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Cabdriver Found $221k In the Back Seat of His Van

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Posted on 17 October 2012 by "T".

"What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" is a cliché that probably most people have heard of sometime in their life. Luckily this unwritten law didn't stop the following story from reaching the newspapers.

Back on September 2, the 42-year-old taxi driver Adam Woldemarim was cleaning out the back seat of his van before the start of his 2 p.m. shift when he found something between the seats. It was a black soft laptop case that was stuffed with $221,510.

Stunned by what he had found, Woldemarim immedially called an Ethiopian colleague who had driven the cab earlier that day.

"Is this yours?" he asked.
"No," the answer came back real fast. "Take it to security."

Instead of keeping the cash like the most people probably would have done, he took his friend's advice and brought the money to the security office at Frias Transportation Management, which owns his company, Virgin Valley Cab.

The security officer expressed the same sort of reaction as Woldemarim when he saw the money. After taking a bunch of photos as evidence, he sent Woldemarim on his way. After he had been driving the streets of Las Vegas for about an hour, he received a call from security: "Come on back to the office. We need you."

He returned to the office once again and was approached by a white guy, under 30 years old, brown hair and T-shirt. The man was the owner of the cash and he had a big smile on his face. It turned out that he had won big at the Wynn and was on his way to the airport when he realised that he had forgotten the bag in the cab. He had called the cab company straight away, and security told him that they've got it safe and sound.

The man gave Woldemarim a hug and thanked him for his honesty, then he gave him $2,000 as a token of his appreciation. Woldemarim was very happy because he didn't expect to get anything. His friends and fellow cabdrivers thought the reward was too small, though.

"That's all?" they asked. "How about 10 percent, at least? That's $20,000!"

Others yell, "How about 15 or 20 percent? That's the going rate for tips in Vegas, after all."


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18 comments on "Cabdriver Found $221k In the Back Seat of His Van"

 Doarulle17/10/2012 19:43:29 GMT
Wow Big Smile THAT IS A HUMAN ... anyone else was i think hide the money... and don't tell anyone Sad but the white guy should give him even $5000 ... that's my opinion... ofcourse ... $2000 is money... but if he lose 221000 ? ... should give him that 21000
 qzmag18/10/2012 00:18:40 GMT
good guy, this one. i realy think it's like 1/1000 would do like this taxi driver. imagine he could not longer stay and work as taxi driver... or just for fun few hours/day , or make his own .
about money ...2000 ... abit low ... but more than nothing, and for that man who lost the money, could give more... since he could have nothing ...
 jessthehuman18/10/2012 01:00:26 GMT
that is a pretty tight-ass tip. $5K at least I think..
 xdomagojx18/10/2012 01:39:28 GMT
"That's all?" they asked. "How about 10 percent, at least? That's $20,000!"

I agree with other cabbies. 2000$ for giving back 221 000$ is really low especially since the guy won it on gamble. I think that he deserved at least 10%.
I don't know that many people that would return to the taxi firm that day or year for that matter, hats off to the guy. Cheers.
 pochui18/10/2012 07:24:58 GMT
well yeah i must agree- 10% would be fair. after-all the taxi driver could've easily told that he didn't find anything and take the whole 100% lol. 2K is better than nothing, since the driver didn't expect to get anything, but it's a bit low. anyway nice story- shows that there are trusty people in these days too
 lukasb18/10/2012 09:01:13 GMT
Pretty small tip. Doesn't really matter does it? since the guy who showed up was probably in league with them to pretend to be the owner of the money lol.
 fatalsilence18/10/2012 09:11:19 GMT
Something don't add up to me in this story, on his way to the airport with 221k?
I thought it was illegal to travel with more then 10k cash or am I wrong?
 lukasb18/10/2012 09:36:18 GMT
Posted by fatalsilence:
Something don't add up to me in this story, on his way to the airport with 221k?
I thought it was illegal to travel with more then 10k cash or am I wrong?

Maybe he lives next to the airport lol
 Fakiry18/10/2012 10:58:44 GMT
What a nice discover this cabdriver did. The temptation of keeping it to himself must have been big, but he knew he was founding that money in his work place, he wasn’t the owner of the company and neither he worked for himself on a self-company register. He knew the owner of the bag could get to contact the company and, by the time and place of the service, it would be very easy to get to him. So he obviously did the right thing. And the reward was also very good. If the bag happened to be locked he wouldn’t even know how much could be inside, and if the owner would have rewarded him with that same value he would be happy in the same.
 WinAllDay18/10/2012 14:19:13 GMT
Posted by fatalsilence:
Something don't add up to me in this story, on his way to the airport with 221k?
I thought it was illegal to travel with more then 10k cash or am I wrong?

Perhaps he didnt want to tell the cab company that he was on his way to buy 5 Kilos of cocaine so this is the story he came up with. and its gambling winnings to make sure they dont trace the bills?

either that or there is a part 2 to this story where airport customs ends up taking it and taxing him 75% on it anyway.

all joking aside its nice to read stories about good people. its a nice reminder that they are still out there..... somewhere
 vanillatte18/10/2012 19:55:52 GMT
 mcedger18/10/2012 23:31:58 GMT
Posted by fatalsilence:
Something don't add up to me in this story, on his way to the airport with 221k?
I thought it was illegal to travel with more then 10k cash or am I wrong?

its only declarable if you are travelling out of the country, the guy could have been flying internally, USA is a pretty big place.
As for the tip the taxi driver got, i think it is very generous 2 GRAND for a few hours of his time is a great reward it doesn't matter how much was in the bag, it would have been quite easily tracable, then its no reward and maybe jail
 fcumred19/10/2012 00:21:30 GMT
Christ 1%.. what a joke.. I'd have given the bloke a bare minimum of $10k.

He was honest enough to hand it in. He could easily have said it wasn't there and pretended another passenger could have found it.

 magatt96619/10/2012 07:14:14 GMT
Italian law says you have the right to ask for a reward equal to 5% of the value of the thing found.
So if one day it will happen to you when you are visiting Italy be informed you can take the owner in front of a judge if he is too stingy
 cretz24/10/2012 08:24:00 GMT
omg .............why not to me happened something like that ? why ?
 nipitiri325/10/2012 14:56:04 GMT
i would of taken money and run fuk it ..... he need to work like lifetime to get that kinda cash .... he gets 2k only wtf pisses me off at least 20k would been decent ammount for that
 Macubaas25/10/2012 20:27:48 GMT
I definately have to agree with all that posted above, he should definately get more than that!

I think only in Vegas things like this can happen. I think that many people would have kept the money btw
 Greenmohave25/10/2012 21:21:05 GMT
Well I'm sorry, but I probably wouldn't have turned the money in if I was a cab driver for a living. Not knocking the job because at least it's a job, but be honest I just would have sat on it for awhile not doing anything drastic. Based on what I was hearing about the missing money would determine whether or not someone would get it back. And, the reward would have to be more then a mere $2000.00. It would be $25,000.0 or I'd have it all unless it was for childrens benefit or someone's health, life or death scenairio. If it was won gambling the reward may have to be $50,000.00 that still puts his winnings above $170,000.00. Sorry for being straight up! $2000 would have gotten him punched in the face!

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