There's probably going to be some ugly things occurring eventually with alot of the people involved with this FT scandal, but if the DOJ wouldn't have butted in we'd all be playing happy as ever without any of this poop going on.
 damosk14/10/2012 20:49:16 GMT
Regardless of what a person may or may not have done, to receive death threats makes it a pretty sad state of affairs. There are ways to deal with such people and making such threats only serves to lower the threat maker to his level.
 elreginense15/10/2012 08:48:39 GMT
y pensar que lo aceptan hay que aprender a ignorar este tipo de personas

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